FLM Board Meeting Minutes


Minutes of the 3/24/15 Board Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 1:03 p.m. by President Ginny Kafka.

Present: Ginny Kafka, Richard Small, Pat Bradley, John Hofstetter, Helen Tardif, Donna Hanan, Jaci Payton, Bob Ashe, Mike Skenfield, Sid Marsh, Carol Aquilina, and visitor Al Arieta

Correspondence: None

Approval of Minutes: It was moved by John Hofstetter, seconded by Helen Tardif to approve the minutes of the 9/23/14 board meeting as presented. The motion carried.

Acceptance of Treasurer’s Report: It was moved by John Hofstetter, seconded by Pat Bradley to accept the Treasurer’s report as presented by Sid Marsh. The motion carried.

White Pines Park Liaison Report: Ginny Kafka reported that work has been done to ready White Pines Park for opening by Easter with the help of CalFire who has cleaned up the entire park. SNAC will have a truck available at the park with kayaks, canoes, etc. on board for onsite rental.

Exhibit Report: Mike Skenfield reported that the new exhibit is in progress. Bill Kafka built the cabinets. Mike Skenfield will work on signage. Track lighting and a flat screen TV will be installed and Londa Patch will paint a mural. There was discussion regarding the possible addition of an exhibit showing teacher/principal Hazel Fischer’s impact on the community. Richard Small has information and materials to be used in this exhibit.

USFS Report: None


            Status of the Shay: No report

Scrap Metal Removal: Ron Glass will be removing the remains of the old saw mill from the premises.

Lawsuit:  An enormous amount of paper work has been assembled for the pending lawsuit that was filed four years ago when a volunteer working on the Shay climbed over the top and slipped off, breaking his collar bone and hitting his head. John and Ginny will give their depositions on 3/30/15. If this lawsuit goes to trial Ginny encourages FLM volunteers to attend as a show of support.

Security Camera: Some vandalism was done to the museum logging truck and a motor was stolen from one of the chain saws. Hstar has now completed the donation and installation of several security cameras. Ginny has sent them a thank you letter.

Sealing of Bleachers: The sealing of the bleachers will be completed prior to the Logging Jamboree on 9/5/15.

Gravel Path: The addition of 60 feet of gravel path is on hold.

Donation: Al Arieta has made a number of wooden cradles to hold pieces of the old Shay boiler that was replaced. Al has donated these cradles to sell in the LM store.


2015 Museum Opening: The Museum will open on 4/2. Bill Kafka has done a lot of work to get the grounds ready. Docents need to let Pat know when they can work.

TuCare: Pat Bradley reported that she attended a TuCare event where 350 people were in attendance. She enjoyed a great speaker and good food.

Logging Jamboree: Bob Ash has been working on things for the 9/5 Jamboree. Ideas regarding the raffle table are encouraged. There seem to be small items left unclaimed. It was suggested that any nice (“Bearly Used”) items or pieces that we might have at home could be donated for raffle.

Grant: John reported that our grant application through Toyota made it to the final stages but was not approved.

HGTV: Home and Garden TV will be visiting Calaveras County the end of March filming a TV show featuring vacation rentals. They have asked to film the Museum and our grounds.

Copier: The purchase of a Toshiba copy machine will be discussed at the next meeting.

Credit Card Scanner: The possibility of purchasing a credit card scanner was discussed. No decision was made.

Website Changes: Nhu Bergstrom has created a new website but it has not yet been transferred over.

Election of Officers: It was moved by John Hofstetter, seconded by Helen Tardif, to retain the current slate of officers with the addition of Jaci Payton to the secretary position. The motion carried. John White has volunteered to take over the position of Treasurer. It was moved by Bob Ashe, seconded by Helen Tardif to appoint John to this position, replacing Sid Marsh, effective 5/1/15. This will save the Museum $450 a month.

Computer Volunteer: Carol Aquiline volunteered her time to help with the membership list, donations, newsletter, etc.

Columbia College: Pat Bradley will be visiting Tom Hofstra’s Environmental Class at Columbia College on 3/26. She will be giving a highlight of the Museum and inviting them to the White Pines area to see what there is to offer here, such as the Museum, the lake, the Rim Trail, etc.

Adjournment: Ginny adjourned the meeting at 3:00 p.m.

Next Meeting: 4/28/15

Jaci Payton, Secretary


July 22, 2014


President Ginny Kafka called the meeting to order at the Museum at 1:06pm. Those in attendance were Donna Hanan , Ginny Kafka, Bill Nelson, Sid Marsh, Helen Tardif, Bob Ash, Sharon Ash, Carol Aquilina, John Hofstetter and guest USFS forester, Dave Hattis


Introduction of Visitors: Dave Hattis, Acting USFS District Ranger in our district for 120 days. Kevin was unable to come to the meeting and Dave came to see what we were about. He probably left wondering if we knew what we are about. We appreciated his listening to us and showing interest in our needs and accomplishments.

Both the April Secretary and Treasurer’s reports were approved as submitted.


White Pines Park: Ginny reported that visitors this season seem to show respect and concern for the grounds, beaches, etc. She acknowledged the hard work of Bill Nelson, John White, and Dave Gallagher in keeping the park picked up and looking good.


Exhibit Chair Report: Mike has been very busy with some paid employment and the new exhibit is mostly on hold until he gets more time.


Branding Iron: Sid showed the Board the new branding iron and some sample of how its brands look. It’s a pretty substantial piece of copper, and probably will attract copper thieves if we’re not vigilant. (trying to make a joke based on our past sad experience with copper thieves)


Jamboree: There was discussion about the Jamboree and a meeting will be held on Thursday, the 24th to do more planning. (Yes, I know that you are reading this after the meeting is over) There was talk about what we can send to Fox40 for Paul Robbins to use to help get the word out about the Jamboree. The lady, Gail, who we hope is going to help us with publicity didn’t make the meeting.


Old Business:

Scrap Removal: Ginny reported that Ron G. has removed much of the scrap metal down around the storage shed.

Bleacher Sealing: Postponed for fear they won’t dry in time for Jamboree

New Printer/Copier: Sandy Kraft had an emergency and will make her presentation next meeting.


New Business:

Porch Display: Bill K has put up a rack on the front porch for free stuff.

Website: When asked what’s new on the website, John reported on the large new section with the story and some wonderful photos of the 45 foot ketch that Frank Blagen Sr. had had built for him in Calpine during the 1930’s. The boat, The Minerva, is still in use. The present owner is living on the boat in the Sea of Cortez.

Newsletter: The newsletter seems to be generating a lot of membership renewals. John has to edit the mailing list so will initially enter membership information, but Kate will continue to add new info after that. Actually, entering the membership data is easy, nothing like the Accessions that Kate and Sid did such a terrific job on.


The meeting was adjourned at 2:15 pm.

Next Board Meeting, August 25, 2014

Submitted by Acting for the Acting Secretary John Hofstetter

                                             Friends of the Logging Museum

Minutes of Board Meeting, June 25, 2014

The meeting was called to order at 2:20p.m. by FLM Vice President, Bob Ash. Those in attendance were John Hofstetter, Carol & Joe Aqualina, Donna Hanan, Bill Nelson, Sid Marsh & Pat Bradley.

Both the previous meeting’s Minutes and Treasurer’s Report were approved.

Sid Marsh gave a report about his research of “branding irons” for the log rounds which will serve as free souvenirs at the coming August 30th Jamboree with a FLM logo. Sid shared two logos to be considered; everyone preferred the Museum Building/Tree logo that has been popular in the past on banners. Joe & Carol mentioned that Al Arieta of Meadowmont who’s been such a help to FLM in the past, would probably be happy to help with the sanding of the rounds (making the branding iron application better). They will contact Al about this. John moved and Pat seconded the motion that Sid be given the permission to purchase the chosen branding iron; motion carried. It is likely that Steve Kafka will be the big helper he’s always been to FLM, hopefully securing the logs from SPI. SPI has been solely responsible for furnishing logs for the Jamboree for many years, for which FLM is so grateful.

EXHIBIT CHAIRMAN, Mike Skenfield: Mike is “working away” on the Museum’s newest exhibit which will entail much logging detail. Mike mentioned that Ted Shannon is researching some of the old logging equipment so as to provide examples for the woodworkers; Dick Bradford of Murphys is available….Al Arieta was also recommended to Mike as a possible construction person for the exhibit; Mike asked if anyone knew if Elaine Saben Cahill is still in the County….Elaine painted the walls of the “logger’s cabin/family” in the Museum. Elaine is a friend of Kate Okeeffe….Kate will try to contact Elaine and get back to FLM.

OLD BUSINESS: Ron Glass and boys are unable to help construct an Arnold Parade this July 4th, so FLM will not have a 2014 entry. But Pat offered to sit with a table, chair and FLM information perhaps near Sid & Kate’s Ebbetts Pass Info. Center and have Museum information available to those interested during the Parade. John, his usual accomplished whiz-self said that the annual FLM newsletter is finished and will be delivered sometime very soon, which would be timely for Parade PR. The caboose and log cabin at Railtown in Jamestown could possibly be donated to FLM. These historical pieces are originally from Pickering Lumber Co. However CCWD is very particular about what and how much can be put on their property, per Don Stump. Happy news included the fact that Norm, our very capable and sincere locomotive mechanic has been hired full time at Railtown. Norm shared with many FLM members that his traveling all over the country created quite a hardship on his family life….while he was refurbishing FLM’s #4, he often mentioned how he’d love to be hired full time at Railtown.

NEW BUSINESS: Sandra Kraft, FLM’s Country Store shirt provider, has gone back to a job she held a number of years ago, selling copiers and printers. She may have an electronic piece of equipment (copier) that can even print FLM’s own newsletter. Sandi will give a presentation at the next FLM meeting on July 22nd. Bob expressed his vote for some colorful t-shirts to be for sale at the Jamboree. It was unanimous that the Jamboree Logo be on the shirts but not the year. Also, the forest green polo shirts have also been re-ordered. Jackson Rancheria donation request form from FLM has been submitted. The newsletter about to come out will require an assembly group to put it together. Carol Acquilina brought up the subject of the lack of Logging Museum signs, which she and Joe have been approached about by Museum visitors. How visitors quite often find the Museum “by accident”, etc. The website, however, is what seems to be the most efficient source of the Museum’s location. Joe suggested that all FLM Board members put on their thinking caps in the coming months as to choosing a very special FLM float for the July 4th Parade; Bob suggested that all 3 of FLM’s annual events (July 4th Parade, Jamboree, Snagfallers’ Ball) be given detailed though several months ahead of time to ease last minute pressures and possibly have best results. Special gratitude was paid to Board member, Bill Nelson, who has gone way beyond the call of duty when it comes to not only docenting many hours each weekend at the Museum (AND cleaning) but also helping so much at White Pines Park during the Kafka’s absence. Donna suggested that FLM acquire mirrors in the Museum so docents can be more aware of goings on from one end of the Museum to the other…..this idea has been suggested before.   It was also a very unanimous decision that brainstorming is badly needed with regard to recruiting more docent trainees. Articles in the local papers where “volunteers are needed” was suggested; also getting in touch with Ed Lark at Channel 7 in San Andreas.   Joe offered to make “docent needed “ signs for local post offices from Hathaway Pines to Camp Connell.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:15p.m. The next FLM Board meeting will be Tuesday, July 22, at 1:00p.m. at the Museum.

Respectfully submitted,

Pat Bradley, Acting Secretary for FLM


                                             FLM BOARD MEETING MINUTES

                                                          May 27, 2014


President Ginny Kafka called the meeting to order at the Museum at 1:06pm.  Those in attendance were John Hofstetter, Ginny Kafka, Bill Nelson, Sid Marsh, Floy Goulart, Helen Tardif & Pat Bradley.

Introduction of Visitors:  Floy Goulart of Pine Grove (Amador County) is a long time FLM member and contributor going back to 1996.  She hopes in the not too distant future to move to Murphys and is eager to be more active with FLM.  Her late husband, Art, was the builder of the Museum’s kiosk which sets below the Museum and the Lake.

Both the April Secretary and Treasurer’s reports were approved as submitted.

White Pines Park:  Ginny reported that the past weekend found WP Park to be “absolutely mobbed” with visitors, but visitors who showed respect and concern for the grounds, beaches, etc.  The community’s fine volunteer, Danny Emerson, has donated so much to improve WP Park and Lake and yet is so modest….doesn’t want his name advertised, etc.

Exhibit Chair Report:  Mike Skenfield, vacationing in New England, and while he is gone, Bill Kafka has done considerable construction on Mike’s newest Museum’s interior exhibit.  This exhibit will define the details of logging.  It was suggested that the unique, small pieces of logging equipment that were donated to FLM several years and that Mike plans on using in his new exhibit effort need to be protected from theft.

U.S.F.S.:  Kevin was not in attendance

Branding Iron: Sid showed the Board several sizes of a branding iron with the museum logo on it. The Board decided to not go with the electrically heated one, but chose a larger iron that will need to be heated in a charcoal hibachi, or the like. Sid is going to check and see if the logo design he has adapted will be a good one for a branding iron. If it is he is authorized to buy it for the museum.

Ginny reported that Travis Glass has one of our surplus drag saws and will restore it to working order for demonstration at the Jamboree.

Jamboree: There was some discussion about the Jamboree and Ginny reminded people to sign up on the list for the job they will do at the event. Ginny also reported that Fox40 morning news anchor, Paul Robbins, has been frequenting White Pines Lake and Ginny accosted him and when threatened, he agreed to promote the Jamboree on his show. In fact he welcomed the chance to have some filler for his 5 hour show.

Website: John reported that he’s been removing extraneous comments from the web site. He gets a chance to trash them when WordPress sends him an e-mail asking what to do with the comment, but some spam comments have made it through anyway, and John is looking through 43 pages of comments to remove those that shouldn’t be there. WordPress, our web page provider doesn’t let profane or really obnoxious comments even get to us, but sometimes a comment promoting a business or such does slip by John, but he is taking care of that now. The comments, in general, add a great deal to the history of logging. For example, there are several pages of comments on Pino Grande, adding a great deal to what we already knew about the mill on the hill.

John also reported that the museum’s Facebook page sometimes comes up as the Wikipedia entry rather than the one that is interactive. If one asks in a search for the logging museum’s events, the correct page will come up. Except for Sid, the Board pretended that they didn’t know what John was talking about. Oh well.

College Docents: We’ve not had any contact with any of the students from the Columbia Fire Science class that were going to act as docents. Pat suggested that we contact the instructor, but others expressed doubts that we were going to get any help from them.

Announcements: John said that he and Helen had been going through the files and that he was so impressed by the incredible amount of work Ron Bradley did in putting together what needed to be done to create the Friends of the Logging Museum and the establishment of the museum itself.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:05 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Pat Bradley, acting secretary, and edited with additions by John Hofstetter


Minutes of Board Meeting, April 22, 2014

President Ginny Kafka called the meeting to order at 1:10p.m., at the Logging Museum. Those in attendance were Keven Zeman, Sid Marsh, Donna Hanan, Bob & Sharon Ash, Mike Skenfield, Bill Nelson, John Hofstetter & Pat Bradley.


Secretary’s Minutes and Treasurer’s Reports were approved as read.


WHITE PINES PARK COMMITTEE: Ginny, who is also President of WP Park, reported that the re-planting of the dogwood tree in honor of the life of Veteran Gavin Drummond resulted in a large turnout of people at White Pines Park on Saturday, April 19th. An amount of approximately $1,700 reward money has been donated by individuals even in Amador County for the capture of the person who is responsible for pulling up the original tree and throwing it on top of the restroom building. On a much happier note, Ginny also said that unnamed donors have come forth with the offers to buy surveillance cameras for both the Logging Museum & White Pines Park and also to monitor them for us. More good news included community-minded Paul Bertini’s coordination of the future gazebo to be built at White Pines Park where the horseshoe pits were formerly located. SPI will furnish the lumber; Paul estimates the construction to take only two weekends….the design will be very practical, not ornate. Residents of White Pines, on the whole, have applauded the idea of fund-raisers being held in the park. There is still a dire need for at least 8 more picnic tables. There will be fund-raiser for the gazebo project at the Arnold Fire Station on May 7th. (WPPC has amount of $10,000 which could be available)


EXHIBIT CHAIR REPORT: Mike Skenfield displayed an excellent Outdoor Exhibit Guide, covering the Museum’s 22 outdoor exhibits, for which we now have excellent, individual signage. This Guide will be left at the front desk. Mike also showed the Board his concept of the new exhibit on “logging” to be constructed (by Bill Kafka) and placed near the “loggers’” exhibit. Mike would like to have his wood crafter (Dick Bradford) carve some miniature models of 1930’s era (logging equipment) to be included in his new exhibit. Mike’s request for $2,500 for the new exhibit was approved (moved by John, seconded by Bill N.) It seems unanimous that the antique 2-man saw (and its case)still remain in the loggers’ exhibit.


U.S.F.S. REPORT: Kevin reported that FLM’s request for a portable toilet to be furnished by the USFS and placed at the Rim Trail Trailhead near the Museum parking lot can not be granted. Past experience has shown the USFS that maintenance of a portable toilet isn’t possible…..possibly in the future, maybe some “outhouse” structure could be built by the USFS and maintained like their other outhouse facilities are maintained. Re the bridge which FLM has wanted constructed across San Antonio Creek (near the Dam) for many years, Kevin said that the USFS has a “Cornerstone” fund that amounts to $150,000, but will no longer be available in 6 or 7 years. He would very much like to see this money be put toward the bridge construction. The NEPA (planning process) cost should be around $70,000. Possibly the Arnold Rim Trail budget might also be a help, financially. Kevin said that due to so much activity at the Yosemite Rim Fire, the status of the steam engine there is still uncertain. Ginny also mentioned to Kevin the need for picnic tables at White Pines Park if the USFS could possibly help in that regard. Kevin said that the USFS will have a booth at the Jamboree on Aug. 30th.


OLD BUSINESS: Ginny said that her husband, Bill, constructed the very nice lattice work “fence” around the FLM propane tank…thanks so much, Bill! The benches at the amphitheater will be sealed again after they dry out. Bill K. wants to build another 60′ of graveled trail to make it more practical for visitors…this cost would be about $120. Re the Jamboree, Ginny had those present to look over the Jamboree sheet that was passed out earlier. All FLM Board members should take on some duty on this list so as to make the Jamboree effort a “group” effort, vs. one or two people doing all of the work. Ginny would like any new ideas for the Jamboree, one of which could stem from the USFS providing small tree rounds which could be “branded” for visitors’ souvenirs, which was done once in the past. Sid said that for $150, any type of branding iron (small) could be bought on line. It was agreed by all that Sid go ahead with this purchase. Ron Glass and his sons did FLM a big favor by removing remnants from the old Smith Sawmill. Unfortunately, due to vandalism, too many important mill parts could not be replaced; hence the reason for the clean-up…..thanks so much, Ron, Sean and Travis. Bill and Clinton Kafka have done some great pine needle raking….thanks, Guys! Clean-up day of all parks from White Pines to Angels Camp will take place on Saturday, May 26th thanks to Danny Emerson. Danny will also be removing the huge “burn pile” near the basketball court in White Pines Park to a new SPI burn pile.


NEW BUSINESS: John reported that Nhu Bergstrom (wife of Steve Bergstrom who originally helped create the FLM website) seems to be doing a great job kind of dolling up the FLM website. Steve pointed out that for a website of its kind, ours gets a lot of traffic. John, of course knew that, but he likes hearing it from someone else whose opinion he respects. FLM appreciates Nhu’s efforts in our behalf. The content, of which there is so much, will remain as it is, but getting there should be more glamorous. Hmm, glamorous for a logging history website? Bet you never thought you’d hear that. Re this year’s FLM newsletter, past docents we’ve suddenly lost in recent months will be featured. It was unanimous that high quality printing should continue. Re the re-ordering of the FLM brochure, John has placed an order for 2000 plus 16 logo posters. The brochures seem to go like hotcakes! Re the plaque of our beloved late members, Rex Payton & Betty Fitzgerald will be added in the near future. Bob Ash suggested that a variety of speakers, speak on a designated date about any forest-related subject: the Yosemite Rim Fire, USFS news, Cal-Fire news, etc.. The public would be invited to attend….this idea could certainly enhance the importance of the Logging Museum’s existence, broadening its goals and achievements. Pat reported that there are 3 docent trainees “on deck: Laura Beach, Kathy Courtright & Jaci Payton. Jaci, of the 3, has been seriously training twice; it’s anticipated that Laura & Kathy will be doing likewise soon.


The meeting was adjourned at 2:35p.m.   The next FLM meeting will be May 27, 2014.


Respectfully submitted,


Pat Bradley, Secretary

Those who have read this carefully will know John butted in when asked by Pat to review it.




FLM Minutes of Board/Directors Meeting

March 25, 2014

President Ginny Kafka called the meeting at the Hofstetter home in Murphys to order shortly after 3:00p.m..  Those in attendance were Mike Skenfield, John & Wanda Hofstetter, Sharon & Bob Ash, Kevin Zeman, Helen Tardif, Donna Hanan, Sid Marsh & Pat Bradley.

INTRODUCTIONS:  President Ginny introduced Kevin Zeman, U.S.F.S. Liaizon between  FLM   & the U.S.F.S. in Hathaway Pines.  Kevin is replacing the position Jim Behm occupied and received a very warm welcome by all. Kevin and his family live in Arnold; he is a registered forester and expressed great enthusiasm and ambition re his new job.  Kevin was asked by President Ginny if it could be arranged for the U.S.F.S. to furnish a portable toilet near the Rim Trail Trailhead which adjoins the FLM parking lot and Kevin said that he would look into it.  Also, Kevin shared a photo of a steam donkey located within the Rim Fire burned area that could possibly be donated to FLM.  This “donkey” is obviously very different (more modern) than the one which is currently an exterior exhibit at the Museum.

Both the Secretary’s Report & the Treasurer’s Report of the last FLM meeting were approved as read.

