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The Museum’s last day this season is November 26th

We will reopen on Thursday, April 12th, 2018
Hours: Thursday through Sunday  12pm to 4pm


Welcome to the Online Sierra Nevada Logging Museum

Located in the Heart of the Sierra

Displays, dioramas, and artifacts are what we see in museums, but there are other items, like information, that are harder to get at. In the physical world of the museum, showing stuff is easy, while presenting information can be hard. To present information better, the Logging Museum is moving its historical files to a place that’s easy to get to — the website. By digitizing information hidden in files and memories, it becomes accessible, complementing the artifacts that fill the museum building.

Suddenly, a Logging Museum visitor can see not just a working model of a lumber mill, but the historical and biographical materials that explain why a particular living person at a particular lumber company built a particular type of mill at a particular geographic location at a particular time. Physical and digital combine to give a bigger picture than either can provide alone. Think of these web pages as our digital museum.

Please enjoy the new website — it’ll be here anytime you look. To enjoy the Logging Museum in person, visit us Thursday through Sunday, 12:00 to 4:00, April through late Fall. We’re in Calaveras County, just off California Highway 4 in the town of White Pines (near Arnold), 4000 feet up in the Sierra’s beautiful tall timber.

Learn more about the History of Logging in the Sierra Nevada

Sierra Nevada Logging Museum offers a number of opportunities for young and old alike to explore and learn the logging history. In the section below are various stories and historical excerpts collected to highlight the activities of logging.

Explore & Learn

Amador County Mills
+++Tiger Creek Lumber Mill and a few other photos
++++++More Tiger Creek Lumber Company plus photos from other mills
+++Winton Lumber Company
Calaveras County Mills
+++An Overview of Calaveras County Logging History
+++Cilenti Mill
+++Jones Mill at Brice Station
+++Logging Trucks are Rolling
+++Lawrence Wilsey Biogarphy by his son, Carl
+++Lumber boom in post-war years
+++McKays’ Clipper Mill
+++Raggio Mill on San Domingo and then Cowell Creek
++++++Mill Operations
++++++Portrait of an Old Time Teamster
+++Rasmussen Mill
+++The Blagen Mill
++++++Blagen Mill from Beginning to End
++++++50‘s photos from the Blagen Mill
++++++Blagen Mill Photos B&W (nice)
++++++Blagen Mill’s Only Fatality
++++++Carriage, Sawyer, and Setter at Blagen Mill
++++++Ed Adams, highly regarded Blagen Mill Superintendent
++++++Frank Blagen Sr.’s Sea Dreams
++++++Linebaugh Logging, Photos and History
+++++++++Old Bill, the logging horse
+++++++++The Big Trees Hotel
+++Ruggles Tract to Sierra Pacific, a history of Cal. Co. timber holdings
+++The Manuel Mill
+++The West Point Mills
++++++The Sandy Gulch Mill
+++++++++John Parmeter, Tramp Logger by Mary Matzek
++++++Sandy Gulch Mill (more photos)
++++++Sandy Gulch Mill CCWD Report
++++++The Amazing J.D. Conger story
++++++Stockton Box Mill at West Point
+++Thornburg Mill at Wallace
+++Toyon Mill
Eldorado County Logging
+++Cable from Pino Grande to Camino Mill
++++++The Bell with a Connection
+++Caldor Logging Operation
+++Blair Mill at Pacific House
Fresno County
+++Fresno County’s Early Mills
+++Mathews Mill in Jose Basin, Auberry, CA
Lassen Lumber and Box Co.
+++First Log by Truck to Valley
Madera County’s Early Mills
Mariposa County’s Early Mills
+++El Portal Incline & Shay No.4
Plumas County Logging
Shasta County
Sierra National Forest Early Mills
Tuolumne County Logging
+++Big Creek Lumber Company
+++Early 1900’s Logging Photos (Mostly Tuolumne County)
+++Pickering Lumber, Standard Lumber Co.(also Calaveras Big Trees)
+++West Side Lumber Company
+++Whitt Manufacturing Plant, Sonora

Sierra Nevada Logging Museum

The Shay Runs Again!
On February 26th, 2013, the Shay No. 4 ran again

Our volunteers are working hard to deliver the best logging museum experience. Below lists the Sierra Nevada Logging Museum Mission and Values.

What the Museum Does

Our volunteers are working hard to deliver the best logging museum experience. Below lists the Sierra Nevada Logging Museum Mission and Values.

  • Conveys the history of the logging and lumbering industry as it evolved in the Sierra Nevada Region since the mid 1800s before the discover of gold to the present day
  • Educates visitors about the economic, social, cultural and environmental effects of this industry on the development of communities in the Sierra Nevada.
  • Acts as a resource center for education and historical research.
  • Describes current trends in the Sierra Nevada logging and lumber industry, and the social and economic influences that continue to shape it
  • Keeps the history of the logging industry in the Sierra Nevada region alive so that its historical relevance is not lost.

Logging Jamboree

Saturday of Labor Day Weekend

A hot saw can be hard to start!
2016 Logging Jamboree
13 Nov 2017
Ax Target Bullseye, beer smash!
2015 Logging Jamboree
05 Sep 2015
Mr. Peyton Armstrong with the welcoming bear, photo by his mother.
2014 Logging Jamboree
30 Aug 2014
Lady is Amy Gladden, child is Peyton Armstrong, future lumberjack
2013 Logging Jamboree
30 Aug 2013
Dave and Jim moving faster than the camera shutter
2011 Logging Jamboreee
03 Sep 2010
2010 Logging Jamboree
2010 Logging Jamboree
30 Aug 2010
Hot saw at work with lens flare included.
2009 Logging Jamboree
30 Aug 2009
One person hand saw competition, photo 1
2008 Logging Jamboree
29 Aug 2008
2007 Logging Jamboree
30 Aug 2007
2006 Logging Jamboree
29 Aug 2006
2005 Logging Jamboree
04 Sep 2005