WHITE PINES PARK (Ginny):  Ginny  happily reported that Danny Emerson is very excited and anxious to help WPPC. He has selected the date of April 26, for  the spring cleanup of all the local community parks, which would also include the Logging Museum grounds. Bill plans to open the Park on April 3.  There is also a strong possibility that a gazebo will be constructed at WP Park. Ginny would like it to sit where the horseshoe pits are (and move the horseshoe pits near the basketball/volleyball courts).  Thanks to our very community minded resident, Paul Bertini, he hopes to involve contractors to work on the construction of the gazebo which shouldn’t take more than 2 wknds; SPI would donate the lumber.  The residents of White Pines, however, will be visited door to door by Ginny and Merita, hopefully getting their blessings for the project.

EXHIBIT CHAIR (Mike Skenfield):  Mike handed out detailed plans of 2 new exhibits he’d like to add to the Museum’s interior: the “Logging Side” and the “Forest Products Exhibit”.  Mike will be presenting the FLM Board with a proposal which would include details of both exhibits and the cost.  Without a doubt both exhibits would offer excellent additional educational information to the Museum’s visitors.

OLD BUSINESS:  Ginny stated that Bill is working on a heavy duty type of lattice board, constructing a “fence” around the FLM propane tank in front of the Museum; cost will be less than $100.  Ginny thanked everyone profusely who gave their dedicated time and energy at Irish Day in Murphys on March 15th, at which FLM had a booth. Hundreds of Douglas Fir trees were given out to the public; the FLM “donation” jar was filled with bills amounting to $107!  It was reported that 16,000 attended Irish Day; the FLM booth was busy all day with stoppers-by. The group commended Connie for all the help she gave at the booth, working many hours. Thanks, Connie. Regarding the 2013 lawsuit, Ginny reported that there is nothing new, that the injured plaintiff keeps postponing things.

NEW BUSINESS:  The opening date of the Museum this season is April 3. John reported that when he first joined FLM, there was a young man, Steve Bergstrom, who helped   get the FLM website going and, as far as John knows, Steve did this without pay. Now some 8 years later, Steve and his wife live in Arnold.  Steve’s wife would like to help “dress up” the FLM website which John welcomes. There would be no charge for her service.  Clinton Kafka has been sealing the bleachers and blowing debris off the arftifacts….thanks, Clinton! Bill plans to add 60′ of gravel, making a zig zag path along the north side of the cabin as it is quite steep (cost:  $120). It was moved and seconded that this work was approved.   John reported that a FLM website “fan” in Italy is working on building a replica of the logging truck which sits on the Museum grounds.  This wonderful man’s name is “Matteo”….there’ll be no charge for his work and he hopes to deliver it to the Museum, personally. John stressed the importance of FLM’s multi-CD player be indexed to allow easy access to any CD. He moved that Kate be allowed to do the indexing; Helen seconded the motion which carried.  Re this year’s Jamboree on Aug. 30, Mr. Rapetti has offered to do some demo chainsaw carving during the day.  Ginny said all new ideas are so welcome for the event! Thanks to an article by Ginny, written in the Democrat which stressed FLM’s dire need for docent help, resulted in a woman teacher at Columbia College who would like to bring students in “Forestry” over to the Museum, have them train as docents and, as a result, receive a unit of college study.  Needless to say, everyone is very excited about the future possibilities involving the college students.  Mike Steineke will be bringing his men to the Museum a.s.a.p. to clean the grounds. CCWD will be replacing pipe along Blagen Road up to the Moose Lodge and then up the Moose Lodge driveway. John reported that Tony Bennett’s nephew is anxious to build a replacement for the stolen “Coloma water-powered” sawmill which was stolen last year.  The sawmill was such a “draw” for incoming visitors….it really dressed up the Museum’s entry area, but if the sawmill IS replaced, it’ll definitely be portable enough to bring inside when the Museum is closed. Regarding the subject of the Museum hiring a Curator, many opinions were heard.  It was agreed that the need is there but the time is not right.  This subject was brought about by Nancy Muleady-Meacham’s letter to Ginny in which she gave detailed suggestions about this idea.  Although the idea is too premature for FLM to take on at this time, Nancy did FLM a favor by getting Board members to think about future change which is always an important factor when progress is deemed important.

Ginny had attempted to ease Pat’s workload by assigning docents to work days, but Pat decided she wanted to continue as she has been doing for many years.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:30pm. The next FLM Bd. Meeting will be 4/22/14.

Respectfully submitted,

Pat Bradley, Secretary, FLM


Friends of the Logging Museum

Minutes of Board Meeting, Nov. 26, 2013

President Ginny Kafka called the meeting to order at Round Table Pizza in the Meadowmont Shopping Center at 12:50p.m..  Those in attendance were John & Wanda Hofstetter, Ginny & Bill Kafka, Richard Small, Sue Harmuth, Helen Tardif, Bill Nelson, Sid  Marsh, Kate O’Keeffe, Sharon and Bob Ash, Ron Glass & Pat Bradley.

Visitors introduced were “Karen & John”, WA State guests of Wanda & John.

The Secretary’s  & Treasurer’s reports approved as read.

White Pines Park:  Ginny reported that the Park has been closed for the season since the early part of November.  A huge tree fell; Bill K. & John White (our great sign maker) took care of the fallen tree.

GABA:  Ginny reported that GABA had an auction in November; the proceeds will be going to the Arnold Library, White Pines Park & the Logging Museum which could amount to as much as $500 for each organization.

MUSEUM EXHIBITS CHAIR:  Mike Skenfield was unable to attend the meeting.  He sent a message through Pat that perhaps FLM would like to pay a tribute to our recent major loss in docents, Betty Fitzgerald who passed away suddenly in mid-November.  John mentioned that he felt that another prize docent FLM lost over a year ago, Norm Friborg, should also be included in any type of memorial.  It was suggested that a plaque include their names, possibly news put on the FLM Website and/or in the next FLM newsletter.

Regarding FLM docents, a very special Marge Bowman, recently fell and broke a leg.  She is recovering nicely, however, at the Mark Twain Convalescent Hospital in San Andreas.

Ron Glass reported that the Shay is well prepared for the coming winter weather; he is so pleased with the efficiency of his fellow Shay restorer, Norm.  John also praised the work that Ron & his sons accomplished in just four days!  Ron said that more fund raising will be necessary before future work on the Shay can happen.  The Shay Account has a total of only a little over $700.

OLD BUSINESS:  Re the painting of the propane tank which sets just in front of the Museum, it was unanimous that Bill K. & Ron G. make the decision during the coming winter about how to cover it:  possibly a lattice type fence, a mountain scene painted on it, etc.

Regarding the lawsuit brought about by a volunteer becoming injured while helping to restore the Shay (June, 2012), Ginny reported that she’s received a large packet of paperwork which includes a lot of questions FLM must answer.  John, Bob, & Ginny will work on this.

Closing date of the Museum will be Sunday, December 1, 2013.  Bill will drain the water pipes; Ginny & Bill offered to follow through with the necessary “closing” chores.

Cookbooks:  Since there are no FLM cookbooks left to sell in the Company Store, it was unanimously agreed that 300 new copies be ordered through the original publishing company approximately 12 years ago.  This will amount to a little more than $2,200.  Pat announced that John has done a great job of fine-tuning a 3-page “docent training” document which took a lot of time.  Pat is of the opinion that this newly written, detailed and very informative document should be given to all docents when the Museum opens next spring; also it should be accompanied by Mike Skenfield ‘s more technical explanation and very informative writing that involves many years of timber management history, etc..

Profit from the October Snagfallers’ Ball amounted to about $150.

Ginny said this winter she’d be ordering more pencils from the Forest Foundation which are given away free to visitors.

Pat brought up the need for new, attractive name tags for docents.  She showed the one which was developed for the Murphys Senior Center by a lady named, “Phyllis”, on Northwood Drive across from Forest Meadows.  It was decided that we should place an order with Phyllis with each of the current docents’ names plus some that would be “blank” for future docent trainees.  These name tags run between $4 & $5 each.  They would include the FLM logo printed on each name tag.

NEW BUSINESS:  The annual Election of Officers resulted in a unanimous agreement that Ginny Kafka remain President and all other FLM officers, Executive Office and Board of Directors remain the same.

Richard Small announced that the owners of the Avery Hotel, Lane & Sherry, are moving to Stockton.  A large box of historical papers, photos, etc. re Hazel Fischer has been donated to FLM.  Among the “teachers’ materials” for students is a 2-page writing dated 1907, emphasizing the main areas to concentrate on with students are “uprightness, thoroughness, & reverence”.  Knowing that Hazel Fischer taught at the Avery School for 48 years without missing a day, one can easily assume that she followed through with these basic “musts” for teaching throughout her career.  Ginny suggested that John & Richard go through these historical articles, photos, etc. and if there is anything that is appropriate to donate to the Hazel Fischer School historical display, the School would certainly appreciate it.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:50p.m.; the next FLM Board meeting will be March 25, 2014.

Respectfully submitted,

Pat Bradley, FLM Substitute Secretary





Minutes of Bd. Meeting, Sept. 24, 2013

FLM Vice President, Bob Ash, called the meeting to order at 1:00p.m.  (Pres. Ginny Kafka was absent due to celebrating the birth of their first great grandchild!  Congratulations, Ginny & Bill!)  Those in attendance were John Hofstetter, Helen Tardif, Sue Harmuth, Donna Hanan, Sharon & Bob Ash & Pat Bradley.

CORRESPONDENCE:  Pat read a letter from the Forest Foundation, thanking her for volunteering at the CA Forest Center during the 2013 State Fair at Cal Expo this last July.  Pat expressed her genuine appreciation of what this organization does to support FLM as well as the timber industry and felt that the time spent was most worthwhile.  Also, a thoughtful membership renewal check of $100, from Amador County
FLM member, Floy Goulart was most appreciated.

The previous Secretary & Treasurer’s reports were approved as read.  FLM’s bookkeeper, Sid Marsh, put together a very detailed Treasurer’s report; John will speak with Ginny about how often the need for this detail will be in the future.

White Pines Park Report:  Unfortunately, recent theft of the storage unit adjacent to the bathrooms near the Moose building has occurred.  The Park Board passed the request by Bill Kafka to pave the White Pines Park roadway between the Park and the Ball Field.  Everett Cockshott has agreed to do this for $3,800.  Arnold proprietors will be approached to donate picnic tables;  it was suggested that this be advertised in the Calaveras Enterprise.  The closing date for the Park will be right around Nov. 1st.

EXHIBIT CHAIR REPORT:  John recommended that the newest exhibit (in the “bucking loggers” area) be turned on by a docent on Thursday and turned off by a docent on Sunday at 4:00p.m. until such time that this can happen automatically.

OLD BUSINESS:  Re the 18th FLM Logging Jamboree held on August 31, 2013, everyone agreed that it was the best and mot profitable Jamboree yet.  Much appreciation goes out to the “chair” people who were in charge of the Silent Auction, BBQ, Logging Competition, etc.  It was estimated that between 600 & 700 people attended; actual profit & expense reports are not yet available.  Everyone praised Bill Kafka for another great bit of help inside the Museum.  The USFS display case now has a brand new top made of plastic which replaced the old, cracked, dangerous glass top…..this was a lot of work….thanks so much, Bill!  Regarding the current lawsuit concerning the unfortunate accident which happened in June of 2011, to Douglas Kohl while the Shay was being worked on by volunteers, Atty. David A. Wallis of Sacramento, met with FLM Board members in the Museum on Thursday, September 12th.  Mr. Wallis gave a very interesting talk about the “case”; he is the defense attorney for the non-profit companies FLM’s insurance includes. Mr. Wallis emphasized that any and all information about this case should be kept very confidential and NOT shared with others who are not FLM Board members.  Re the retaining wall below the Shay, John moved, Sharon seconded, and the motion passed, to use cement blocks rather than railroad ties for the wall.

NEW BUSINESS:  Re website changes, John said that “the website just keeps getting bigger & bigger!”.  He shared the good fortune of a professional photographer, Cindy Micheli, who sent some fine photographs of the Jamboree which John has put on the website…..she said she’ll certainly be attending next year’s Jamboree.  Regarding the Snagfallers’ Ball coming on October 12, John displayed a beautiful poster he recently put together……so colorful and informative!  Full disclosure later revealed that he just changed relevant information on he poster he’s been making for the past 4 years.

Details and general planning will be decided at a Snagfallers’ Ball meeting at the Museum on Tuesday, October 1st, at 1:00p.m.  As for the 2013 Museum “closing date”, it will probably be right around Thanksgiving weekend.  Bob Ash brought up the need for electrical help to install additional track lighting around and above the new exhibit.  Bob had a bid from Pioneer Electric to do this work for $529.92.  John estimated that this bid probably doesn’t include more than about 2 ½ hours of labor.  Considering this fact and also the fact that Pioneer Electric so graciously puts FLM banners up and down across Hwy 4, when needed, John suggested that FLM go with this one bid vs. getting additional bids.  It was agreed by all that Pioneer Electric of Arnold would be hired to do this work.  Regarding docents keeping track of merchandise sales, it was decided that this would continue only during the 2013 season.  The record of sales has not been accurate because of inefficient record keeping by docents; for instance, during busy times with a lot of visitors some sales have not been noted, often tax has not been included, etc.  It was decided that the annual FLM Thank You Luncheon will be held on Tuesday, November 5th at 11:30.  This event is very important to honor and thank the many volunteers who give of their personal time energy which without, the Museum would crumble!

The meeting was adjourned at 2:26p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Pat Bradley, FLM Substitute Secretary

Important Dates:  Oct. 1st 1:00 Snagfallers Ball meeting       Oct. 12th  5:00 Snagfallers Ball           Oct. 22nd Board Meeting         Nov. 5th 11:30  Docent Luncheon


Monthly Board Meeting, August 27, 2013

President Ginny Kafka called the meeting to order at 1:10pm.  Those in attendance were Ginny Kafka, Sue Harmuth, John Hofstetter, Helen Tardif, Richard Small, Donna Hanan, Bob & Sharon Ash & Pat Bradley.

John reported that he and President Ginny had  a meeting with Kate O’Keefe & Sid Marsh.  It seems that some things needed to be explained/clarified regarding duties & pay.  At the meeting it was decided that Sid’s monthly FLM fee of $400 for bookkeeping would be raised to $450, however there would be no future pay for doing membership compiled in the computer.  Accession recording will be paid $20/hour.  All of this was unanimously approved.

The previous month’s Secretary & Treasurer’s reports were approved as read.  Ginny asked Sid for a very detailed financial report which he very efficiently compiled ending July 31, 2013.  Ginny asked all directors to be sure and study it in detail.

WHITE PINES PARK COMMITTEE:  Our FLM President Ginny is also the President of the WPPC.  She and Bill are the main “spokes in the wheel”, cleaning bathrooms daily, dumping trash but several new volunteers have come out of he woodwork, thank Heavens!  Unfortunately, Ginny had some sad news that crimes are occurring often; Sheriff Gary Kuntz has called Ginny, personally, offering more support from his men.   Two guilty thieves have been jailed.  On September 4, there will be “Crime Watch” meeting at the Arnold Firehouse in hopes that everyone in the community and their neighbors will help the situation by being more on guard about what’s going on in their neighborhood and report anything suspicious.

EXHIBIT CHAIR REPORT (Mike Skenfield):  Mike was not in attendance but has reported that the new exhibit in the “bucking-faller” area will be ready to show at the Jamboree on Aug. 31.

U.S.F.S.:  Ginny has called the USFS in Hathaway Pines twice about the possibility of replacing Jim Behm, the former USFS/FLM Liaison; the only response she has received is, “Oh, that would be nice!”  Hopefully, the position will be filled; in the original agreement when the Museum project was conceived REQUIRED the Hathaway Pines USFS to be a “rock” always to FLM.

OLD BUSINESS:  The Shay has a new coat of black paint and looks great!  Re the “flat car” for the Shay expected for many months from the Portola Locomotive Museum, things in general are very uncertain.   Ginny plans to talk with Ron Glass in detail about this.  Space is one issue; also if a pole barn were erected for winter weather, it would take up a lot of space and also would not be that attractive.  Bill Nelson has found an artist, Bill Poulson, who will paint a logging scene on the FLM propane tank in front of the Museum.  Thanks to many hours of dedicated time and effort, Ginny reported that most every detail for the coming Jamboree is in order.  She was elated to announce that just hours earlier she’d received a call from her son, Steve, saying that he and Dave Finn will be able to secure and bring in the needed logs for the Jamboree Logging Competition which is one HUGE item.  SPI, for whom Steve works, has quite a number of caterpillars and other equipment over at the current RIM fire near Yosemite; Steve has been working many hours in the middle of the night helping curb the fire’s spreading.  FLM is truly indebt to the Kafka family for so many reasons…….for instance, Bill & his grandson, Clinton, splitting a whole cord of wood which will be a “prize” to win at the Jamboree.  Norm, FLM’s Shay mechanic, will spend time at the Jamboree answering the public’s questions, explaining whatever needs to be explained; Ginny said 18 sponsors, so far, have stepped up to help FLM financially with the Jamboree.  Sid brought into the Museum a very nice wooden container for Rim Trail Map donations ($1 suggested donation).  Ginny said Bill is picking up the chrome ax that’s always an annual prize for the winning logger competitor; also he will soon be getting plastic glass from EP Hardware to replace the broken exhibit glass in the Museum.

NEW BUSINESS:  FLM is currently being sued by Doug Cole, an unfortunate victim of a fall off of the Shay more than 2 years ago.  FLM’s insurance company is handling all of the details,  With a million dollars coverage for such an incident, it is assumed that things will work out for all parties concerned.  Re a retaining wall needed near the Shay, Ginny has suggested that any railroad ties left over from the arrival of the Shay many years ago, be used vs. cement blocks.  There is quite a difference in the cost of block vs. railroad ties….blocks would cost $1,350; additional railroad ties added to what FLM already has would be $350.  Bob Ash stated that he thought the block would be best to use as it would last longer and therefore be worth the cost.  This was put to a vote….the railroad ties “won”; Ginny said Bill is good at putting retaining walls together.  Our beloved Gaylord Blackburn is very ill; his daughter in-law has encouraged Gaylord & Barbara’s friends to offer any kind of help possible, for instance transportation.  It was unanimous that the old table across from the “sawmill” exhibit inside the Museum must be refurbished.  Ginny asked John if he would get word to “PineTree.Net” and let them know that the Jamboree IS on….(she has been asked this by many people who thought the current Rim Fire might be a cause for cancellation).

The meeting was adjourned at 2:20pm.  The next FLM Board meeting will be Sept. 24, 2013.

Respectfully submitted,

Pat Bradley, Substitute Secretary for FLM


Board Meeting, July 23, 2013

President Ginny Kafka called the meeting to order at 1:05pm.  Those in attendance were:  Ginny, Bill Nelson, Sid Marsh, Sue Harmuth, Mike Skenfield, Bob & Sharon Ash, John Hofstetter, Helen Tardif, Donna Hanan, Richard Small & Pat Bradley.  President Ginny thanked Vice President Bob Ash for running the June Board meeting.

CORRESPONDENCE:  Kate received a letter from a man in San Rafael offering a large picture of a Shay to FLM for $200; Kate responded that FLM would not be interested.  FLM has received notice about the annual Lumberjack Day event in West Point which is always the first weekend in October.  (Unfortunately this event always coincides with the annual Murphys Grape Stomp!)  Helen reported that she’d looked into why so many of the recent (best) newsletters sent out were smeared with ink.  Post Office employee told Helen that the paper FLM uses for the newsletter is super prone to have this happen.  If a different type of paper were used it probably wouldn’t happen, but John said if FLM changed the type of paper, the photos would not be of good quality.


WHITE PINES LIASON REPORT: President Ginny said the last two WPPComittee meetings have been beautifully attended; she is so grateful for the new volunteers.  She held up a very effective looking poster which has been posted in an effort to recruit more volunteers. Ginny praised Sid & Kate for he fine job they did, being in charge of the WPPark maintenance during the Kafka’s time away on vacation.  Bill Nelson suggested that more “no glass allowed” signs should be erected in the park/beach area.  Basketball hoops have been donated to the Park by Independence Hall.

EXHIBIT CHAIR REPORT, MIKE SKENFIELD:   Mike reported that in June, he, Bob & Gaylord had examined the “light” improvement for the coming new exhibit in the “Logger/Bucker” area.  Unfortunately, Gaylord has been seriously ill with shingles and a hernia.  Bob will contact Gaylord, asking if it might be Gaylord’s choice to work with another electrician; Pioneer Electric in Arnold was suggested.  John mentioned the untold hours that Mike has spent on this new exhibit:  film footage has been altered, little by little, with Jason Smith of Murphys.  Mike is trying hard to have the exhibit complete by Jamboree time, August 31.  Everyone is excited;  FLM is so fortunate to have such a talented, hard-working Exhibit Chairman.

U.S.F.S.:  President Ginny said that she’s personally gone to the USFS in Hathaway Pines, asking if someone could possibly take the place of Jim Behm, who was the liason between FLM and the USFS for many years.  So far, a new appointment has not been made to fill this position.

OLD BUSINESS:    Shay Status:  There may or may not be a “log” carrier added to the Shay. Ron Glass was to mill lumber in exchange for this addition given to FLM by the locomotive museum in Portola, but Ron hasn’t had the time to mill the lumber plus this would involve more track to be installed.  New track will already be needed just to be able to move the Shay back and forth when it’s running.  The Shay could be running on “air compression” which would cost $400 for the day of the Jamboree.  All directors voted this to be affordable except one.  (Those in favor thought the PR that FLM would receive plus entertaining Jamboree visitors would make the expense worthwhile.)  Ron would like a pole barn to be purchased and erected to protect the Shay in the winter.  Regarding the painting of the FLM propane tank, both Elaine Cahill & Bill Poulson are artists who are looking for work.  John White of Avery,  is also a fine artist to be considered.  FLM learned that Steve Kafka “has always wanted” the piece of machinery donated to FLM this year by Bailey’s logging store in Mendocino County……this item, when attached to a chainsaw, can saw lumber.  Considering the many years of productive, important, exciting effort that Steve has personally given, it was unanimous that FLM give this item to Steve.  It was also unanimous that John be appointed to search out Bailey’s catalog; choose another item which FLM will buy and use for the Jamboree’s Silent Auction or Raffle.  (Have fun, John!)  Regarding sponsors for the Jamboree, Ginny reported that $750, has been donated so far; she expects much more to come.  Steve Kafka is writing letters to many prospective loggers re they’re participation in the Jamboree.  Ginny said she had recently talked to Angie Thompson.  It was unanimous that a letter should be written to Angie, asking if she’d still be interested in continuing her support of trail building and improvements.

NEW BUSINESS:  Bill & Clinton Kafka have been weed-eating daily…..sure is appreciated, Guys!  Regarding website changes, much has been added thanks to Sid & Kate.  John said that in the past 6 years, there have been 280,000 hits ……he also said that many visitors have found the webite to be their only source of the Museum’s location, etc.   To say we’re all so proud of your hard work and wise choices would be putting it mild!  More Arnold Rim Trail brochures will be available; it will be suggested in the future that a donation container be put near the brochures with a suggested donation of $1 per copy.  Sue reported on the Arnold July Parade on July 6……FLM is so grateful for the time, effort and expertise that 3 young adults: Anna Anderson of Murphys and Sean & Travis Glass put forth, riding on the float, sawing a log and washing clothes on a washboard!  Winning First Place was exciting!  Re FLM’s participation in Murphys Homecoming on July  20, was very worthwhile…..it agreed that FLM should participate again next year in this event.    It was agreed that a thank-you should be sent to Al Arieta of Meadowmont for his tremendous, talented effort in constructing part of the float, and that Joe and Carol Aquilina be thanked in the minutes for their planning and work on the float..  The FLM printer needs to be replaced with a laser-printer, so that less ink will be used; Ron Glass will cut more “tubes” from the Shay a.s.a.p.  These are sold @$20 to train buffs.  It was unanimously approved that $490 for material and $550/600 for Everett’s labor re the road base around the Shay and roadway….1/3 of the cost will be assumed by the Shay Account; 2/3 of the cost will be assumed by the Museum.  An Angels Camp Car Club will be touring the Museum on Aug. 15, at 10:00am.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:30pm.  The next FLM Board meeting will be Tuesday, August 27, 2013.

Respectfully submitted,

Pat Bradley, Substitute Secretary, Friends of the Logging Museum




FLM Vice-President Bob  Ash called the meeting to order at 1:00pm at Wanda & John Hofstetter’s home.  Those in attendance were Mike Skenfield, Sue Harmuth, Sid Marsh, Kate O’Keeffe, Helen Tardif, Richard Small, John Hofstetter, Marge Bowman, Annette Linebaugh, Carol & Joe Aquilina, Bill Nelson, Sharon & Bob Ash & Pat Bradley.

CORRESPONDENCE: Several attendees had received happy word from Ginny & Bill Kafka who are finally on their annual vacation at their gold claim in Sierra County.  FLM has received donations from 5 local donors who responded to Ginny’s request for Logging Jamboree sponsorships and wine from Chatom Vineyards.


WHITE PINES PARK:  Pat reported that the last WPPC meeting held on June 17th, was very well attended.  New members were present.  It appears that there will be enough volunteer help to maintain the Park without hiring anyone.  Once again there is a tremendous number of people who are using the Park, the beach and the lake.  Very complete coverage by local newspapers have included the outstanding signage recently created and erected at the Lake’s edge by John White of Avery, at no charge.

EXHIBIT CHAIR REPORT: Mike Skenfield reported that he’s been working on the new addition to the “Loggers” Exhibit which will be a video consisting of footage from FLM’s treasured video produced by Ted Shannon, which involves our special logger and FLM member of the past, Lars Sanders.  (Lars was one of the few real loggers living at the onset of the Logging Museum project).  Also, Mike will be adding educational information in the film about unique logging tools, etc.  The video is to last about 5 minutes with no sound; this very worthwhile addition to the Museum’s exhibits should be up and running by Jamboree time, August 31, 2013.  Bill Nelson suggested that firm instructions should be more accessible at the Sawmill Exhibit…..the little red button should only be pushed once; when the sawmill stops running and needs to be re-booted, more easy to understand instructions being available for docents would be most helpful.  Mike said he’d be happy to comply.   Sue asked how she might find out if a donated item by her aunt is on display, etc. for the Museum visitors to view.   Mike said that donated items are rotated on display; he assured Sue that her aunt’s donated tool would take its turn on display.  John moved that a short description of the history of a donated item be posted near the item; Helen seconded the motion which was carried.  Mike said he would follow this up.

OLD BUSINESS:  The Shay is being worked on by Ron Glass and his sons.  Re the Company Store, Helen said that there are only two XL shirts left to sell; she recommended that a dozen more be ordered and received by the Jamboree.  The small flashlights have not proven to be a very worthwhile product…..a small piece of paper inside the flashlights, when removed, can allow the battery to run down if the switch is left on, or the flashlight is defective.  More Exhibit Guides need to be printed.  John has the Exhibit Guides “original” on his computer….he will send it to Mike should there be a need for update; Mike will subsequently order a new supply through Foothill Printing.  It was decided that pens are more preferred than pencils; Bill moved that we order more pens; Helen seconded the motion which carried.  Helen said there’s a shortage of the large FLM wall hangings (this shows the FLM logo).  To save expense, Sid & Kate recommended paper posters (of good quality) which are 11”x17” and are available through Foothill Printing.  Re the Jamboree, it was decided to have the next meeting on Tuesday, July 2, 2013, 1p.m. at the Museum.  Joe Aquilina gave a fine description of the FLM float which will be in the July 6th, Independence Day Parade in Arnold.  A good friend, Al Ariata, is a very talented woodworker; he has constructed a very nice “cabin” front that will be on the float which will have live loggers, a wife scrubbing clothes and a “woodsy” décor.  Joe also read some fine wording put together by John which will be read by the Parade announcers as the FLM float goes by.  All help possible is needed by 5:00p.m. on Friday, July 5th, to construct the float.  The next “parade” meeting is Thursday, 1:00p.m. at the Museum.  Sid offered to pick up this year’s newsletter order at Foothill Printing; anyone available to help get the newsletter mailing complete please plan to be at the Museum at 1:00p.m. on Wednesday, June 26,  2013.  Re the painting of a forest scene on the FLM propane tank in front of the museum, Mike Darby of Angels Camp is interested in doing the painting.  Kate said that Elaine Saben Cahill is also interested.  Pat has talked with Mike and will re-contact him about this.

NEW BUSINESS:  Murphys Homecoming Committee has called FLM inquiring about FLM setting up a booth adjacent to other “museum” booths at the annual Homecoming Day on July 20.  It was agreed that FLM should participate in this event.  It was suggested by Helen that we offer/sell cold drinks to Museum visitors.  At various times, Helen said she’s had visitors ask if cold drinks/coffee are available.  Kate stated that a license must be acquired before this can happen.  Pat stated that Larry Muetterties of Arnold has a vending machine business; she’ll contact him and get Larry’s opinion of how wise  a vending machine might be for the Museum.

Thanks to the very hospitable Hofstetters offering their home as a meeting spot, refreshments were enjoyed; the meeting was adjourned at 2:55pm; the next FLM meeting will be July 23, 2013.

Respectfully submitted,

Pat Bradley, Substitute FLM Secretary


Board Meeting, May 28, 2013

President Ginny Kafka called the meeting to order about 1:15p.m. at John & Wanda Hofstetter’s home in Murphys.    In attendance, were Richard Small, Bill Nelson, Helen Tardif, Donna Hanan, John Hofstetter, Mike Skenfield, Sid Marsh, Kate O’Keeffe, Ron Glass, Carol & Joe Aquilina & Pat Bradley.

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as read;  Regarding the Financial Report, Bookkeeper Sid reported that FLM has paid out more money in recent weeks than has been received.  There is approximately a balance of $7,000; John and others reiterated that soon more income will be realized with Company Store sales and membership renewal by the end of summer.  The Financial Report for FLM was approved.

Ron Glass reported that the flat car will be coming from the Portola Museum; FLM must pay for the transportation.  Ron will trade the Portola Museum large timbers in exchange for the flat car.  Ron also said that Norm, our Shay repairman, has worked on the locomotive this past week, has completed many miscellaneous things including installing 5 important “bolts”.  The smokestack will be installed soon followed by the painting of the boiler which Ron said that he and his crew could take care of.  For $1,500, Ron has offered to do the necessary stump grinding around the Shay…..this amount would cover costs, only……large concrete blocks will be used to shore up areas with tilting ground.  John moved that Ron be paid $1,500, for this work; Pat seconded the motion which carried.  Ron hopes to do this work within the next two weeks.  Everyone expressed sincere thanks to Ron and his boys for the many hours of challenging and time consuming work on the Shay.  Ron said his boys have enjoyed every minute they’ve spent working on the Shay; also Ron said that Norm has learned a lot during the many hours he’s spent on FLM’s beloved machine!  Their work, by the way, was completed two days before the deadline in February, in spite of the snow and very challenging weather.

MIKE SKENFIELD’S EXHIBIT REPORT:  Mike & John plan to break Lars Sanders’ “logging DVD” down in to parts.  Jason Smith of Murphys will do the film work.   Mike told Ginny to tell Bill how happy he is with the newly built cabinet for this exhibit.

WHITE PINES REPORT:  Ginny said that the Park has been very well attended……at least 100 cars in the parking lot last weekend.  John White, a former neighbor of the Kafkas in Stockton and now a nearby neighbor of their Avery home, is a very talented former school  teacher in art.  John has taken it upon himself to design and complete a very nice sign which is erected near the White Pines Lake beach which shows the historical layout of yesteryear.  On May 29, 2013, at 10:00a.m.,  another new sign will be hung next to the one he’s already done.  This sign has been designed and completed on a 4’x8’ sheet of plywood which Ginny & Bill purchased.    Pine Tree.net will photograph the signs at 10:30; also photographers from local newspapers should also be present.  Bill Nelson said he’ll notify the Mountain Chronicle editor.

2013 FLM NEWSLETTER:  John reported that Sid & Kate have  been a tremendous help putting the annual newsletter together.  The newsletter’s theme is Heroes of the Museum, featuring Annette Linebaugh, Marge Bowman, Bill Kafka, Ron Glass & sons……all of whom have done “over the top” accomplishments for FLM.  The newsletter should be ready for mail by mid-June.  It was decided that “single” or “senior” FLM membership cost should be raised from $15, to $20; cost of all other memberships will remain unchanged.

PROPANE TANK:  It’s been unanimous that a forest/logging scene be painted by some artist on the propane tank that sets in the Logging Museum’s front yard.  Pat knows Mike Darby in Angels Camp; she will contact him, asking if he’d be interested in doing the art work (Mike was the fine artist who did the large murals in the Museum before it opened in 2007).

18TH ANNUAL FLM JAMBOREE, 8/31, 13:  Ginny reported much  pre-Jamboree work she’s taken on recently, writing letters to many prospective sponsors.  She is supporting the idea of both a silent auction and live auction as well as a raffle.   The Moose will BBQ; the Arnold Fire Dept. will allow kids to hold hoses and squirt water.  Two portapotties are needed.  The Arnold company has moved to Sonora; Pat will call Hocking Toilets in Murphys re their rate.  Weed-eating is needed; Fred Kett, of Murphys, has offered his help.

ARNOLD INDEPENDENCE DAY PARADE, JULY, 2013:  Joe Aquilina had a fine suggestion of using a flatbed (possibly FLM can borrow one from Everett….Ginny will inquire), have two live men sawing on logs  (Maybe 2 of the Glass family?)….signage on the sides of the flatbed, advertising the dates of the Jamboree & also the Snagfallers’ Ball.  It was unanimous that brochures be handed out to the public by FLM members walking along side the float….the brochures would have “quarter” sheets inside with details on one side of the Jamboree; details of the SNGF Ball on the other side.  The first “parade” meeting will be Thursday, May 30, at 1:00pm. at the Museum.

NEW BUSINESS:  Thanks to Bill & Steve Kafka on May 26, 2013, all of the pine needle piles left by Cal Fire’s tremendous help in raking the Museum’s hillside several weeks ago were transported to the burn pile across from HF School….thanks, Guys, so much!   John reported that although a few months ago the original writer of local timber history (David Davis) who worked for the USFS in Hathaway Pines, was very unhappy with the wording used in FLM’s website, between David and John, a fine product of  re-written history has resulted and is a real plus for the website.  Thank you, John, for the great amount of patience you’ve shown in this regard.  The County Fair went exceptionally well this year, operated by volunteers.  FLM had an excellent “free” spot for the Fair booth (valued at $900).  Many visitors enjoyed exchanges of information; about $100 was donated to FLM during the 4 days.  SPI once again was so generous in donating hundreds of white fir seedlings, each costing $  .50.   Twenty-three “left-over” seedlings were planted at the Museum by Ginny & Bill!

Bill & Ginny plan to leave on vacation June 18th; Bob Ash will preside during Ginny’s absence.

The meeting was adjourned shortly before 3:00pm.  The next FLM meeting will be June 25th,    , 2013, at the Hofstetter home in Murphys.

Respectfully submitted,        Pat Bradley, Substitute FLM Secretary


Board of Directors’ Meeting, April 23, 2013

President Ginny Kafka called the meeting to order at 1:03p.m.  Those in attendance were Carol & Joe Aquilina, Bill Nelson, Donna Hanan, Helen Tardif, Sid Marsh, Kate O’Keeffe, Richard Small & Pat Bradley.

CORRESPONDENCE:  Pat read a letter she’d received one day earlier from Carol & Jerry Borchers in KA.  The Borchers visited the Logging Museum many months ago in conjunction with a book written about Carol’s grandmother’s life:   “The Delightful Miss Carrie”, which the Museum bought several copies of and sold to the public.  Coincidentally FLM’s Ted Shannon and Jerry Borchers not only were both highway patrolmen but also they each wrote a book about their profession.  Pat had bought and read Jerry’s book, “Cops Don’t Just Eat Donuts”, and afterward sent it to the Shannon family for review; also she bought and read Ted’s book, “Cow County Chip”, and afterward sent it to the Borchers.  The letter she read from the Borchers was a thank you and also included a donation to FLM of $30.


WHITE PINES PARK:  Ginny reported that two new volunteers attended the last meeting who represent the Moose.  Also, on May 4, 2013, the annual park cleanup will take place from 9:00a.m. until 1: 00pm which will include a free hotdog lunch.  Mike Steineke and Josh Heller will provide and operate heavy equipment to help move the pine needle piles to the burn pile.  Ginny stressed the need for more volunteers to help daily from Monday to Sunday after the Memorial Day weekend.  The public attendance from then through the end of summer is so great that as many as 22 rolls of toilet paper have been used in one day.  Ginny & Bill will pretty much handle the work alone until Memorial Day weekend.

U.S.F.S.:  Jim Behm, although has retired from the USFS, will provide more information about the many items he so thoughtfully donated to FLM.  These items are displayed in a display cabinet with a glass top which has had a major crack in it for some time.  Our FLM hero, Bill Kafka, will find a way to replace this glass top which appears to be quite a challenge.  Thanks so much, Bill.

OLD BUSINESS:  Richard said that while working with Ron Glass,  he will be able to grind up the stumps that are around the Shay locomotive.  Ron Glass will come to FLM’s aid, repairing the road and grade for the trail around the Shay.  Sid will be meeting with John H. this coming Thursday, April 25th, re the FLM Budget.  John is also working on this year’s newsletter which will highlight 3 very appreciated FLM members:  Bill Kafka, Annette Linebaugh and Marge Bowman.  A fence (perhaps more like a deck) will be erected around the Shay so as to keep youngsters from climbing on the locomotive.  Bill has been planning to enclose the FLM propane tank with some lattice work but Bill Nelson suggested a “painting” be bestowed upon the tank.  (Bill knew of a similar tank that “really looked pretty” with a particular Mother Nature scene).  There was a vote taken which resulted in a tie.  So Ginny will have Bill put his “lattice” enclosure idea on “hold” for a while.   2013 Logging Jamboree meetings will be scheduled soon.  FLM is waiting to hear of GABA’s theme for this year’s 4th of July Parade before designing a float for the parade.  At a GABA meeting Kate plans to suggest Annette & Marge for 2013 Grand Marshalls; it would be so awesome if these two special, dedicated, hard-working “natives” could be considered.  Pat has made a reservation to rent Ind. Hall for this year’s Snagfallers’ Ball to be held on Saturday, October 5th.

NEW BUSINESS:   Many thanks go to Cal Fire (Vallecito) for their all day workout last Sunday, April 21, for cleaning the whole hillside of the Museum and exhibits….such a great, helpful effort!  Bill has completed the cabinet for the new saw display exhibit needed by Mike Skenfield and John.  Ginny suggested for a fundraiser at the 2013 Jamboree that we have a silent auction vs. a raffle.  Also, John put together a “sponsor” letter which will be sent to dozens of local businesses, which might result in greater profit.  An example of the Arnold Angels hosting a “no bake” sale resulting in a tremendous profit shows that most people would rather donate a check instead of dealing with the time consuming baking.  Sid has ordered 500 copies of FLM’s traditional brochure.  He also announced that he has a 25 minute DVD of the Co. Bd/Spvrs’ meeting in which John helped with a most worthwhile presentation of FLM’s Shay reburbishing and in actual operation.  The DVD will remain for a time at the Museum for those who would care to view it.  On Thursday, April 25, all available docents will be able to attend a 3-hour training review with Mike Skenfield, Helen & Ted Shannon, which is sorely needed.  Ginny asked Sid if he would order a much needed mirror which would be installed in the Museum so that all activities could be under surveillance while visitors are in the Museum.  On May 2, 2013, a Cal Fire member will service FLM’s fire extinguisher.  During the first weekend of May, the Ebbetts Pass Byway will have Open House (where Kate & Sid reside).  A new “frizbee golf” course has been put together near the ball field at the end of White Pines Lake; this is a product of a BHHS senior “senior’s project”.  The County Road Dept. is re-doing the road from the Moose building to the ball park; this is to be a training project for County Road Dept. employees.  Ginny was so happy to report that FLM’s been given permission to represent the Logging Museum at the Frog Jump.  Dennis Hood will set up his sawmill near the entrance of the Fairgrounds and FLM will have a booth nearby.  Last year FLM benefitted so much by being given all of the lumber free that was sawed which was used by Bill to build Angie’s Trail.  Bill would like to “inherit” another such supply of lumber to put a similar trail around the Shay.  It was agreed that FLM members’ birthdays would be celebrated every 3 months (quarterly).  The meeting was adjourned at 2:10p.m.  The next scheduled meeting will be May 28, 2013.  Respectfully submitted, Pat Bradley, Substitute FLM Secretary


March 26, 2013

President Ginny Kafka called the first meeting of 2013, to order at 1:15pm.  Those in attendance were Joe & Carol Aquilina, Donna Hanan, Sue Harmuth, Helen Tardif, Richard Small, Bob & Sharon Ash, John Hofstetter, Mike Skenfield, Kate O’Keeffe, Sid Marsh & Pat Bradley.  The last meeting’s minutes stood approved as read; Sid, FLM Bookkeeper, reported the bank balance to be $1,118.20; the balance of the Shay account is $8,520.03.  Bob moved that the report stand approved as read; Helen seconded the motion; motion carried.  Sid said that at the next FLM meeting (April) he plans to show where FLM monies tend to be spent; discuss desired financial spending in more detail.

WHITE PINES PARK:  Ginny reported that the Park’s first meeting of the year went well.  Many visitors are already arriving at the Park.  Therefore the bathrooms will be “open” very soon.  Cal Fire will again be on hand to burn pine needles during the annual cleanup day which is always early in the spring.

EXHIBIT CHAIRMAN, Mike Skenfield:  Mike reported that just before the meeting started, Arnold resident Craig Matson was a tremendous help, resurrecting the outdoor exhibit signs which had been put away during winter.  Craig has offered to “chair” this job (fall & spring) for which Mike is very grateful.  Mike also announced that he has detailed plans to add to the “historical surveying” exhibit and the logger-faller exhibit.  Bill Kafka will be building a cabinet for one of the exhibits and Mike’s plans include implementing sections of logging video footage.  There has been $2,500 budgeted for this exhibit expansion.  Mike stated that he’s also eager and available to chair the badly needed docent training which will be taking place very soon.  Many in attendance commented how helpful it would be even for those who have “docented” for many years.

USFS:  Jim Behm, our FLM liaison, is no longer with the USFS.  The USFS in Hathaway Pines plans to choose a new liaison for FLM in the near future.  It was declared that Jim very thoughtfully donated all of the items in the display case which originally were on loan.

OLD BUSINESS:  The Shay Locomotive has been approved by Cal Trans.  It will be up to Ron Glass and his sons to decide what will be put back on the Shay since it’s been refurbished.  Stumps around the Shay must be ground up; also a fence/platform made of wood will eventually be built on the Museum’s side of the Shay.  Regarding inventory, Sid & Kate have catalogued literally everything that has been donated to the Museum which was such a monumental task and SO important.  Regarding  FLM’s annual newsletter, John is unsure at this time whether he can do the job this year which is sent out to members in June for membership renewal.   Regarding the Annual 4th of July Parade in Arnold, much interest was shown.  New member and docents, Carol & Joe Aquilina, Sue Harmuth, plus others showed willingness to put a float together.  The first thing needed is the “theme” of the Parade that GABA comes up with.  Bob Ash has the Jamboree banner spot reserved; the date of Oct. 5, will be the Snagfallers’ Ball, if Independence Hall  is available.

NEW BUSINESS:  The Museum will open for the 2013 season on Thursday, April 4.  Mark Oswald of the Arnold Fire Department, will check to be sure FLM’s fire protection is operating correctly.   Bill Kafka has offered to build a lattice-work fence around the Museum’s propane tank.  Ginny reported the sad news of FLM’s first theft.  Several weeks ago, $6,400, worth of equipment belonging to Ron Glass was stolen.  He had no insurance on his equipment, but he does now, plus John reported that FLM now has insurance on “Museum contents” valued at $60,000.  However John feels this amount should be increased to $100,000.  Thanks to Gaylord’s help, the Museum’s parking lot lights go on now at dusk and go off at dawn which should help deter future theft.  Regarding Irish Days in Murphys on March 16, 2013, Ginny reported how well received the FLM booth was……no snow this year; thanks to Steve Kafka, there were 400 cedar seedlings to hand out individually to the public which were so appreciated; cash donations amounted to $114.   Also on that same date, the Annual TuCare Fundraiser dinner was held in Tuolumne; attended by Ginny & Pat…..a record  number of 420 people attended.   Pat mentioned how impressed she’s been with (non-profit) TuCare since it began about 22 years ago and how worthwhile the September “Summit” event is……very educational.  She encouraged everyone to attend the last day of that event.  Also, Sid & Kate announced the annual Ebbetts Pass celebration which will be on Sept. 14, 2013, at Hermit Valley….several live bands playing music, art exhibits, products sold.  In May, Sid & Kate will be receiving visitors to see the hard work they’ve put forth in the building where they live (next to the Arnold Giant Burger) which is the official Ebbetts Pass Visitors’ Center, which even has it’s own specified parking places.  The month of May will be a “grand opening” of the EPVC.  Earlier today (March 26th) at the weekly County Bd/Supvrs’ Meeting in San Andreas, slide photos and movies were shown of our Shay locomotive.  John did an excellent job of narrating while the film was being viewed.  How exciting it was to see our historic 1920 engine in motion!    It was unanimous by all that special homage be paid to three very hard working FLM members:  Annette Linebaugh, Marge Bowman and Bill Kafka.  All members of FLM work hard which is evinced by the progress the Logging Museum has made; the larger attendance each year, but these 3 people have gone way beyond the call of duty…..FLM is so very fortunate.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:40pm.  The next monthly Board meeting will be April 23, 2013, at 1:00pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Pat Bradley, Substitute Secretary, FLM


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

President Ginny called the meeting to order at 1:08p.m.  Those in attendance were Helen Tardif, Richard Small, Kate O’Keefe, Sid Marsh, Bill Nelson, Sharon & Bob Ash and Pat Bradley. (John, you are sorely missed!!!)

President Ginny opened the meeting by thanking everyone present for the spectacular season that the Museum has had in 2012.   Kate reported that donations in memory of our fine docent, Norm Friborg, have still been trickling in.  President Ginny reported that although FLM had been told that Dave Roberts’ estate would include $10,000, an amount left to the Museum, no word was received until just recently; John received word that the donation had materialized.  Bob moved that the $10,000 donation be deposited into the Edward R. Jones account in Murphys; Pat seconded the motion which carried.

Secretary’s Report:  Bill moved that these minutes be approved; Ginny seconded it; motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report:  Sid reported a Register Balance of $28, 978.44.  The Treasurer’s Report was approved.

White Pines Park Update:  Ginny reported that the Park has been closed for more than a month and still her husband, Bill, recently found $60 in a donation container.  Pat reiterated the thanks owed to Bill & Ginny for their putting together a very good letter last winter which Ginny hand carried, individually, to 250 local business people, explaining the need for White Pines Park income.  As a result, a “club” has been formed, members paying $25 annually.   White Pines Park now has an “income” similar to the Logging Museum membership.

USFS:  Ginny said that since Jim Behm is no longer at Hathaway Pines, a new liason should be agreed upon so that this person could attend FLM meetings thus both organizations (FLM & USFS) could keep with each other’s projects, goals, ect.  Regarding the bridge which will hopefully be built, Mike Steineke and crew were going to rough up a trail to the “grinding rocks area at the Lake near the Dam.

Old Business:    There was the deadline for the Shay’s restoration to be complete by May, 2013.  However, the southern CA repairman (Mr. Redman) did a very sloppy job on the boiler.  Ron Glass has assured FLM that Mr. Redman will make his unacceptable repair “good”….for this reason, if the work needed to make proper repair takes longer than next May, it won’t be a problem where FLM is concerned, deadline-wise.

New Business:  The Museum is closed for the 2012 season.  Regarding a much needed budget, Sid offered to put a budget together by using bookkeeping records showing purchases, expenses, income during our past season.  Thanks so much, Sid!  There’s been a question about how taking inventory should be done; Sid said he will check with Doug Tribble (CPA) for this information.

July 4th Parade, 2013:  Ginny stressed the need for FLM to really put a lot of thought and effort in to making an excellent parade entry.  Joe Aquilina, a new FLM docent recruit, has made mention of his love of parade creations; Pat will contact Joe about this.  It was agreed that the Snagfallers’ Ball happening in October vs. November was preferred for future “Balls”…2013 reservation date will be established with Independence Hall.  It’s “first come, first serve” regarding the banners being hung above Hwy 4; we must therefore call in plenty of time so as to get our date set with Pioneer Electric.  Bill moved that this year’s FLM officers stay on in their same positions; Helen seconded; motion carried.  This means that Ginny will again be President, Bob Ash will be Vice President, John Hofstetter will be Secretary and Bill Nelson consented to be Treasurer.  Sid mentioned that it’s been discussed with the Ebbetts Pass Scenic Byway Committee about their merchandise being sold in the FLM Country Store.  FLM would realize a portion of the profit made.

The next FLM meeting date will be March 26, 2013.   Pat announced that she’s holding a Christmas Party at the Murphys Diggins Mobile Home Park in Murphys on Friday, December 21st.  BYOB……time will be from 4:00-8:00p.m.  All FLM Board members are invited to attend.  The meeting was adjourned at 2:08p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Pat Bradley, Substitute FLM Secretary

Friends of the Logging Museum, Board of Directors Meeting

October 30, 2012

Meeting was called to order at 1:07 by President Ginny

The meeting is a week later than the regularly scheduled date and we hope that everyone was notified of the postponement.

Those in attendance were John Hofstetter, Helen Tardif, Pat Bradley, Sid Marsh, Kate O’Keeffe,, Ginny Kafka, Sue Harmuth, Sharon Ash, Bob Ash,  and Ron Glass briefly.

Correspondence: Letter from Allied Insurance telling us that the possible injury suit from last year’s locomotive accident is still pending and all inquiries about this case should be referred to Bob Ash. John said as an addition to this that because of the possibility of this becoming an active suit that he had postponed following up on getting insurance from a non-profit insurance company that insures non-profits. Ginny said that donations for Norm Friborg and Mark Johnson were still coming in.

Minutes:  Motion by Bob, second by Sharon, minutes approved.

Treasurer’s report: Sid presented the financial data to the board. Report approved.  There was discussion about the financials of the Snagfallers Ball, which about broke even this year.  Nevertheless, everyone agreed it was a great event.

White Pines Park: This, from last months minutes was the funniest typo I’ve ever made and no one noticed. I repeat: (the humor in blaming Ginny for the fire is that Ginny takes responsibility for almost everything that happens, so why hot the fire?)

Exhibit Chair Report: Mike was not in attendance, so John pointed out that the faller’s tree is now in place and looks great. Ginny was enthusiastic about the new “redwood” log that is in the scaling exhibit. Personally, your acting secretary is heartbroken over the poor fungi that went out with the log and are now exposed to the winter weather. Man, did their lives change. Docents, if anyone asks you what kind of tree that scaling log was, tell them it depends on whom you ask. For most of us, it’s a cedar.  Thank you Bill and Ginny for getting these trees done. Wow!

John wants to add a couple of photos to the drag saw sign and the edited sign that is at the Faller exhibit needs to be replaced. John will ask Mike about both of these.

Old Business:

Donations: Any donations that come in have to be entered on to a donation sheet, available in the back room file labeled “Donations”. Also probably available on the main desk. That donation sheet should then be dropped inside ot the Accessions Book. If you can’t easily find the book, leave the donation sheet on the desk and one of us will put it away.

Shay: Interesting that on this day of our meeting, Ron Glass and Norm Comer, our hired locomotive worker, showed us photos of the terrible job the boiler repair company did on the welds inside the boiler. A retired boiler inspector was arranged for and he is doing a report on the work that was not done correctly. Whatever Redman has to do by way of repairs should not delay what we are doing about getting the boiler in place and the engines on. Ron is contacting Redman today.

New Business:

More time for Kate to work on Accessions. 50 more hours of time was approved for Kate to      continue on her work getting our collection in the computer database. She, with Sid’s help, has   made a remarkable start on the task. John moved, Helen? seconded, motion approved.

Sue announced that Jim Harmuth has resigned as treasurer. We thank him for having served.

Docent Lunch: November 7th, lunch time.        Next Board Meeting November 27, 2012

Meeting adjourned at 1:55 pm.

John Hofstetter, Acting Secretary

Dear Donna, who reads the minutes, please get better, we love you.

Friends of the Logging Museum, Board of Directors Meeting

September 24, 2012

Meeting was called to order at 1:00 by President Ginny

Those in attendance were John Hofstetter, Helen Tardif, Pat Bradley, Bill Nelson, Sid Marsh, Kate O’Keeffe,, Ginny Kafka, Sue Harmuth  and Ron Glass


Minutes:  Motion by John, second by Pat, minutes approved.

Treasurer’s report: Sid presented the financial data to the board.  Motion by Helen, second by Bill, report approved.  There was discussion about the financials of the Jamboree, which made less money this year.

White Pines Park: Ginny reported on recent vandalism at the park. She also reported on the fire on Summit Level Road that happened because when she was on duty at the museum, she didn’t make sure hunters were being safe out on Summit Level. She showed some impressive photos that the Kafkas took from the museum. (the humor in blaming Ginny for the fire is that Ginny takes responsibility for almost everything that happens, so why hot the fire?)

Exhibit Chair Report: Mike was not in attendance but we talked about Mike’s progress in getting the forester exhibit together, and expressed sympathy for all the extra work that it has turned out to be. Thanks, Mike, for doing it right, we knew you would. We talked about Bill Kafka’s work to get the tree up for the faller to cut down. Thanks Bill for getting on that for us.

Old Business:

Shay: Ron reported on the progress that has taken place on the Shay. Norm is working on the studs to hold the engine and other equipment to the boiler. Ron, his sons , and Norm will be hot riveting the smoke stack to the boiler. Ron says that it will not be necessary to throw the red hot rivets up to the top of the boiler, a sight John was anxious to see, having seen film of the building of the Golden Gate Bridge. The engine is in good shape and the Glasses will work on the train’s air compressor in Ron’s shop. Ron tells us that the schedule of the work and the money left in the grant are both on course.

Jamboree: Sue’s (Donna’s daughter) suggestions for how to improve on next year’s Jamboree were read and will be put with the on-going file for Jamboree planning.

Store: There was discussion about the store and Kate is going to pursue better ways to display our books that we have for sale.

Plaque location: Ginny said that the Dave Robert’s plaque is now on the inside of the cabin door where it should be safe and still easily seen and read.

Donations: We are in one of those there-are-no-easy-answers situations. Exhibit chairman, Mike Skenfield has asked that we accept no more donations. Very hard to do in some cases. Executive Director, John has told everyone who would listen (not many) that any exhibits for the outdoors must be cleared with Mike or Outdoor Exhibit Acquirer, Ted Shannon. Any donations that come in have to be entered on to a donation sheet, available in the back room file labeled “Donations”.  I guess the only viable way to proceed is to use great discretion when offered donations.

Stump Grinding: Ron says that they will get around to grinding the stumps in front of the locomotive.

Insurance: Bob was late for the meeting and didn’t get a chance to report to anyone but John who was still there when Bob arrived. The most significant thing Bob had to say was that we need to have the liquor rider in our policy when we renew it next year. John has been pursuing insurance for non-profits and has received a very large sheaf of papers from the agent. One of the things they are most interested in is any pending suits against us. I think the best course for us is to wait until we are sure of the status of any suit in regard to the fellow who fell off the locomotive last year.

New Business:

Snagfaller’s Ball: Planning meeting Thursday morning at 10:00 about 6 hours before you read these minutes. Posters are out, media has been informed, band is ready, BBQ’er is ready, members are asked to bring salad or dessert and to let Ginny know which you are bringing.

Mark Johnson’s Celebration of Life: October 6th, 2:00 at the museum amphitheater. Laura emphasizes casual clothes. Especially Hawaiian shirts if you have one. Your Secretary-Against-His-Will spends an awful lot of thought on Joanne, Dale, Dave, Ron, Norm, and Mark. I guess we should have gotten an earlier start so that we’d have more time together.  A more sensible way to think about it is that we have been very lucky to have had the time together we did have, so quit your blubbering, John.

Docent Lunch: November 6th or 7th, about lunch time.

School Visits: Mike Skenfield is bringing a group of students on Wednesday, the day of, or the day before you get the minutes. They are children from the Christian Family Learning Center. Michelson is bringing a group on Friday morning at 9:30. We also had a great group of kids from Modesto last week.

TuCare: Pat mentioned again the TuCare conference is so very worth while and more of us should be attending. She is attending this Friday, I think.

Book on Northern California Logging: We’ve (I’ve) been approached by Arcadia Publishing Company about a book on Northern California Logging. As I explained at the meeting, my plan of action for this is for Kate to do all the work, and for me to get all the credit. Seriously, a possible book using mostly our photos is in the talking stage.

Next Board Meeting Oct. 23, 2012              Oct. 13, 2012 Snagfallers’ Ball

Meeting adjourned at 3:00 pm.

John Hofstetter, Acting Secretary

Repeat from last month because I don’t think any of you bothered to look. Or you didn’t bother to tell me you looked. OK, if you don’t have a computer, you’re forgiven.

A cousin of Joanne St. Augustine came in with some really old postcards of the Raggio Mill operation. I put 3 of those images on the web site in the Raggio Mill pages. One is a hand colored photo of the steam tractor pulling a load of lumber to Angels Camp. 1912 !  Amazing. Take a look.

By the way, we’ve gotten some feedback that probably many or even a majority of our visitors come to us because of finding us on the web, mostly through our web site.

Dear Donna, who does read the minutes, please get better, we love you.

John moves, Pat seconds and if there are no dissenting votes, Bill Nelson is selected as our newest director. Welcome aboard, Bill.

Friends of the Logging Museum, Board of Directors Meeting

August 28, 2012

Meeting was called to order at 1:00 by President Ginny

Those in attendance were John Hofstetter, Helen Tardif, Pat Bradley, Bob Ash, Sharon Ash, Sid Marsh, Kate O’Keeffe,, Ginny Kafka, Sue Harmuth and Sue’s (the best of us) sister, Carol.

Correspondence: Pat read an announcement from TuCare about their “Natural Resource Summit” an event that is taking place at the Sonora Fair Grounds on Sept. 28.  Pat repeated what she has often said before that this is a great event, and should be much better attended. If you’d like details, call Pat.

Minutes:  Motion by John, second by Helen, minutes approved.

Treasurer’s report: Sid presented the financial data to the board.  Motion by John, second by Sue, report approved.  John reported on the Shay financial picture. The boiler work done in Southern California is now completely paid for by the grant money.

White Pines Park: Ginny reported on recent vandalism at the park. There was discussion about whether or not having the park raffle take place at the museum might be detracting from our raffle. In order to minimize confusion, the park raffle will be in a different location than the museum’s.

Exhibit Chair Report: Mike was not in attendance but we talked about Mike’s progress in getting the forester exhibit together. John pointed out that the folks visiting us during the Jamboree pretty much move through rather quickly, and indeed, we need them to do that, so Mike having the exhibit done probably isn’t that important.

Old Business:

Shay: We have an experienced locomotive mechanic who as an employee of Ron Glass is removing the old studs out of the boiler. He will continue to help Ron and his boys get the Shay back together.  John isn’t sure how much of his time we can afford, but he’s certainly an asset.

Family Day at the Park: Lots of people attended the Big Trees State Park Family Day. Ginny and Pat had a lot of visitors come by the museum’s area.

New Business:

Plaque location: Bill Kafka is covering the exposed concrete at the front of the museum in some very attractive stone. There was a discussion about whether or not to move Dave Roberts’s plaque. It’s a brass casting and needs to be well secured, if it is moved, in order to prevent its theft. I think the final decision was left up to Bill.

English Smokey: Dick English was a local game warden turned draftsman and designer. His family has given us a very old Smokey Bear teddy bear that is complete except for his hat.

Artifacts: Mike Skenfield has asked us not to accept outdoor artifacts without checking with him first. Checking with Ted Shannon would be OK too since he is our outdoor acquisitor. (Neither my spelling dictionary or you have ever seen that word before)

Store: Bob has done a great job restocking the store. Helen and I think Kate are going to work on doing some reorganization, or in this case, organization.

Insurance: Insurance for the Jamboree is costing over $800 for the one day. Bob Ash says that we can, if we commit to it at the time of renewing our annual policy, get this kind of coverage for less than $100 and it covers the whole year.

Jamboree: It looks as if everything is ready for this Saturday. Of course everything is not ready, but it’s as ready as we can anticipate it being ready. Richard Small has been working really hard removing the bark from the logs SPI and Steve Kafka brought in. Thanks Richard. Bill and Ginny got us a lot of free Murphys wine, so the wine sale will be all profit. The raffle prizes look really good, our signs are the best ever according to Ginny, the work assignments are done. See you all on Saturday.

Next Board Meeting Sept. 25, 2012            Oct. 13, 2012 Snagfallers’ Ball

Meeting adjourned at 2:45 pm.         John Hofstetter, Acting Secretary

A cousin of Joanne St. Augustine came in with some really old postcards of the Raggio Mill operation. I put 3 of those images on the web site in the Raggio Mill pages. One is a hand colored photo of the steam tractor pulling a load of lumber to Angels Camp. 1912 !  Amazing. Take a look.

Friends of the Logging Museum, Board of Directors Meeting

July 24, 2012

Meeting was called to order at 1:00 by President Ginny

Those in attendance were John Hofstetter, Helen Tardif, Pat Bradley, Mike Skenfield, Bob Ash, Sharon Ash, Sid Marsh, Kate O’Keeffe, Donna Hanan, Richard Small, Ginny Kafka, Jim Harmuth, Sue Harmuth, and Jim Behm briefly.

Correspondence: Helen presented a letter suggesting we contact a non-profit insurance group that insures non-profits. John will check on the details. Ginny read a letter from Sue, the Conger granddaughter thanking us all for making their reunion successful. Ginny also had received a letter with a nice donation in it from Lawrence Wilsey. John who seems to have a story about everything passed on telling a Mr. Wilsey story, but did remind the board the web site has a wonderful story about the J.D. Congers having been married 81 years, and dying a few days of each other. Sue, the Conger Grand-daughter is compiling some of the stories her dad and aunt told John while they were here, and John will put them on the web site.

Minutes:  Motion by John, second by Donna, minutes approved.

Treasurer’s report: Sid presented the financial data to the board. John had met earlier with Sid and had told him that the Board probably didn’t need or process as complete a report as we had gotten from Tina. So Sid gave the Board what was basically a check register report and gave John the extra documents. Any Board member wanting the more extensive report should ask Sid to get the expanded reports to them. Sid and Kate would benefit from having a designated check signer available to them on Thursday or Friday. Ginny will get Pat Bradley signed up to be an authorized signer. There was considerable discussion about the store inventory. Helen, Bob, and Sid are going to meet to come up with a more workable plan than what we have now. Motion by John, second by Jim, report approved.

USFS report: Jim Behm told us before he left that if Smokey weren’t on a fire, he would be at the Jamboree.

White Pines Park: This part of the meeting was so traumatic to puritanical John that he feels that he really can’t reveal all that happened. But to Ginny’s credit, she confessed to having a tryst with a Pastor in the park bathroom. I can say no more!

There will be a money-raising concert in the park on August 5th.  The Board feels that having the museum open on that day and signs at the park suggesting visits to the museum would negate having a booth at the event itself. Bill Kafka has the new benches in our amphitheater in place and they will add to the ambiance for the Aug. 5 Parkapalooza. (Hmm, the spell checker didn’t like that, I wonder why?) The donation boxes in the park are beginning to bring in some significant money, plus recycling is profitable, especially if you don’t count Bill Kafka’s gas expenses. It didn’t come up during our meeting, but Bill is putting a donation box up in our outdoor area.

Exhibit Chair Report: Mike reported on the exhibits that he is still putting together. He’s planning on having the new forester exhibit open by Jamboree, but the falling, limbing, bucking, piece won’t be done by then.

From last month’s minutes: We talked about needing film to enhance our falling, limbing, bucking exhibit, and Mike suggested we could film our own using men at work out in the woods. John liked the idea at the time, but then it occurred to him that the film probably should look like the men in it were working in the 1930’s. Maybe Mike can pull that off.

Since last month, Ted Shannon has given the museum a digital version of the From Misery Whips to Chisel Bits film that Ted produced. It has a lot of film of a 78 year old Lars Sanders showing how the falling, limbing, and bucking was done in the “old” days. John is “ripping” segments of film off that DVD and will use them for a sound free show in the falling, limbing and bucking area of our museum. Let me repeat, no sound! It will work much as the Pickering show does across the museum from where this show will be.

Mike has a new cedar log for the scaling display.

Old Business:

Shay: John reported that he had gotten a call from Redman asking us to transport our boiler. Ron told Ginny after the meeting that he is moving forward with the arrangements.

New Business:

There was new business, but it was covered in the various sections above since that was where the subjects were introduced and acted upon.

Logging Jamboree: Labor Day Weekend Saturday  Ginny and Sue will chair. No music.              August 5th  Park a Palooza                                    Next Board Meeting August 28, 2012

Sept. 1st  Logging Jamboree                                       Oct. 13, 2012 Snagfallers’ Ball

Meeting adjourned at 1:50 pm.         John Hofstetter, Acting Secretary

Friends of the Logging Museum, Board of Directors Meeting

June 26, 2012

Meeting was called to order at 1:00 by Vice President Bob Ash

Those in attendance were John Hofstetter, Helen Tardif, Pat Bradley, Mike Skenfield, Bob Ash, Sharon Ash, Sid Marsh and Kate Okeefe, and our own Donna Hanan.

Correspondence: Pat had a notice from TuCare in regard to a movie they are sponsoring at Sierra Repertory Theater on July 21.

Minutes:  Motion by John, second by Donna, minutes approved.

Treasurer’s report: There was considerable discussion about how best to help our new bookkeepers get up to speed. There was consensus approval for Sid to spend $50 to get Tina’s data made QuickBooks compatible. There was much discussion about the role of the treasurer in the organization. There was some feeling that the bookkeeper could also be the treasurer. Some don’t think we can do that and follow our bylaws nor non-profit corp. common practices. John was one of those.

White Pines Park: There will be a money raising concert in the park on August 5th.  The Board feels that having the museum open on that day and signs at the park suggesting visits to the museum would negate having a booth at the event itself.

Exhibit Chair Report: Mike reported on the exhibits that he is still putting together. Discussion turned to using the AV equipment, rather than the TV out in the museum to allow visitors to watch films. Light from the windows sometimes makes viewing the TV in the museum difficult. This could be eliminated by purchasing an LCD screen which doesn’t show reflections, but we already have a complete AV center in the media center AKA the library. Mixed feelings about what would be best, with your secretary preferring to keep both systems. He admits, though, that the problem out in the museum is having too many sound sources competing with each other.

We talked about needing film to enhance our falling, limbing, bucking exhibit, and Mike suggested we could film our own using men at work out in the woods. John liked the idea at the time, but then it occurred to him that the film probably should look like the men in it were working in the 1930’s. Maybe Mike can pull that off.

Old Business:

Shay: Redman must be really close to shipping the Shay back to us. Ron wasn’t available for an update, and although John reported on the payments, he didn’t have a date either.

Bleachers: The already-in-place bleachers were given two coats of high quality stain. We think Bill and Steve Kafka will finish the new section when they return from gold digging.

Country Store: Sid told us that we were selling items much too cheaply to make any real money. Pat said that the real reason we sell stuff was to advertise the museum. I think the general feeling was that we could price things so that we could meet both goals. New inventory looks good, thanks Bob.

Deck Painting: The deck and steps are stained and John appreciated the efforts of the other directors to make him feel good about the excellent job his grandson did for us. Thank you.

New Business:

July 4th Parade on July 7th:  Sue and someone whose name I missed will put together a “float” for the parade. I think the other person was one of our new docents.

Logging Jamboree: Labor Day Weekend Saturday  Ginny and Sue will chair. No music.

August 5th  Park a Paloosa                                    Next Board Meeting July 24, 2012

Sept. 1st  Logging Jamboree                                                Oct. 13, 2012 Snagfallers’ Ball

Meeting adjourned at 2:35 pm.         John Hofstetter, Acting Secretary

Friends of the Logging Museum, Board of Directors Meeting    May 22, 2012

Meeting was called to order at 1:06 by President Ginny,

Those in attendance were John Hofstetter, Helen Tardif, Ginny Kafka, Sue Harmuth, Jim Harmuth, Pat Bradley, and Jim Behm

Correspondence: There was no significant new correspondence

Minutes:  Motion by John, second by Jim, minutes approved.

Treasurer’s report: After some discussion, John moved, Helen seconded, and the report was        approved.

White Pines Park: Ginny reported that the park was solvent,

There will be a money raising concert in the park on August 5th.

USFS report: Jim Behm, after complaining how hard life was in Maui where he’s been for three months, said that he wasn’t up to date on the bridge over San Antonio Creek, but Don Stump had given a report to Ginny. John gathers that the bridge could get built in the next decade or two, but not to depend on it.

As I understand the situation, Jim may be available for one more meeting and then all communication with him will be directed at Maui, where Jim seems to be becoming a major property owner.

Exhibit Chair Report: John reported that we need to have someone hang the prints in the spaces that have been designated for them. Pat will ask her assistant docent on Thursday if he can and will do that for us.

Old Business:

Seal top of bleachers. Ginny will do this unless we can have our community service person do it.

Bill and Steve Kafka will install the new bleacher seats.

The Shay: John passed around photos that Ron Glass had given him of the boiler being worked on in Torrance. Ron is hoping to get the boiler back in early June.  Ron reported to me as I write these minutes that he had just talked with the County and they are satisfied with all aspects of the project. Ron had told them that by Jamboree time we would be taking train excursions around the lake. (joke)

New Business:

Frog Jump: Ginny reported that the exhibit went well. Some folks visiting the fair ended up coming up to the museum.

JD Conger Family Reunion: There is a story on the web site and I think it was also in the newsletter about JD and Olga Conger who were married for 81 years and died a few days apart when JD was 101. JD died holding his grand-daughter’s hand thinking that he was holding Olga’s hand. That grand=daughter came by the museum to arrange for a Conger family reunion in the park and the museum on July 21st. JD  was a middle manager at the Wilseyville lumber mill until it closed. For the complete story go to the web site and look up the JD Conger story.

Logging Jamboree: Labor Day Weekend Saturday  Ginny and Sue will chair. No music.

Budget: As mentioned in the Treasurer’s report, Bob Ash is working on this.

Tina’s Salary: The Board directed John to write Tina Jones, our bookkeeper, and tell her that her services will be terminated in two months. She will hand over our records and other relevant materials on July 19 or 20, at which time she will receive her last check. Ginny is checking with a person who has expressed an interest in doing this service for us, and will report back. I can easily say that I’ve been very comfortable over the years in knowing that Tina was doing all that needed to be done to keep us out of trouble with the IRS and the State. I (we) thank her for her years of service.

Important Dates

August 5th  Concert in the park

Sept. 1st  Logging Jamboree

Oct. 13, 2012 Snagfallers’ Ball

Next Board Meeting June 26th, 2012

Meeting adjourned at 2:15 pm.

John Hofstetter, Acting Secretary

Friends of the Logging Museum, Board of Directors Meeting

April 24, 2012

Meeting was called to order at 1:07 by President Ginny,

Those in attendance were John Hofstetter, Helen Tardif, Donna Hanan. Richard Small, Ginny Kafka, Sue Harmuth, Jim Harmuth, Pat Bradley, and new docent volunteer Bill Nelson.

Correspondence: There was a packet of 5 X 7 negatives that had been given to the museum by the Oakland Museum. They are beautiful pristine negatives of logging operations throughout the Sierra Nevada giving us more material for the counties that we represent but have little “stuff” for.

Minutes:  Motion by John, second by Jim, minutes approved. Thanks Pat for doing such a good job.

Treasurer’s report: There was discussion about a budget and a question about whether or not Bob Ash had been able to do anything with putting together a budget. There was considerable discussion about the Shay grant and concern about whether the grant was going to be enough to finish the project. The problem seems mostly that the boiler is requiring more work, and consequently more money, than the bid had been. The boiler is part of the grant, but a workable boiler is not necessary to the restoration as we are going to run the locomotive on compressed air. There was also considerable discussion about the amount of money that we are paying our bookkeeper in the slack months. Motion by Helen, second by Donna, minutes approved.

White Pines Park: Ginny reported that the park was solvent, partly, or mainly, because Bill Kafka had run a fund raising campaign that raised considerable cash. Ginny had gotten a lot of donations from the local businesses. There will be a park cleanup day, May 5th.

There will be a money raising concert in the park on August 5th.

Exhibit Chair Report: There was discussion about the 30 framed and matted prints that have been donated by local residents Gerald and Ramona Sachs. The Arnold Lions paid for the prints to be matted and framed. Some of these photographs and lithographs are absolutely stunning. A real treasure.  Prints more relevant to the Calaveras Big Trees and/or Murphys will be shared with the Park and the Murphys Old Timers’ Museum.

John reported for Mike on three projects that Mike wants to proceed with . Briefly, he wants to change the signs at the forestry exhibit and light them artificially, so that their readability doesn’t get lost in the sunlight. Secondly, he proposes building a display using a flat screen TV to replace part of the rail fence in front of the faller/limber/bucker exhibit. It would use video of actual logging to show, in action, how it looked out in the woods. Thirdly, actually Mike’s firstly, he said that he has a cedar log to replace the log for practice in determining board feet, if Ron couldn’t get around to making us an artificial log. The Board asked Mike to go ahead and arrange for us to use his cedar log. The Board authorized Mike to spend up to $2000 to put together his exhibit changes.   John moved, Sue seconded, and the motion was approved. Mike’s input is needed on placement of the new photos.

Old Business:

Seal top of bleachers. Ginny said that she will take care of it in the Spring.

Pencil project: The BH senior, Rob Slater, has finished the pencil as his senior project and it looks great. Good job young man and his adult mentor.

Bill and Steve Kafka will install the new bleacher seats.

Landscape cleanup: Ginny found a person named Cal who will do the really extensive job for $600.

Angie’s Trail: Bill K is going to add some ADA suitable trail and a resting spot for the feeble-in-body at the top of the bleachers. Two antique-looking benches were purchased to put along the trail.

The Band Saw: This is really old business! We’ve talked for years about what we could do to make some use of the band saw blades we had gotten in the early years of the museum. Bill Kafka has taken care of that problem by making a band saw exhibit on the outside wall of the basement. Absolutely marvelous, Bill!

Company Store: There was discussion about the store and about Bob Ash’s suggested list of items that should be purchased for the store. A committee was formed to decide on what to buy, and to buy it. The committee is to be Helen, Bob, Sue, and Ginny. Helen was assigned to call the meeting. It was moved by John, seconded by Sue and approved to authorize the purchase of up to $2500 in goods to be sold. It was the opinion of the Board that the shirts we have too many of should be offered as a special deal of maybe $1.50. These seem to be children’s sizes with collars.

New Business:

Frog Jump: FLM will have a booth at the fair and will need volunteers to sit with it. Free admission will be given to the sitters.

Logging Jamboree: Labor Day Weekend Saturday  Ginny and Sue will chair. No music.

Budget: As mentioned in the Treasurer’s report, Bob Ash is working on this.

New Wheel Chair: A never used wheel chair was donated by Dave Butler and Kim Delbar to the museum. Like the one we had, it had no foot rests. John purchased the leg rests for the cost of $50 plus shipping.

Tina’s Salary: In order to determine what Tina’s salary should be, and whether or not to change bookkeepers, we will seek estimates from other bookkeepers on what the costs would be for them to do the work. This is not a reflection on the quality of Tina’s work. She has kept us out of trouble and that’s really important. An issue to some is whether or not she should attend board meetings. In John’s opinion, bookkeepers, unless they hold some other position in the organization, are never required to be at board meetings. That’s why we have an elected Treasurer. Contrary to what has apparently been said by Tina, John, as Executive Director ALWAYS returns e-mails concerning the museum, or acts upon those e-mails.

New Band Saw Exhibit Sign: Mike will design and have made an appropriate explanatory sigh. ( I looked at this typo and decided that expressed my mood, and besides that you all know it is supposed to be sign. )

Safety Policy: Angie did a proposed safety policy for us to use with volunteers. Ginny asked all volunteers to sign one. The policy as Angie wrote it was a draft and will probably need some revisions, but no one has had the motivation, as yet, to suggest needed changes, so we’ll probably edit as we go.

Important Dates

May 5th 2012 Park cleanup day AND Car Rally sponsored by Mark Twain Hospital with the cars ending up at the Logging Museum

Weekend of May 17th through the 20th  Frog Jump

August 5th  Concert in the park

Sept. 1st  Logging Jamboree

Oct. 13, 2012 Snagfallers’ Ball

Next Board Meeting May 22nd, 2012

Meeting adjourned at 2:35 pm.

John Hofstetter, Acting Secretary


Friends of the Logging Museum, Board of Directors Meeting

Sept. 27, 2011

Meeting was called to order at 1:00 by  President Ginny,

Those in attendance were  Sue Harmuth, John Hofstetter, Richard Small, George Bauer, Helen Tardif, Bob Ash, Sharon Ash, Gaylord for a short appearance, Ginny Kafka, FLM’s first Vice President Larry Arlett, Former member and wood carver Andy Enzi, Donna Hanan, and Angie Thompson. Kate O’Keefe appeared later in the meeting.

Correspondence: We received a nice thank you from Chapel of the Pines for the loan of tables and chairs for the Sept. 11th memorial.

Minutes of the previous meeting were approved after a motion by John and a second by Bob.

Treasurer’s report: There was discussion of how much profit was realized from the Jamboree. We’ll know for sure when the September financials come in.  The report was approved after a motion by Donna and a second by Sharon.

Exhibit Chair Report: John said that he and Mike S. had “talked” about how best to elaborate on the large chainsaw exhibit. John had written up a description of the Mercury Disston saw and Mike thought it was appropriate but we’re thinking about how to do more descriptions and how best to use those descriptions out at the exhibit. In the interest of being consistent with the Dale Brooks exhibit, the Board decided to go ahead with a brass plaque telling the viewer that the large chain saw exhibit was funded with donations memorializing Ron Bradley.

Old Business:

Liability Issues: The Board looked over the documents that Angie had prepared for our consideration. There seemed to be no doubt that FLM needs policies and procedures like this, but implementation for such an informally run organization has to be studied.

Pencil Repair: Richard and Bob will see to it.

Jamboree: Ginny reported that Big Trees Market had charged us an amazingly small amount for the food used at the Jamboree. It was a little over $600, but your secretary didn’t write the amount down.

New Business:

Seal top of bleachers. Ginny said that she will take care of it.

Snagfaller’s Ball: The date is Nov. 5th, the location is Independence Hall, and George Bauer will pay for the rent. Thank you, George!  The band is already arranged for. Tickets will sell for $15.00 for one, $25 for two.

Budget: With the closing of the museum getting close, and most of our expenditures already having taken place, it was decided that we would put together a budget for next fiscal year at the time of the opening of the museum in the Spring.

Membership: John reported that at the computer’s last reckoning, we had 138 paid members and had taken in about $4100 in memberships.

Arnold Scenic Byway: Kate O’Keefe representing the Byway group showed the Board the new Ebbett’s Pass Guide that has just been published. They would like to sell the museum a number at $7.00 which the museum could then sell for $14.95. They also have magnets that they’d like to sell to us for $1.00 and we could sell for $2.00. No action was taken, but the sense was that in the case of the magnets, we have our own and should probably promote ourselves.

Next Board Meeting Oct. 25, 2011

Meeting adjourned at 1:45 pm.

John Hofstetter, Acting Secretary

As you may have surmised, the funny formatting of these minutes was to allow me to get them all on one page.


                    August 23, 2011
President Ginny Kafka called the meeting to order at 1:10p.m.  Those in attendance besides Ginny were Jim Behm, Mike Skenfield, Donna Hanan, Richard Small, Bob Ash, Angie Thompson & Pat Bradley.  (Our special “secretary”, John, was absent due to cateract surgery)
The previous month’s Secretary and Treasurer’s Reports were approved.  Pres. Ginny reported that John has followed up the matter of Dave Roberts’ will with regard to a possible amount of money left to FLM by Dave.  It seems that there were so many expenses at the time of Dave’s death, there was very little value left.  But it is known by all how generous Dave was when he was alive.
Mike Skenfield gave a great presentation re the signage of the Museum’s 19 outdoor exhibits.  This project has been monumental with regard to time and energy put forth in such a great effort to have the signage posted by Jamboree time.  Mike’s daughter, Bethany, contributed her talent for such a reasonable cost.  The total cost is approximately $2,500 plus a few hardware bills.  Mike stressed the importance of not using anything strong like Windex to clean the signs.  It was brought up, however, how do we clean tree sap of them.  Mike plans to ask the printer, Tony, in Vallecito about this.
Jim Behm reported that he and Smokey will be attending the Jamboree on Sept. 3rd.  The USFS architect is busy working on the campground at Spicer Res., but eventually he plans to stripe the handicapped parking at the Rim Trail parking area at the Museum.  Re the footbridge across San Antonio Creek,  Jim said that Patty Clarey can do the NEPA, but that all groups should get together for a meeting…..FLM, WPPC, etc. to get the ball rolling.  Jim emphasized the tremendous financial situation with the USFS….many, many layoffs and income cuts.
OLD BUSINESS:  The new flat car for the Shay is to arrive when the boiler is back.  If Ron Glass is unable to build the remaining amphitheatre benches before the Jamboree, bales of hay will be used.  There is now a contract between Ron G. & the County re the Shay restoration.  Angie so generously said that she will contribute $1,000 per year to FLM.  Her “Trail” is now complete and so beautiful thanks to her financial help and Bill Kafka’s talent and energy.  Re the pencil restoration, John has given Richard the product needed; Richard has not had the time yet to work on the pencil.  Also, thanks to Bill, the Ron Bradley exhibit is now complete with chain saws cutting into a huge log.  Ron would be so happy to see those saws enjoyed by the public now vs. being stored for so many yrs at the USFS.  A probatione, “Jim”, has done an awesome job weedeating all over the Museum’s 6.5 acres.  Ginny wrote a letter commending his fine work and thanking those people involved.
NEW BUSINESS:  Ginny mentioned that she’d moved FLM money from Bof A to El Dorado Savings & Loan for two reasons.  Because of having to pay a $3 fee for the bank’s producing a cancelled check and also Tina has said more than once how nice it would be if FLM could only be involved with one bank.  Bill will be providing the cement needed to install Mike’s signage.  The biggest current headache of all now is how to get the trees moved before the Jamboree which were fallen by the Shay.  Steve K. may come to our rescue!  CCWD will pay FLM for the fence that used to be standing around the Shay.
The next FLM Bd. meeting will be Sept. 27, 2011.  The meeting was adjourned at approximately 3:00p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Pat Bradley, Substitute FLM Sect.


Friends of the Logging Museum, Board of Directors Meeting

July 26, 2011

Meeting was called to order at 1: 07 by President Ginny

Those in attendance were , Ginny Kafka, Jim Behm, John Hofstetter, Pat Bradley, Pat Johnson, Bob Ash, Sharon Ash, Helen Tardif, and Mike Skenfield. Gaylord was somewhere in the wings, working away on a tall ladder.

Correspondence: Ginny said that she had sent a letter to Probation to tell them how well their juveniles worked at the museum. She also wrote the vintners to ask them if they would like to provide wines for the Jamboree. She said that there were negative comments at last year’s Jamboree about the Charles Shaw that was served. John, who believes in the power of the mind, said to himself that the label meant way more than the taste of the wine.

Minutes of the previous meeting were approved after a motion by John and a second by Sharon.

Treasurer’s report: The report was approved after a motion by John and a second by Bob.

John reported that the plan to use Tina’s services to invoice CCOG for the Shay expenses was working very well. He also said that Tina’s entering of the memberships as they were received was also going very well. Tina is doing the invoicing at no additional charge to the Friends, and is charging us for her time doing the memberships. As of about the 23rd of July, John reported that we had taken in about $2200 in memberships, in addition to some various generous donations.

Pat Johnson for the White Pines Park: Pat said that tickets for the raffle had been mailed to postal patrons as far west as Hathaway Pines. The raffle will be held at the Logging Jamboree, but tickets for that raffle will not be sold at that time. Pat described the generous donation by the Meadowmont Homeowners to both the Park and the Arnold Library. There was lengthy discussion both at this time and later in the meeting about the seemingly unsolvable problem of park garbage.

New Director Appointed: There was discussion about the fact that many of our directors haven’t been to meetings of the Board for a number of times. Our by-laws state that a director that misses three consecutive meetings will lose his/her directorship. No action was taken at this time, but Helen Tardif was reappointed to the Board and Pat Bradley was asked if she would return to the Board also. She gave no definite answer, but made a facial expression that seemed to indicate that she was going to decline. She muttered something about overtaxing one’s worker bee, and we understand that. We’ll see what she decides. In the meantime, directors who have not made meetings are going to have to decide on making more of an effort to attend, or give up their directorships.  We have to have a quorum to conduct business and we need to conduct business.

Exhibit Chair Report: Mike reported on the signs that will describe the outdoor exhibits. He has the sign production underway, and also the posts to hold the signs during the good-weather season are being built. John moved and Bob seconded a motion that was then approved to authorize Mike to proceed with due haste with the sign production as he now has it planned. In follow-up discussion the limbing saw that propels itself up and down the tree came up. Mike said that he wasn’t planning a sign for that exhibit, but the Board, after discussion about the item’s popularity with visitors asked Mike to include such a sign. Ginny will give Mike the information we have about the device.

While we were meeting, Gaylord was finishing the lighting improvements for the Incline exhibit and the area just under the huge Styrofoam chain saw.

USFS Report: Jim reported on the removal of hazard trees and the clearing of “stuff” along Highway 4, making the drive much more pleasant, as well as creating just a narrow strip of healthier forest. Jim has called out the U.S. Marines to do campground development at Union and Utica reservoirs. Jim donated two primers of forest management written by Gifford Pinchot in the very early 1900’s. The two little books are in very good condition and should be a wonderful addition to our historic Forest Service artifacts.

He indicated that the USFS would be at the Jamboree. He then discussed the bridge across San Antonio Creek that would make possible a complete walking trail around White Pines Lake and also give additional access to the Arnold Rim Trail. He said that $5000 was needed to produce an EIR, the first step toward actually building the bridge. Discussion indicated that the $5000 probably would have to come from a number of interested groups including ours.

Old Business:

Shay: The boiler is gone thanks to incredible work by a number of people. Bob Ash was able to get the 5 trees cut and moved so that the crane could reach the boiler. Ron has indicated that when the crane is back to put the boiler in place, it will place our new-to-us flatcar in place also. Ron and his boys did an incredible amount of work meeting the deadline for the crane arrival. Patrick, in addition to some helpers that he brought, also worked on the project. The volunteer, Doug, who was injured when he fell off the locomotive, has retained a lawyer, and our insurance company has told us to refer anything dealing with the accident to them. John made a valuable contribution to the project by looking at all the big studs that had broken off instead of just giving up their nuts, and shaking his head at the thought of drilling all those out and replacing them.

New Bleachers: The seats are ready and the iron supports are too, so will get done before the Jamboree.

Trail Progress: The ADA trail is going to be finished well before the Jamboree if our Bill Kafka doesn’t do himself in by working so hard. He just keeps doing one big project after another, no make that one big project while working on another. Amazing man that guy.

Pencil Repair: Bob Ash is going to repair the pencil. John will bring him some epoxy wood to fill in what is missing on the pencil.

Docent training: Pat reported that she has found no new docents, and needs some rather badly.

Jamboree: Everything was coming together for the Jamboree as far as we know.

New Business:    

Big Chain Saw Exhibit: The Kafka men have a log in place that will hold some of our collection of large chain saws, somewhat like the Dale Brooks small chain saw exhibit. This exhibit is funded by Ron Bradley memorial funds and will be known as the Ron

Bradley Chain Saw Exhibit.

Executive Director: Sharon moved, Bob seconded, and a motion was passed to name John Hofstetter as Executive Director of the FLM. John explained that he neither wanted or needed more responsibility, and didn’t want to boss people around (except for Ginny, and she won’t let him) any more after having done that for so many years, but could use the title when dealing with paper-work kinds of things. For example, he has been issuing purchase orders indicating that his authority to do so was because he was Acting Secretary Against His Will, a mighty impressive title. It worked at Redman Manufacturing and Equipment when John issued a P.O. for $40,000, but didn’t work for a letter to the editor at the Union Democrat.

Books: John showed two books for children that had been sent to him. The Board told John to order 100 of the coloring books and 10 of the non-coloring books.

Pickering Display: John said that he had been sent many slides and pdf’s of the Pickering Lumber Company and the West Side Lumber Company by Gerald French, author of “When Steam was King”. John and  Mike had agreed that showing them much the same way as we show the Pino Grande photos would probably be the best way to exhibit them. John moved, Sharon seconded, and a motion was passed to spend up to $1000 for a computer capable of mounting on the wall that would show the photos.

Sugar Pines: We had made a commitment to CCWD to replace the trees that were cut down for the Shay work with Sugar Pines. Steve Kafka will arrange for us to get the trees and see to planting them properly.

Angie’s Suggested Liability Policies and Form: Time and brain fatigue has probably overtaken the Board members and a discussion of Angie’s work was put off until the next meeting.

Next Board Meeting   August 23rd, 2011

Meeting adjourned at 2:48 pm.

John Hofstetter, acting secretary, now Executive Director. As Executive Director, John, I hereby order you to resign as secretary, to be replaced by someone competent, which would be a change.


Friends of the Logging Museum, Board of Directors Meeting

June 28, 2011

Meeting was called to order at 1:10 by Vice President Bob Ash.

Those in attendance were , Jim Behm, John Hofstetter, Pat Bradley, Donna Hanan, Bob Ash, Sharon Ash, and Angie Thompson.

Correspondence: Pat Bradley didn’t mention, but would like to now, that the Blue Lake Springs Homeowners Association held a money raiser and sent us a check for $187.  Our thanks to them for remembering us.

Minutes of the previous meeting were approved after a motion by John and a second by Donna.

Treasurer’s report The report was approved after a motion by John and a second by Donna. John brought up two areas of the Shay Grant accounting that need attention. He suggested that we ask Tina, our bookkeeper to handle receiving our invoices and in turn invoice the County. This would mean paying her a stipend for the year and a half, or two years, that the project would be generating expenses. John’s aim here was to expedite the handling of the paper work, allowing Ron to know exactly where his invoices should go, and also allow all of us to know that invoicing the county would happen expeditiously. The second item involving Tina, if she agrees, would be to pay her for a couple of months to enter memberships and donations into our museum data base as she receives the checks. Richard has done this for a couple of years now, but he really doesn’t type and it has been a big chore for him. At the end of a couple of months, Richard and John can take over and enter memberships as they trickle in. These two concepts were included in the motion to approve the treasurer’s report.

Follow –up with Tina (Not really part of the minutes)

I talked with Tina this morning and she seems favorable to entering memberships for the limited time necessary. If she does this for us, she will do it at the museum because …….  well because it’s good for us and good for her. Tina already has the software to do the purchase orders and the invoices for the Shay grant. She will do both of these tasks for us. After I send out these minutes, I’m going to outline a procedure for Ron and Tina, a procedure that meets the requirements of the county and is as direct and simple as this can be.

Bob Ash for the White Pines Park: The Park will have to make some improvements to make access to the park and in particular the play area accessible for handicapped persons. He could have pointed out that the Park wants to avoid having mobility devices end up looking as beat up as John’s scooter which he believes can go anywhere, and the scooter ended up looking as if it had been everywhere. Bob also talked about raffle tickets going on sale in July and culminating in a drawing at the Logging Jamboree.

Exhibit Chair Report: Bob said that he had talked with Mike Skenfield and Mike said that he was working on post designs for the signs on the outdoor equipment. Mike wondered if we needed signs for Dale’s chainsaw exhibit and/or the Memorial Wall. The Board agreed that neither of those exhibits needed explanation but someone suggested that a tag with the date of each chainsaw would be a neat addition. John’s opinion for what it’s worth: Sounds like a lot of research but would be a great piece of information.

USFS Report: Before his report, Jim showed us a poster that he was donating to the museum. It was a fire prevention poster from 1917 (I think), and the artist who made this poster had also made the WW1 poster with Uncle Sam pointing his finger and telling young men that he needed them. Guess who the forester in the picture looks like?  Dead ringer. Jim also made a very generous cash donation to the museum. Jim talked about how few campgrounds would be open for the 4th of July because of snow and ice on campgrounds that should be summery and ready for camping.  He talked about how short handed the district was and how hazard trees were being identified slowly because of the lack of manpower. Utica and Union Lakes will be getting new campgrounds shortly.


Old Business:

Shay: The work days on the Shay were discussed including the accident to one of the volunteers. The need to get at least a couple of the trees removed before the crane comes in was discussed, and Bob is working on getting the trees out before the 12th when the boiler will be removed and sent south. As it turns out, we shouldn’t have removed the protective fence until the work was further along. Missed communication, no body’s fault, but a problem with which we have to deal. We have more of the insurance company’s suggested signs which Bob will put up on the Shay.  While we were discussing liability, Angie talked to us about Corporate liability. This talk resulted in us asking her to give us a suggested liability policy ranging from an overall policy statement to specific project liability. (liability releases after safety training) John’s interpretation of the latter: Ron and/or Patrick would discuss how to work safely on the Shay, then ask volunteers to sign a statement that they had received safety instruction and release the museum from liability.

New Bleachers: The seats are ready and the iron supports are too (I think) so will get done before the Jamboree.

Company Store: We sell almost nothing out of the store. But we know that the store adds a dimension to our museum, so we don’t want to eliminate it. John moved, Donna seconded, and a motion passed to have a 20% off all merchandise through Labor Day. John is to have a banner made advertising this.

Pencil Repair: In the thinking stage right now.

New Business:

We talked about but took no action on a variety of topics, the need to clean up the pine needles, the recent donations particularly the large amount donated in Pete Bowman’s name, the need for more docents, the Jamboree, Bob’s striping of the parking lot, the bridge across the creek, and miscellaneous other items.  In particular, the bridge seems to be an amazing bureaucratic puzzle. It seems so simple to know that we should have a bridge across the creek so that the trail around the lake is complete. Simple it is not. A year ago the minutes said that Fish and Game seemed to be the big problem, we’re not sure what agencies are the biggest problem now.

Next Board Meeting   July 26, 2011

Meeting adjourned at 3:00 pm.

John Hofstetter, acting secretary


Friends of the Logging Museum, Board of Directors Meeting

May 24, 2011

Meeting was called to order at 1:05 by President Ginny

Those in attendance were John Hofstetter, Pat Bradley, Ginny Kafka, Donna Hanan, Helen Tardif, Mike Skenfield, LuAnn Fulton, Sue Harmuth, Ron Glass, and Ted Shannon

Correspondence: Ginny read a letter from the Forest Foundation inviting attendance at their upcoming event.  Perhaps Mike Skenfield and Ted Shannon will attend.

Minutes of the previous meeting:  were approved after a motion by John and a second by LuAnn.

Treasurer’s report: Treasurer Jim was not present, but Tina’s report was.

Pat Johnson for the White Pines Park:  Pat was not in attendance.

Exhibit Chair Report: Mike showed examples of possible signs for the outdoor exhibits. The Board liked the idea of line drawings on the signs. John moved and Sue seconded a motion that was approved to authorize up to $2500 for the production and installation of the new signs. Mike’s plan is to have the signs removable in winter.

USFS Report: Jim was not present. Probably in Maui again.

Old Business:

Trees for display: Mike reminded Ron Glass that we were still in need of two fake trees for the interior exhibits. Ron said that he had one and that he needed a real log in order to make the other exhibit piece. Ginny will contact Dave Finn to see if we can use a log that he has. Mike stated that we needed a simulated tree about 24 “ in diameter and 16 feet long, or in this case high.

Shay: Ron Glass talked about the Shay restoration. He said that replacing the tubes in the boiler was not necessary at this time, the boiler can be rebuilt and certified without them. He said that Patrick was incorrect in his belief that the boiler could be used for storage of the compressed air to run the engines and blow the whistle. Ron is going to contact Melissa Eads of COG to ensure that he puts together the schedule and other necessary paper work correctly. He will also confirm what the Board believes Melissa said at the Shay meeting in regard to the invoices being paid by COG as they are sent in. John moved, Donna seconded, and the motion was approved to adopt the Financial Statement of Intent attached to the end of these minutes. The Board wants to be on record that no museum funds will be used for the locomotive. The statement asserts that if we fall behind schedule or in any other way endanger the payment, by the grant, of invoices, the Board will drop the restoration project. The Board indicated that it supports the restoration, but cannot allow that project to endanger having enough funds for the museum to continue its operation into the future. We certainly thank Ron for taking the time to come to the meeting in spite of his working in the Bay Area.

Memorial names: I said in last month’s minutes, “Our county’s names have mostly come to us through the hard work of a gentleman whose name I have forgotten. We appreciate his efforts so very much.”  His name is Don Ames and he resides in Glencoe.

Trail Progress: Thanks to Bill Kafka and his trips to the County Fair, we have the timbers needed to complete the trail. He is planning on completing that project shortly. Thanks Bill for all you do.

New Flat Car and Removal of Trees: It said in the last minutes and the minutes before that, that the flat car should be arriving before you got those minutes. Ron Glass talked about the flat car, although he had no delivery date. He talked about the removal of 5 trees in front of the Shay that would make the placing of the flat car easier, and also allow for better viewing of the Shay. Later in the meeting Forester, Mike Skenfield told us about the condition of the 5 trees and that they should be removed, leaving only the healthy dominant trees.  John moved, LuAnn seconded, and a motion was passed authorizing Ron and a forester that he is hiring to meet with Joone Lopez, General Manager of CCWD, to present the advisability of removing the trees. Mike Skenfield offered to help if he is needed.

New Bleachers: Ginny reports that new bleachers would be installed before the Jamboree.

Repair Pencil: Richard has made no progress on the pencil. Sue will ask Jim Harmuth if he would undertake the project. John uses a lot of epoxy filler in his various projects and thinks that would make an ideal long-lasting repair. He offered to give advice as needed.

Stripe new Parking Area: Bob is going to do this for us. The Board and other visitors to the meeting sent their heartfelt condolences to Ashes for the loss of Bob’s mother.

Angie’s Trail: Ginny showed the new “Angie’s Trail” sign that will be attached to the beginning of the trail.

New Business:

Clean-up Day: This upcoming Saturday and Sunday, probably before you get a chance to read the minutes, will be clean-up days for the museum.

Report on the Meeting with CCOG: John reported that he, and probably we, were well pleased by the meeting with CCOG and County officials in that the scope and use of the grant funds seemed to get clarified. It seems to now leave the project in our control as long as we follow the schedule we develop. There are no matching funds involved.

Brakes on our Loader: Everett has completed the repair of the brakes on our loader. The cost for parts was $102, about a quarter of what we expected. Discussion after the meeting resulted in authorization of a $100 gift certificate from Big Trees Market for Everett.

Docents: We certainly need more docents if we are going to keep the museum open on the days it is supposed to be open.  Pat announced that on June 5 from 12 noon to 4 pm there will be a birthday party at the museum for 92 year old John Wells. At 1:30 that day, John will do a quick lesson for docents on operation of the electronic displays in the museum. Following that, Mike Skenfield will do a lesson on the use of the Biltmore Stick.

Logging Jamboree: Ginny, Jim Harmuth, and Sue Harmuth will chair the Jamboree this year. They                   have a meeting scheduled, on a date that I didn’t get down.

Bridge Across the Creek: A bridge that would allow for circumnavigation of the Lake is being planned and will be built on Forest Service land once all the necessary bureaucratic stuff is completed.

Barrier for Memorial Wall: Jim Harmuth has suggested that in order to protect the wall, a couple of barrier poles be erected. Bill Kafka will do that

Next Board Meeting:  June 28, 2011

Nancy Eileen Muleady-Mecham’s visual tour of her adventures in Siberia at the Museum on May 10th lived up to our expectations and more so. Thanks for sharing, Nancy.

Committee Reports: There were no reports except those done earlier in the agenda and minutes.

Discussion:  Obviously there was lots of discussion, none of it at this point.

Meeting adjourned at 2:50 pm.

John Hofstetter, acting secretary

  Statement of Intent

Friends of the Logging Museum

As adopted by the Board of Directors, May 24, 2011

Although Board members have differing views of the importance of the Shay project, we all want the final result to be an artifact that we can be proud to show and demonstrate.

However, our primary concern must be to keep the museum operating and improving, and in order to ensure that that happens, we must protect the funds that are entrusted to us in order to accomplish that.

Therefore we assert that no funds other than those already in the Shay account will be expended on the locomotive restoration by the Board.

Furthermore, if the schedule that ensures that CalTrans will reimburse our invoices for work done on the Shay, is not adhered to, the Board will immediately halt the project and return unused funds to the County.

We also want to acknowledge the enthusiasm and work of Patrick Karnahan and Ron Glass in the project thus far, and for what we expect them to accomplish in the upcoming months, but they as the leaders of the project need to be aware that the protection of museum operating funds is even more important to this Board than the completion of the Shay restoration.

Friends of the Logging Museum, Board of Directors Meeting

April 26, 2011

Meeting was called to order at 1:05 by President Ginny

Those in attendance were, Pat Johnson, John Hofstetter, Pat Bradley, Ginny Kafka, Donna Hanan, Helen Tardif, Richard Small, Mike Skenfield, Bob Ash, Sharon Ash, and Jim Behm

Correspondence: Ginny gave Pat Bradley numerous letters that had come in with donations in memoriam of Ron Bradley.

Minutes of the previous meeting:  were approved after a motion by Bob and a second by Donna.

Treasurer’s report: Treasurer Jim was not present, but Tina’s report was. The report was approved after a motion by Bob and a second by John.  Tina was complimented again for doing a great job for us. There was discussion about the items being sold, or given away, in the store and the need for us to keep some kind of accounting on those items for the purpose of paying the correct amount of sales tax. There also was discussion about the fact that the store probably loses money because of FLM discounting heavily items that are not selling, such as VHS tapes. It was discussed that if we are not losing substantial amounts of money in the store that the good will and knowledge gained about the museum might well be worth the cost. No action was taken. John  moved, Bob seconded and a motion was approved to buy a stock of Nancy’s Park Ranger books.

Pat Johnson for the White Pines Park:  Pat says that the park had a “good vibes” meeting and that things were going well for the park in general, although the several donation boxes fail to attract donations. Pat said that the Veterans presented a flag to the park. Not having to do with the park, but Pat said that the library system needs $6000 from the Arnold area to maintain adequate services.

Exhibit Chair Report:  After being congratulated for his part in the new Incline exhibit, Mike S. mentioned again that we were in need of two simulated trees, one for the scaling exhibit and one for the faller exhibit. Permanent signs for the outdoor exhibits were discussed and Mike is going to get with our new sign maker to come up with a best way, and a price to do the project that way.

USFS Report: Jim reported that the Feds are rolling in money and that anything the museum needed would be immediately forthcoming. You don’t remember him saying that? Maybe your secretary-against-his-will heard him incorrectly. Your secretary does remember for sure that Jim has been spending an inordinate amount of time in Maui.

Old Business:

Shay: Bob presented a summary of where he believes we stand on the Shay renovation. Bob moved, John seconded, and that report was accepted as the position statement that FLM takes in regard to the Shay renovation, with the deletion of the replacement of the boiler tubes. There was discussion in regard to running the Shay very short distances and enabling the use of the whistle with compressed air. John talked about the possibility of putting the air storage tank inside the boiler and using an external compressor to “air up” the system.

Memorial names: Ginny reported that we have gotten many more names of fallen loggers and that their names are being added to the memorial wall. We’ve gotten some cooperation from some of the areas we represent, but only Mariposa County was in a position to give us a list of names along with a description of what happened to each logger. Our county’s names have mostly come to us through the hard work of a gentleman whose name I have forgotten. We appreciate his efforts so very much.

Trail Progress: Ginny reported that her Bill would be working on completing the trail on our grounds probably after the Kafkas get back from Alaska. Angie’s Trail will be marked with flat signs screwed to the trail retaining timbers, thereby avoiding more sticking-out-of-the-ground obstructions. Jim Behm said that the trail making tractor may be coming back to our area, and probably would be available to work on our trail extensions.

Donations: Ginny reported that about $1500 had been donated to FLM in the name of Ron Bradley. So, even when he is gone, he continues to serve his museum. There were also very generous donations from the Arnold Angels and the Arnold Lions. I (we) continue to be amazed by the generosity of the community and the other friends of the logging museum.

New Flat Car: It said in the last minutes that the flat car should be arriving before you got those minutes. Let me repeat that with a change in tense. (These two sentences are directly from the December minutes) Still no flat car, but certainly the weather has been prohibitive.

New Bleachers: Ginny reports that Bill and others are going to install still more bleachers in the amphitheater, probably after the return from Alaska by the Kafkas.

Repair Pencil: Richard is going to repair the rotting pencil at our entrance.

Woodpeckers: Ginny showed the spiders that Bill K. has installed on the museum outside walls. They respond to noise by dropping several feet down and then slowly climbing back up into position.

New Business:

Clean-up Day: At this time, we’re pretty sure that we’ll need to have a day to clean up the areas around the bleachers, the trails, the parking area and others. However, we’re not sure enough about what outside groups may be able to do for us, and when the weather will allow us to work effectively, so no specific date was selected.

Brakes on our Loader: We will ask Everett to look at the loader and give us a price to repair the brakes. Don’t let Everett know that the loader is nearly invaluable to us, so that he gives us a very reasonable price.

Docents: We certainly need more docents if we are going to keep the museum open on the days it is supposed to be open.

White Pines Lake Sand: Bob moved, ??? seconded, and a motion was approved to donate $100 to buy sand for the Lake.

Logging Jamboree: Ginny, Jim Harmuth, and Sue Harmuth will chair the Jamboree this year.

Stripe Parking Lot: Ginny asked Bob, and Bob agreed to stripe the part of the museum parking lot that is not striped.

Angie’s Trail: See old business. Angie Thompson is supporting monetarily the development and upkeep of the trails on the museum grounds. Signs marking the trails were authorized, by general agreement of the Board.

Bridge Across the Creek: A bridge that would allow for circumnavigation of the Lake is being planned and will be built on Forest Service land once all the necessary bureaucratic stuff is completed.

Sweat Shirt for Bill Wakefield: Richard had been making wonderful Logging Museum sweat shirts with a picture of the old logger Bill Wakefield (and Carl Fields) splitting a big log on the back. The Board by general acclamation agreed to authorize Richard to make a sweat shirt specifically for Bill. Estimated cost is $50.

Keys: Ginny reminded everyone that the museum has been re-keyed and docents will need one of the new keys in order to get into the museum.

Newsletter: Not too surprisingly, our newsletter this year will focus on the life and contributions of Ron Bradley. We’ll also have an article on the El Portal Incline to go along with our new exhibit. Thank you Stu and Mike for producing such a wonderful exhibit. Besides being a wonderful model maker, Stu has the connections and prestige to get us things like the endless loop DVD that accompanies the exhibit. Probably to no one’s surprise, John H’s contribution was announcing that our next exhibit should be one on the Incline and convincing (not hard) the Board to fund it. Mike developed the concept and Stu built the exhibit and got the necessary film rights. Mikes explanatory sign, in John’s opinion was very well done. Jan has asked that I quit praising Mike as he is already hard enough to live with, so no more compliments. Thanks, Stu, for a much more impressive job than even we who know your skills expected.

Next Board Meeting:  May 24, 2011

Nancy Eileen Muleady-Mecham’s visual tour of her adventures in Siberia at the Museum on May 10th, at 1:00 pm. Every one welcome. As a special attraction, the first 35 attendees will have the opportunity to purchase either of Nancy’s books at a 10% discount.

Committee Reports: There were no reports except those done earlier in the agenda and minutes.

Discussion:  Obviously there was lots of discussion, none of it at this point.

Meeting adjourned at 3:05 pm.

John Hofstetter, acting secretary

Meeting of April 5, 2011

(March meeting intended but postponed because of snow)

President Ginny Kafka called the meeting to order at 1:00pm. Those in attendance were Ron Glass, Patrick Karnahan, Jim Behm, Richard Small, LuAnn Fulton, Sue & Jim Harmuth, Ginny, Bob Ash & Pat Bradley. Minutes of the previous meeting and the Treasurer’s Report were approved. (Ginny mentioned that $500-$600 has already been earned following the $45,000, invested last Fall at Edward R. Jones in Murphys.)

SHAY UPDATE: Scott Maas is no longer on the COCG Board but is still very interested in restoring the Shay’s engine, boiler, etc. The coming grant will amount to $111,000, and must be spent by 2013. The amount will also include wages for paid restorers of the Shay. Ron Glass is interested in knowing the difference in cost if the boiler is worked on locally or sent away. Steve Bechtel of Tuolumne County voluntarily built the “logger’s cabin” for FLM. It was unanimously agreed that Bechtel would be a likely candidate to act as supervisor of the Shay’s restoration; Ginny asked Patrick if he would contact Bechtel about this. A call was placed to Chris Allen during the meeting; Allen estimated the work required to satisfy being “State certificated” would take about three months….hopefully during the summer months ahead. Patrick will be the publicity contact with mike Taylor of the Enterprise. Ron Glass suggested that Ginny call CCWD. Ginny wil have the fence taken down.

USFS, Jim Behm: Jim said that the USFS has about 50 older picnic tables which will be restored and donated to FLM.

OLD BUSINESS: The Museum locks have been changed; hence the need for new keys which Ginny has had made. There will be just one place to record the names of those to whom keys are given and that will be in the FLM Accession Ledger. There have been about twelve new names added to the Memorial; many profiles of these men have been put in an album, available to the public. Re Trail Progress, CCC boys in Vallecito will be available again.

NEW BUSINESS: The new FLM season opened on April 3, thanks to Bill & Ginny; in spite of all the snow, they had 6 very enthusiastic visitors. A date is needed to be picked for spring cleanup on site. The pencil needs help; part of it has rotted. Richard said he has left over paint and will work on it. The new inside display recently installed by Stu Heller and Bill Kafka is beautiful and very unique. More than $1,400, was donated in memory of Ron Bradley. Other recent donations include $650, (Arnold Lions) & $200, (Arnold Angels). It was approved that a presentation could be made by Nancy Muleady Mecham, on May 10, at 1:00pm in the Museum of her Fulbright Scholarship trip to Siberia where she taught several subjects for more than a month. Sue announced that on June 4, the Arnold Moose is holding a beach party fund-raiser. The next BLM Board meeting will be April 26, 2011; meeting adjourned at 2:35pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Pat Bradley, FLM Substitute Secretary


Friends of the Logging Museum, Board of Directors Meeting

Oct. 26, 2010

Meeting was called to order at 12:55 by President Ginny

Those in attendance were, Pat Johnson, John Hofstetter, Pat Bradley, Ron Bradley, LuAnn Fulton, Ginny Kafka, Donna Hanan, Helen Tardif, Richard Small, Mike Skenfield, Travis Glass, Bob Ash, Sharon Ash, and special invitees, Sabrina Julian and Barbara Larkin

Investment Conversation: The two ladies named above each gave a presentation on how we might invest some of our money in order to allow it to grow until we need it. Each presentation was well done. No action was taken at this time.

Correspondence: Pat Bradley read a letter from TuCare thanking Pat for her support. Pat talked about how informative the TuCare meetings are, and how much good TuCare does for the lumber industry, make that for sensible use and care of the forests.  Pat asked that the minutes encourage all its readers to participate in TuCare. I’m not sure how to get the minutes to do that, but consider your self encouraged.

Minutes of the previous meeting:  were approved after a motion by John and a second by Bob Ash.

Treasurer’s report: Treasurer Jim was not present, but Tina’s report was. The report was approved after a motion by John and a second by LuAnn.  Tina was complimented again for doing a great job for us. John mentioned that he thought that Angie’s request for specific accounting in regard to her $1000/year trail work was going to be a big job, but Tina had already indicated that this was something her software could easily do.

Pat Johnson for the White Pines Park:  Pat reports that the park is still being used even though it is officially closed. She stated that in regard to the constant improvement of the park the correct expression was, “Done Good!”  Your secretary-against-his-will is not responsible for linguistic lapses other than his own.

Exhibit Chair Report:  Mike S. pointed out that we were in need of two simulated trees, one for the scaling exhibit and one for the faller exhibit. Travis Glass said that he would pursue both projects. Mike went on to explain a possible new transportation exhibit showing the El Portal incline. He was authorized to pursue such an idea with Stu Heller, our model maker.  Mike said that Helen Miller had an historic map that would fit with his exhibit in the front of the museum. The Board felt that the map in that location would be an asset. John mentioned that the Outdoor Exhibit Binder should be a very useful tool for docents to use in understanding what we have on display out there. There are now photographs of each piece of equipment to aid in communication. There was considerable discussion on how best to display our proliferating memorial and honorary plaques.

USFS Report: Jim was not in attendance.

Old Business:

Update on memberships and donations: We continue to get memberships and donations, some of the donations being substantial amounts. After the meeting, John stayed and entered new rather-late memberships in the database. Interesting that most of them were Board members. I guess that Board members don’t read the membership parts of the newsletter. (giggle)

Membership income now approaches $5200.

Web site: John reported that the web site is still getting more information on it and continues to generate interest among its readers.

Shay Grant: Bob reported that there was no grant money appearing.

Trail Progress: We’re speaking of the trail to the outdoor exhibits, although the Rim Trail paving is done and looks great. Ginny had talked to Angie about naming the trail after her i.e. “Angie’s Trail”.  Angie said that she was honored and would contribute $1000 a year to the trail projects provided that we gave her an adequate accounting. John said that he would like the trail names to be on pieces of green material like many of the new house numbering signs are made of, and that they should be screwed flat to the retaining timbers of the trail.

Jamboree Report:  Tina’s calculations show that we had a net profit of about $5200 on the Jamboree. Bob said that Sue Waterman would donate a quilt for a future raffle, which would be a wonderful prize.

New Flat Car: It said in the last minutes that the flat car should be arriving before you got those minutes. Let me repeat that with a change in tense.

Dave Roberts: Pat reported that there will be a dedication ceremony for Dave on November 3rd, at 2:00.

New Business:

Docent Dinner: This happened after the Board meeting, so technically shouldn’t be in the minutes of the meeting. However, it was very nice except for the fact that your secretary drank two glasses of wine and then came home to do the minutes. Well, now you will know. All the food was great, but John’s favorite was Helen’s tater salad. Wow!

Snagfaller’s Ball: November 6th, starting at 5 pm. The Moose will cook tri-tip and all the other details seem to be under control. Board members and docents are asked to bring desserts. Pat Bradley, whose baby this has been for a long time, has done a great job getting the details taken care of. Even with the Moose, we will need member help that night. A special treat will be piano music to accompany dinner. I’ve forgotten the name of the pianist, but I’m sure that she is competent, well versed, and somewhat smaller than Swing Gitane’s singer/basketball star.

New Microphone: Ron purchased a new microphone for the sound system for $50. By the way, Bruce Tolakkson who had borrowed our PA system for a family wedding gave us a $50 donation.

Container and saws: Bill Kafka cleaned out our storage unit which was behind the ranger station, gave the dilapidated container to Ron Glass, salvaged the saws we wanted to keep, and came up with a plan for our electric saw and the generator that was in the container.

Bleacher Addition: John moved, Donna seconded a motion that was approved and authorized the purchase of the steel supports for our final section of bleachers.

Video Camera: John reported that Calaveras County Community Television (not peg access) had donated $275 for the purchase of a video camera. Someone asked what we were going to do with it, and John came up with some stuff that sounded pretty good. Admittedly, we already have equipment that doesn’t get much use, but a video camera that’s handy and easy to use could let us make some interesting “stuff”.  Editorial comment, not that there’s not been plenty of that already: We really should spend some time training our docents on how to use the equipment that we have. We have equipment available that our volunteers don’t even know we have. A good example of the need for some training is that the iMac that is running the Pino Grande photos loses its mind when the mouse is wiggled, leaving the screen without its slide show. Restoring the slide show is easy and even adults can do it.

Spiders for Woodpecker control: Bob Ash moved, Donna seconded, and the motion passed to purchase some fake spiders that may scare the woodpeckers away. The amount was about $125.

Expenditure Authorization: President Ginny asked that all except emergency expenditures be brought to the board for approval.

Tours: Mary Scott’s class will tour the museum on Nov. 4th. Father Donohoe will visit the museum on Nov. 3rd at 10:30.

Thanks: Thanks were extended to the Harmuths for Dales trees, to John Wells for about a 100 chicken dinners, Mark Luster from SPI for his presentation on sustainability, and Ted Shannon for, among other things, donating some Lars Sanders videos.

Memorial Names: Ginny reported that we had gotten a lot more names of fallen loggers from Mariposa County. Getting names from other counties is more difficult.

Re-key the door locks: New keys or new codes for the alarm system? It was decided to start with re-keying the locks. There was a lot of talk about being really careful about key issuing, but this is the kind of thing that an all-volunteer organization starts off doing pretty well, and then the process deteriorates because of that very volunteerism. We tend to be more interested in getting things done rather than the process. (again, editorial opinion, you should fire me) Witness the handling of new accessions. I’m not criticizing anyone else, I’m probably worse than anyone.

1st Weekend in August Independence Hall Flea Market: The Flea Market has invited us to participate at not charge for our booth. Discussion suggested that this was something we could do, and appreciation was directed toward the Flea Market folks.

Last Board Meeting and Museum Closing: The last Board meeting of the year and the closing date for the museum is Nov. 23rd. In addition to other business, there will be an election of officers. The nominating committee suggests that we cast a unanimous ballot for the existing officers with the exception of the secretary who should be replaced.

Committee Reports: There were no reports except those done earlier in the agenda and minutes.

Discussion: Obviously there was lots of discussion, none of it at this point.

Meeting adjourned at 3:05 pm.

John Hofstetter, acting secretary and nominating committee.


Friends of the Logging Museum, Board of Directors Meeting

August 25, 2010

Meeting was called to order at 1:10 by President Ginny

Those in attendance were , Pat Johnson , John Hofstetter, Pat Bradley, Ron Bradley, LuAnn Fulton, Sue Harmuth, Bob Ash, Sharon Ash, Travis Glass, Ron Glass, Ginny Kafka, Richard Small, plus two visitors from the EP Moose.

Correspondence: Ginny read a letter from CCWD’s Larry Diamond who said that the Museum could extend the track for the Shay 10 feet and remove a small tree.

Minutes of the previous meeting were approved after a motion by John and a second by LuAnn.

Treasurer’s report: Treasurer Jim was not present, but Tina’s report was. John reported that membership now had reached over $4000, and donations as a result of the newsletter were now over $2000. This does not include generous donations that were not made on the newsletter form. Ginny reported that donations from visitors had also been generous and rather steady. John mentioned very diplomatically (for him) that Directors should be members and the non-members took the message to heart and to checkbook. The report was approved after a motion by John and a second by LuAnn.

Pat Johnson for the White Pines Park: The Park Committee will sell raffle tickets at the Logging Jamboree with prizes of $500, $250, and $250. The very complimentary newspaper article about the park was discussed.

Exhibit Chair Report: Our best wishes were sent out by some form of ethereal magic to Chairman Mike who underwent surgery perhaps as this meeting was being conducted. Jan’s good right hand man won’t be offering her his good right hand for a while. John talked about the new Exhibit Book that Mike and Jan put together, mentioned the excellent work by Ted Shannon that led to the book, talked about permanent signage, and also mentioned the temporary equipment explanations that will hang on the equipment for the Jamboree. Thanks so much Ted, Mike, Jan, and John who admitted having a couple of facts wrong in his Outdoor Exhibit report.

USFS Report: The very resilient Jim Behm discussed a variety of issues including cows, the still-not-very-good-but-better-than-most-other-Ranger-districts timber harvest, and the bridge across San Antonio Creek. He mentioned that talking over needed things with regular USFS employees was probably not productive and should be directed toward Jim or Teresa, who’s the chief district person, but John can’t quite remember her title.

Old Business:

New Bleachers: Ron G. reported that the bleachers will be in place by Jamboree. Sealing the new wood will wait until after the Jambore.

Painting of IH truck: We’re not sure why there is a delay, but hopefully this will occur soon. By  Jamboree would be excellent.

Web site: John reported that there is new stuff on the web site, including a photo of Monte Wolfe cutting down the Porter Tree. The web site probably averages about 130 hits a day, with occasional spikes going up into the mid 200’s.

Newsletter: The Newsletter item now is really a membership item. The report on money that has come in is given above. The thank you letters for memberships and donations went into the mail today, as this is being written. Also happening at the same time, they had to poke both of Wanda’s arms in order to get blood, and the old turnip didn’t care for that, but mailed the letters anyway. Our membership numbers are up over recent years, but I doubt if we’ll ever get back to the numbers the original organizers had when the museum was new and enthusiasm was high. But, considering the economy and how busy families are now, we did very well, Actually, they, our supporters, did very well. This year John put all the membership entries into our data base, because he was trying to clean up entries in order to get more consistency for easier mailings, but Richard will continue to be the main data enterer in the future.

Chainsaw display: The display is now complete except for the final-fastening-in-the-slots stuff. It is spectacular. This next paragraph is from my June minutes and I didn’t get one comment. Does anyone read the minutes? Why do we bother with minutes if no one except Pat and Jan read them? Why do I bother to try to be humorous? Wanda asks me that all the time, but I think when she says it, it has a deeper meaning.

Chainsaw display: The display is complete except for the chainsaws which will be put in place when Bill K. returns from his midas expedition. If he is as successful as he’d like to be, he’ll probably be too busy trying to hide his gold to work on our many projects. No danger, you say. Remember, this is our Bill.

Shay Grant: Money may be near. CCWD concerns probably warrant a discussion among the Shay enthusiasts. New Flat Car for Shay: Ron reports that this is moving along. The FLM thanks Ron for the work that he is going to have to put into compensating for us getting the flat car.

Jamboree: The Jamboree will be Saturday, Sept. 4. Bob reported that the Moose will do the food (hamburgers, hot dogs, and chicken) and our two Moose visitors confirmed their enthusiasm for that task. The Moose guys then left to go to work on the planning, or maybe to have a drink at the Lodge. Snowshoe will provide the beer and John asked that Richard save him at least one glass of beer. Sue and LuAnn will slice the tomatoes and onions for the burgers.

Endowment: John moved and Ron seconded a motion to postpone indefinitely any more discussion about hiring Patricia Jones to help us with setting up an endowment. John apologizes to Patricia for the untimely and untrue report about the death of her mother.

Trail: Our end of the Rim Trail is really coming along. It will end up costing us the use of at least one of our parking spaces. Ginny and Bill have asked the USFS to pave the upper entry (or exit) driveway to give us two more parking spaces.

Family Day Report: The Big Trees State Park event was a huge success and our interactive log sawing station saw a lot of action. Lots of fun! Thanks to those who put that on for us, I only remember three of them, so I’m not going to get in trouble by naming them and leaving one name out. Kate Gonzales of the Enterprise was intercepted by Ginny and gave us some nice coverage.

Clean Up Day: Very successful and the specific work done by individuals or couples was mentioned. Our grounds look very nice indeed! Thanks to you all.

Rotary Dinner: Without going into great detail, our Pat fixed and served dinner to the Arnold Rotary.  It was absolutely great, and I can’t describe how much work Pat did to make it so nice.  Thanks, LuAnn for all your help in putting on that dinner. Pat tells us all that she couldn’t have done it without you.

New Business:

Dave Roberts: Pat talked about the passing of this fine old gentleman and great benefactor to the museum. It was agreed that Pat should proceed with some kind of recognition to go outdoors. Follow-up news: Pat and Floy talked about what would be appropriate and Pat is going to pursue a really nice plaque with Dave’s photo on it.

Outdoor Stuff: Bill is planning on adding at least a couple of our large chain saws to our exhibits by embedding them in a large horizontal log. Our limbing chainsaw that looks like a crab machine is going to go up a tree. A collection of loose things on our grounds is going to go on a concrete pad that Bill will pour. The  M3 tank Cadillac motor powered sawmill is going to be set up so that it looks as if it could work. Yep, that motor is out of a WWI tank. Actually, each tank had two of these flat head V8’s in them. The fire hydrant from the old Blagen Mill is in place and will have an explanatory plaque on it.

School visit: A Modesto school will visit the museum on Sept. 11th, and help will be needed.

Meeting adjourned at 2:50 pm.

John Hofstetter, acting secretary

I find it interesting how I move from 1st person to 3rd person in reporting the minutes. Probably bothers grammarians and those who are particular about such things.


Friends of the Logging Museum, Board of Directors Meeting

June 22nd, 2010

Meeting was called to order at 1:10 by Vice President Bob Ash.

Those in attendance were , Pat Johnson , John Hofstetter, Pat Bradley, Ron Bradley, LuAnn Fulton, Sue Harmuth, Jim Harmuth , Bob Ash, Sharon Ash

Deviation from Agenda for selection of new Board Members

John H. moved and Sharon A. seconded a motion that Sue Harmuth, Jim Harmuth, and LuAnn Fulton be named as new Board Members. Motion passed unanimously.

Correspondence: None

Minutes of the previous meeting were approved after a motion by John and a second by Sharon.

Treasurer’s report The report was approved after a motion by John and a second by LuAnn. Jim will leave change in the cash register on Sunday for use the next open day. Probably about $40. There was discussion about leaving change in what passes for a safe in the archive room. Unless someone were to steal the whole cash register, the money is probably more secure there than in the safe. Well, to be fair, maybe the “safe” is safer because what thief could believe that it is a safe.

Pat Johnson for the White Pines Park: She’s still euphoric! She talked about what an impossible journey the whole project had been, ending up with a meeting the previous night that could have been a source of controversy, but was handled constructively and without rancor from the attendees, even though most of what had been viewed as extra project money had to be given to the playground contractor who had essentially bid on a project that was not the one that was built. Playground equipment manufacturer error in setting the parameters for what ended up being sent and installed.

Pat reminisced about when the park committee was down to 4 people and just maintaining seemed impossible, and that good people rose to the occasion and managed to get to where they are today. Sounded a lot to your secretary like the progress of the logging museum.

Exhibit Chair Report: John mentioned that he had made a small display from a piece of the camphor wood that the museum had gotten from the Calaveras County Historical Society. Came to California in 1849 from China as part of our county’s first court house.

USFS Report: There was no report.

Old Business and New Business are mixed up because that’s the way we dealt with the items.  Again, no criticism intended as it worked out OK.

Logging truck painting: Jeff at Autosmith will paint the truck in place as soon as the pollen quits raining on our truck.  Maybe this week.

Web site: John is updating the list of directors and officers of the FLM. He also put the 2010 Spring/Summer newsletter on the web site. He also pointed out that the recipe for black eyed pea salad is on the web site. Our web site has a very good search function. You can search for any subject in the site from any page that is opened.

Newsletter: Thanks to Pat, LuAnn, Sharon, and Ron, (did I leave out anyone?) the newsletter is in the mail, or in most cases already delivered.

Chainsaw display: The display is complete except for the chainsaws which will be put in place when Bill K. returns from his midas expedition. If he is as successful as he’d like to be, he’ll probably be too busy trying to hide his gold to work on our many projects. No danger, you say. Remember, this is our Bill.

Loggers Memorial Wall: The dedication was very nice. We discussed for a bit the number of fallen loggers that Dave Turnboo has known over his years as a logger.  He brought us 5 names but said that knew more.

Shay Grant: No money yet. We have received a bid from a boiler rebuilder in Torrance, CA to rebuild our boiler in his shop for $38,950. We’d be responsible for getting the boiler down to him.

New Flat Car for Shay: Still in the works.

Celebration of Life for Dale. There was agreement that Dale’s celebration of life turned out well indeed. Dale would have been proud of being associated with such a nice event. We all also agreed that Ginny did a spectacular job of putting it all together.

Jamboree: The Jamboree will be Saturday, Sept. 4. If they can find a drummer in the next few weeks, Chains Required will do the evening concert for the contract price of $650. Bob reported that the Moose will do the food, Snowshoe will provide the beer, we have the permit to close Dunbar Road, and Bob will arrange for the outdoor toilets, and work with Pat Bradley to get the liquor license.

Peckerwoods: Fortunately for our building, the woodpeckers seem to be done pecking on us for the season. John mentioned a device that emits a sound that scares woodpeckers, but Nancy M-M has said that it would be illegal to use it in or near the National Forest because harassment of wildlife is forbidden. Nancy is pursuing a possible answer from a Cornell ornithologist with whom she is acquainted. Jim H. says that he thinks there is a woodpecker repellent paint.

Foundation exploration: Pat says that instead of “foundation”, that what she was pursuing was an endowment, not a foundation. A Patricia Jones from Sonora met with an FLM committee in early June to discuss possibilities on how we might do this. She was to get back to us with a proposal by this meeting, but as VP Bob said, her mother wasn’t doing well, health wise. Died is what he meant.

Touch Screen: John will contact Greg, a computer repair guy who has been looking at our touch screen computer. There is general antipathy toward trying to do much with the whole touch screen business.

4th of July: Sue is even more anxious to get some progress moving in regard to our parade entry in the annual 4th event. It seems that a first thing that needs to happen is to tie down the date of the parade. Is it really June 30th? Sue has a plan for our entry, but needs Jim’s truck to pull it off the way she wants.

Meeting adjourned at 2:10 pm.

John Hofstetter, acting secretary


Friends of the Logging Museum, Board of Directors Meeting

May 25, 2010

Meeting was called to order at 1:10 by Vice President Bob Ash.

Those in attendance were , Pat Johnson , John Hofstetter, Pat Bradley, Ron Bradley, LuAnn Fulton, Sue Harmuth, Donna Hanan, Bob Ash, Sharon Ash

Correspondence: John mentioned a letter from Total Timber Logging  (Quin Murk) in Siletz, Oregon. In response to a phone call from John, Quin sent a business membership check, and several newsletters regarding a new logging museum at Brooks, Oregon, just north of Salem, that Quin is working on. John will inspect that museum the third weekend in July.

Minutes of the previous meeting were approved after a motion by John and a second by Sharon.

Treasurer’s report The report was approved after a motion by John and a second by Donna.

Pat Johnson for the White Pines Park: This meeting the word dominating every fiber of Pat’s body and language was “Euphoric”!  The playground equipment is in and a dedication of the “new” park will be held at 11:00 Saturday, May 29. Pat mentioned that Naomi L. donated money for a dogwood in Dale’s memory to be placed in the park. She also said that Mike Spinske and his forestry crew had done a lot of magnificent work.

Exhibit Chair Report: No report

USFS Report: There was no report.

Old Business and New Business are mixed up because that’s the way we dealt with the items. No criticism intended as it worked out OK.

Logging truck painting: Jeff at Autosmith will paint the truck in place as soon as the weather gets better.

Web site: John said that a couple of Sundays ago, we had 273 hits on our web site which is a remarkably high number considering there is no porn and very little cheesecake on the site.

Newsletter: John said that he would get the newsletter out, and mentioned a discussion about whether or not the bulk mailing permit was worth the hassle and even the money that it costs. We should use the current permit before it runs out, so John needs to get hopping. All day, today, he cursed his computer upon which he is trying to run Windows so that he can run the museum software at home.

Chainsaw display: Bill Kafka will complete Dale’s concept of getting our display chainsaws mounted on two upright logs. The concrete base is poured. We will put a plaque about Dale on one of the logs.

Loggers Memorial Wall: Bill Kafka has completed the wall and it is absolutely gorgeous. Nancy’s name didn’t get attached to the picture of the kneeling logger as I had told her it would, but it perfectly illustrates the thought behind the wall. The wall will be dedicated at 2:00 on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend after the dedication at the park and a tri-tip lunch.

Trail to Outdoor Exhibits: The rough trail is in place and Bill Kafka arranged for us to buy some very cheap cedar that will be used to contain the road base that is going to give the trail stability. We’re hoping the forestry crew can help put the timbers in place and maybe distribute the road base.

Shay Grant: The grant is still somewhat mired in bureaucracy.  Surprise!

New Flat Car for Shay: Bob mentioned that a crane would have to put the flat car in place, but that the track needs to be extended to enable the 40 foot flat car to fit in behind the Shay.  A problem with some trees in the way of the crane is unresolved.  While on the subject of the Shay, the need for a pole barn was brought up.

Memorial Day Weekend: Among the other publicity efforts, the museum will send announcement postcards to all paid members telling them the details of the Park dedication, lunch, the Memorial wall dedication, and the June 5th

Celebration of Life for Dale. We’re hoping to have the wood chips in place by Dale’s memorial.  A meeting at 9:00 on June 2nd will be held to work on more plans for the Jamboree, and following that, work on getting the chips distributed will take place. Hopefully the forestry crew can do most of this being as the mean age of the chip volunteers is 78.3 years.

Jamboree: The Jamboree will be Saturday, Sept. 4. Discussion was held on the evening entertainment for the event, and we decided to first ask “Chains Required” if they would do it for a thousand dollars. If they are booked or are not interested, we will try to reach a price with Joni Morris. We will need to hurry with a yeah or nay from Chains or neither Joni or the Black Irish Band will be available.

Peckerwoods: nothing has worked so far. Still searching for a solution that is legal.

Bridge across the creek: Merita Calaway and Don Stump are working on getting approval to build a bridge. Biggest hurdle seems to be Fish and Game.

Foundation exploration: Pat and Ron Bradley accompanied by Bob Ash are meeting with a lawyer on Thursday to discuss the pros and cons of having a foundation for the FLM.

Touch Screen: Bob Ash is moving our touch screen computer from Blastronix who didn’t have time for John to think, to a fellow in Angels Camp who thinks that John should spend more time thinking and less time talking.

4th of July: Sue is anxious to get some progress moving in regard to our parade entry in the annual 4th event. About the only planning so far is to dominate the Grand Marshall situation with our own Ginny and Bill. Well deserved, both of you! Ginny didn’t get Volunteer of the Year award, which was a travesty, but all of us know she is #1 for the school, the park, and the museum. Interesting mathematics here:  In this case 3 X 1 = 1.  How about that.

Meeting adjourned at 2:50 pm.

John Hofstetter, acting secretary


Friends of the Logging Museum, Board of Directors Meeting

April 27, 2010

Meeting was called to order at 1:00 by President Ginny Kafka.

Those in attendance were , Pat Johnson , John Hofstetter, Ginny Kafka, Pat Bradley, Ron Bradley, Ron Glass, LuAnn Fulton, Helen Miller, Angie Thompson, Ann, friend of Angie

Correspondence: A letter and photos from a Jeff Terry told about and showed our Shay locomotive when it was being operated in Heber, Utah. A letter of sorts from Don Ames gave us more names of lumbermen killed in action, logging action that is.

Minutes of the previous meeting were corrected by John noting that our huge new desk was arranged for and transported here through the efforts of Merita Callaway, who had known that is was surplus at an Amador County agency. John moved approval of the minutes Ron G. seconded, and the motion passed.

Treasurer’s report The report from Tina was discussed and there was also discussion of the goods in the company store that weren’t selling. John observed that even the items that didn’t sell often evoked visitor interest. Two items that we probably should move out at little or no cost are the Book “Trees” and the polo shirts that aren’t selling. There were several suggestions for getting rid of the items, but no action was taken. Ron G. moved approval, John seconded, and the motion passed.

Pat Johnson for the White Pines Park: Pat said that the word for the park was “CELEBRATE” and they are going to do just that on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend.

Exhibit Chair Report: No report

USFS Report: There was no report.

Old Business:

New Bleachers: Ron G. said that as soon as the weather gets better he and                     others will get the new bleachers installed.

Logging truck painting: Bob Ash has said that he will paint the logging truck, but Ron Glass is going to pursue having an auto body shop spray it instead. If not, we’ll buy Bob a new paint brush.

Getting logs on truck: Ron said that we won’t need a crane as he believes it can be done with our new loader. But, we should wait until the truck is painted.

Newsletter: Ginny indicated that memberships continue to trickle in.

Chainsaw display: Bill Kafka will complete Dale’s concept of getting our display chainsaws mounted on two upright logs.

Loggers Memorial Wall: Bill Kafka is nearing completion of the construction of the wall, but Gateway is not meeting their own deadline for the laser etching of the granite. The wall will be dedicated at 2:00 on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend after the dedication at the park and a tri-tip lunch.

Trail to Outdoor Exhibits: The Forest Service will use their trail machine to put in the trail, and then we will put road base on the trail to make it disabled accessible. We may hold the road base with pressure treated lumber. John moved, and Ron seconded a motion that we authorize up to a $1000 for the trail. Motion passed.

Shay Grant: The wording of the approved grant needs to be changed and re-signed. Cross words were said in regard to bureaucracy.

New Flat Car for Shay: We will have a log car attached to the Shay. In order to do this Ron G. had to commit to provide the lumber for restoration of another car, and the details of how he pulled that off got too complicated for your secretary to follow. Thanks, Ron.

Memorial Day Weekend: Among the other publicity efforts, the museum will send announcement postcards to all paid members telling them the details of the Park dedication, lunch, the Memorial wall dedicaton, and the June 5th Celebration of Life for Dale. Ron G. moved, John seconded a motion to authorize the necessary expenditures for carrying this out.

Jamboree: Bob Ash is chairman of that event. Bob was not in attendance today as Sharon was pursuing getting  herself made even more gorgeous than she already was. Be still my heart!

New Business:

Wash Windows: After some discussion, John moved, and Ron seconded a motion to pay $400. as bid. for all the windows and screens, both inside and out to be cleaned. Motion passed.

County Fair Volunteers: We need, and have passes for, volunteers to sit with our booth at the Frog Jump. The Fair’s theme is again Logging.

Donation to Rotary for their sign with our name on it: Rotary asked fo $100 to help with the sign at the edge of Arnold that has a redwood plaque for the Logging Museum attached to it. Ron moved approval, John seconded, and the motion passed.

Foundation: Pat Bradley is pursuing the advantages to the FLM of creating a foundation much as Mark Twain Hospital has. She will consult with a lawyer at no cost to FLM initially. John looked at Pat’s foundation materials a few years ago and didn’t see any particular advantage to FLM since we were already a non-profit organization. However, he has an open mind on the subject.

Peckerwoods: When John was growing up as a boy in Jenny Lind, all his friends were either Arkies or Okies. For whatever reason, they and I called those birds Peckerwoods. A similar name was used in high school to denote people we didn’t like. Oh, I digress, the point is that we have a peckerwood working on our back wall again, and no one has any suggestions other than assassination (illegal  and probably immoral as well) on how to deal with it.

Mark Twain Kgn. Tour: Mike Skenfield’s grandson is bringing his Kindergarten class to tour the museum for 3 and a half hours. Whatever you do, Mike and Jan, don’t call John. Kids that young intimidate him, however he admires your courage.

Charger: After discussion with Bill K. , John purchased a maintenance charger for the 4 very expensive 6 volt batteries in our new-to-us loader.

Printer: On the day of this meeting, Ginny spent too much time trying to get the printer at the main desk to work, and after the meeting, John spent a half hour trying to cure its terminal illness, to no avail. Ginny authorized the emergency purchase of a new printer. Printers are so cheap that repair by a professional printer guy seldom makes any sense. It’s pretty obvious that companies pretty much give their printers away, so that they can sell the ink. As you would expect, I didn’t buy the cheapest available printer, but a medium priced one that should give us long service. I also bought extra ink for it, and the ink cost nearly as much as the printer. Strange world we live in.

Meeting adjourned at 2:10 pm.

John Hofstetter, acting secretary

Addendum: I’m not sure that this is an addendum, but it is extra information.

I composed a story about Dale for the newspapers and sent it out today. Robert, Dale’s stepson, told me that what had passed for an obituary was close to nothing. So, I consulted with Robert and his wife, put together a story about Dale, including information about our Celebration of Life, and sent it off to the local papers.

I can’t tell you how much I miss him.


Friends of the Logging Museum, Board of Directors Meeting

October 27, 2009

Meeting was called to order at 1:00 by President Ginny Kafka.

Those in attendance were Dale Brooks, Pat Bradley, Ron Bradley, Donna

Hanan, John Hofstetter, Ginny Kafka, Ron Glass, Helen Tardif, and Pat


Correspondence: It seems as if there was a letter read, but ……….

Minutes of the previous meeting were approved by a unanimous vote following a

motion by Donna and a second by Ron.

Treasurer’s report: The Treasurer’s report was approved after a motion by John and

a second by Ron.

Pat Johnson, wearing only one observable hat for this meeting, reported that the

park is closing Nov. 2nd, and that Bertha Underhill is the new chairperson for

the park committee. The reasons behind her dancing around while saying

that, were probably not apparent to all.

Exhibit Chair Report: Mike was not able to attend the meeting. There was some

discussion about exhibits both inside and outside, with, the acting secretary

thinks, some satisfaction about how things were moving along. Much of what

needs to still be done depends on Ron Glass being able to find some time.

Ginny reported that Mike seemed delighted and relieved to find Craig

Mattson would likely help him with exhibits.

USFS Report: The Board was dismayed to learn about Jim’s injuries. Our best wishes

and “get back soon, we need you” were extended to him.

Old Business:

Ginny reported that the additional bleacher seats are still waiting for Ron Glass

to make the benches, but installation of the supports will be done soon.

Ginny reported that jack stands, made by Butch Bray, for the logging truck and

trailer are finished.

The wood chip delivery will probably be postponed until next spring.

Bob Ash has purchased the paint for the logging truck, but the painting of the

truck will probably wait until spring.

John’s web site report stated that there is new and more information on the two

West Point area mills. Also, thanks mostly to Mike Figone, Fresno, Madera,

and Tulare Counties now have histories of their earliest mills on our web site.

John also encouraged members to read the new history of the Manuel Mill

that was taken from the 1945 American Eagle.

John reported that we had reached $6015 in memberships and a bit less than

$3000 in donations that accompanied the memberships. This doesn’t include

any of the donations that came by other means.

Pat reported on the preparations for, and details of, the Snagfallers Ball. Some of

what we thought had been planned turned out not to have been carried

through on, including having the Moose help with the dinner.

New Business:

Watershed Day John said that Hazel Fischer School’s Watershed Day would be

on May 28th, next year, and that Nancy Muleady‐Mecham had already agreed

to put on the program for the kids. The Board thanks her for stepping up.

John especially thanks her as he, as liason for the program, can now smile at

how clever he was in getting such a good program without actually doing

anything. Nancy, of course, will do a great job.

Tu‐Care: Pat B. reported on the up‐coming Tu‐Care conference and stated that

she and Ron will be attending. We thank them for their continued diligence

on behalf of the Museum and the Friends of the Logging Museum

Michelson Field Trip: Craig Mattson and others will serve as guides when Mrs.

Mattson’s Michelson School class visits on the date which I have forgotten.

Pete Voinich visit: Mr. Voinich will visit the museum on Wednesday, the 28th.

We will provide a light lunch and pay his caretaker a fee of $80, after a

motion by John, a second by Helen, and a unanimous aye vote. There are

some subtle factors leading to this that I’m not going to include in the

minutes, let’s leave it at, it seemed like the right thing to do

Memorial Wall: After considerable discussion, a committee consisting of Donna,

John, Ginny, Dale, Annette, and Marge Bowman was formed to deal with the

details. Ron Glass mentioned that we should have short biographies of the

people whose names go on the wall. All agreed that such biographies would

be a good idea.

Chainsaw display: Dale showed the group what he had in mind for the outdoor

chainsaw exhibit.

Trail through the outdoor exhibits: A number of aspects in getting the trail in

shape for mobility scooter travel would mostly be done next spring, but some

work would have to be done this fall so that the trail doesn’t completely wash


Desks: The going‐out‐of‐business Market Force offered us either or both of two

desks that they need to dispose of. When John called, only the huge oak desk

was available and John politely declined to accept that one . Anyway, thanks

to Bob of that business for thinking of us.

Election of officers: Next months Board meeting. Helen, sadly, has resigned her

several positions so we will, at the very least, need a new treasurer and a

new secretary.

Outdoor Exhibit Guide: John showed the new Outdoor Exhibit Guide that he has

prepared with map help from Nancy M‐M. It does not replace the on site

signs that Mike Skenfield is working on, but offers more detail on the exhbits

for those that want more detail Helen moved, Donna seconded, and a motion

was approved to have Foothills print 250 copies in a tri‐fold format. John

didn’t report because it hadn’t totally happened yet, at how many revisions

the guide had to have. Actually, after it had gone to the printer, Gary Petts

called and John had to stop the presses, so to speak, while another revision

was done. This pseudo historian task that I have undertaken can get strange

some of the time, make that most of the time. You (I in this case) never have

it quite right. Very close now, I hope.

Committee Reports: These ended up being included in either the old or the new


Discussion: The woodpecker attacks on our building, and the need to have the

windows washed were discussed.

Meeting adjourned at 2:40 pm.

John Hofstetter, acting secretary


Friends of the Logging Museum, Board of Directors Meeting

September 22, 2009

Meeting was called to order at 1:00 by President Ginny Kafka.

Those in attendance were Dale Brooks, Pat Bradley, Ron Bradley, Donna Hanan, John Hofstetter, Ginny Kafka, Pat Johnson, and Helen Tardif.

Correspondence: Pat Bradley’s letter to Ginny thanking all the Kafkas for their consistent hard work was read. Ginny read her letter to the Auburn Journal telling them about the donation to the museum of our new-to-us jammer.

Minutes of the previous meeting were approved by a unanimous vote following a motion by Bob and a second by Dale.

Treasurer’s report: The Treasurer’s report was approved after a motion by John and a second by Bob.

Pat Johnson, wearing only two observable hats for this meeting said that the book sale for the library on Labor Day weekend went very well indeed. She thought that the Jamboree being only one day may have contributed to that success. In speaking about the White Pines Park she emphasized how beautiful the area is. A number of times she emphasized it, which is OK with all of us.

Exhibit Chair Report: Mike was not able to attend the meeting. There was some discussion about exhibits both inside and outside, with, the acting secretary thinks, some satisfaction about how things were moving along. Much of what needs to still be done depends on Ron Glass being able to find some time.

Old Business:

Ginny reported that the Gin Pole, more properly called a “Jammer” because it is self powered, is here and the Kafka men would be working on it as this meeting was underway. There was discussion about paint for the logging truck, and John suggested contacting Ebbetts Pass Lumber for Rustoleum paint since they are a dealer for that company.

Ginny reported that the additional bleacher seats are still waiting for Ron Glass to make the benches.

Ginny reported that jack stands for the logging truck and trailer are being made.

The wood chip delivery was delayed by the driver being called out to a fire.

Ginny reported on the visit to our museum by Senator Dave Cox, who seemed to be delighted with his visit.

John reported that there were many more photos on the web site’s 2009 Logging Jamboree section. He also encouraged everyone to visit the “One Darn Good Guy” piece under the heading of “The Museum”.

John reported that we had reached $6000 in memberships and a bit less than $3000 in donations that accompanied the memberships. This doesn’t include any of the donations that came by other means.

Pat reported on the luncheon that she held at the museum for the Native Daughters.  John, who helped entertain the ladies, emphasized the enormous amount of work that Pat put into setting up, doing the luncheon, then cleaning up.  Pat also thanked Connie for helping that day.

Ginny talked about the visit to the museum by a bus full of senior citizens from Foothill Village. They had a good time and so did we.

New Business:

Snagfallers’s Ball. The date will be Nov. 7 at Independence Hall. The DJ is already arranged for, and it was decided that we will serve Pat B’s spaghetti. The Moose will be asked to provide the salad, the bread, and the desserts, as well as doing the serving.

Brother label maker: John showed the Brother P-Touch label maker that he bought for the museum at a greatly reduced price. The label maker is stored in the media center, and the additional label tapes are in the top drawer of the file cabinet in that room.

Tee Shirts: It was agreed that we would sell the new T shirts for $10 since we were getting them for $5.

Our sign at Parsons Ranch: Pat said that the Parsons would store the Jamboree part of our sign on Highway 49 until next year, but it will have to be retrieved by us and the date changed before it is again hung up.

Meeting adjourned at 2:40 pm.

The most interesting part of the meeting occurred after adjournment. Some of us stayed to watch Bill and Steve Kafka plus Robert Sapien move the Petts Caterpillar up to its new location in front of the logging arch. The right side friction was frozen up so the right track wouldn’t move at all. Even the K.W. Emerson log loader couldn’t pull the tractor uphill with that track not moving. So, Bill, Steve, and Robert put short pieces of log under that right track after the log loader had raised that side, and the tractor began its journey up the hill.  Every so often Steve had to quit pulling, run the loader around to where it could raise that side of the Cat again, so logs could be put under that track. Then up the hill a dozen feet or so, then a repositioning of the logs, then up the hill some more. Finally close enough to being in place that Steve could push on the Cat’s blade and nudge it into position in front of the arch.

Probably because of the amount of off roading I do with other vehicles that end up needing a winch, I thought I knew a lot about moving loads. I was astounded by the fact that those three guys, plus the Emerson log loader were able to move what was essentially a dead weight. Wow! All this after Steve and Bill had raised the boom on the Jammer and then added the log boom that is part of the total operation. Even that part was an amazing job by the guys. Pretty good afternoon’s work Bill and Steve. Thanks Robert for being there to watch and pitching in. You were invaluable.

Amazing afternoon!

John Hofstetter, acting secretary


Friends of the Logging Museum, Board of Directors Meeting

August 25, 2009

Meeting was called to order at 1:00 by President Ginny Kafka.

Those in attendance were Dale Brooks, Pat Bradley, Ron Bradley, Donna Hanan, John Hofstetter, Ginny Kafka, Pat Johnson, and Helen Tardif. Helen Miller, member and new docent recruit, joined us.

Correspondence: A letter from Supervisor Calloway was read. She thanked FLM for completing the driveway and the overall project ending with a complete approval from the County. A letter from the Scenic Byway Committee was read advising us of their plans and asking for our participation. A letter from TuCARE was read announcing their National Resources Tour on Oct.29, and their Summit meeting on Oct. 30. Pat Bradley pointed out that TuCARE perhaps does more than any other group in educating children and adults about their forest environment and the timber industry.

Minutes of the previous meeting were approved by a unanimous vote following a motion by Helen and a second by Dale. John thanks Pat B. for doing a much better job when he is gone, than he does when he is here.

Treasurer’s report: It was obvious to any serious observer that the thunderous applause following the minutes approval was really meant for the treasurer’s report which showed the FLM to be fiscally solvent. Helen suggested that Tina’s (bookkeeper) monthly salary be raised up as high as $450 for extra work designed to relieve the burden on Helen. Donna moved, John seconded, and the motion passed. Helen asked that all reimbursement forms be put in Tina’s folder.

Pat Johnson, wearing at least three hats, told us that at the Logging Jamboree, the White Pines Park would be holding a raffle with a cash prize of $1000. She also announced that the Friends of the Library would be holding a used book sale during the Labor Day Weekend. She asked that a multi-name plaque honoring those who worked for the White Pines Park be put up in the Logging Museum because the Park has no enclosed buildings suitable for the plaque. Donna moved approval, John seconded, motion passed.

Exhibit Chair Report: In Mike’s absence, John reported on the meeting that he, Mike, and Bob Ash had discussing the next stage in the building of the exhibits. The Board either nodded approval of the whole idea, or were simply nodding off during John’s report, but came conscious long enough to appoint John to arrange for a cork board to go in the hallway to the media center for temporary display of photographs. Donna moved approval of that appointment, second by Dale, motion passed. John reported that he jokingly had told Mike that he, John, had no real authority and now is afraid that Mike won’t bother to talk to him.

Old Business:

County Road Project: John moved, Helen seconded, and the motion passed to provide a plaque honoring Dan Emerson for his huge contribution in finally getting the project finished. It has just occurred to John that like the state names freeway sections after people you’ve never heard of, we could call our new road, the Danny Emerson Byway.

Ginny reported that the Gin Pole is now supposed to come next Tuesday, Sept. 1st. At that time while Dan Emerson is putting up the gin pole, he will try to move the D7 Cat up the hill to be attached to the large logging arch.

Dale was lauded for his outstanding work getting the trailer and the bed attached to the logging truck, and finding tires for the old truck. Painting of the truck should happen before the Jamboree.

Discussion of signs telling about the outside exhibits: John reported that Mike Skenfield was working on such signs and he thought that Mike might have at least one or two in place by the Jamboree.

John reported that there would be 5 new old chainsaws arriving on Jamboree day and asked where to have them put. The Board said to put them down by the logging competition as contrast to the newer saws. These saws are the best (meaning most interesting) of a considerably larger collection of a chain saw shop in Carmichael. Why is this old business? Because the old business item was Dale’s chainsaw display, and it seemed to fit.

New Business:

Keep Off Signs: Ginny reported that Keith’s sign shop is working on the rather large lot but it is going to take some time.

Web Site: John reported that about every 3 or 4 days, we are getting around 250 hits on the web site, mostly looking at the historical photos of the Blagen Mill and the Tuolumne lumber industries. John forgot to report that Don Hewlett whose Dad was bookkeeper and his Mother was the nurse at the Blagen Mill gave us some wonderful photos of the old Dunbar Meadows settlement. These photos are now on the web site in the section on White Pines. 9 feet of snow in some of those photos.

Membership income: John reported in Richard’s absence that this years membership income totaled $5700, and the donations that came in with the memberships total $2375. Helen corrected the computer and the computer operators and said the membership total was only $2685, but we may have entered some membership that didn’t go through Helen as it should have.

Snagfallers Ball: Independence Hall is reserved for this event on Nov. 7.

Clean-Up: Ginny reported on the excellent job the probation kids did in cleaning up our grounds. She said that she hopes to have them back on more time.

Meeting adjourned at 2:50 pm.

John Hofstetter, acting secretary, and purveyor of attempts at humor in this serious business of reporting all the news that’s news today.

This document was proofread by Champ, the Yorkie, and any errors remaining are attributable to his carelessness. Stop licking me, Champ! Champ is relatively new to us, and unlike the older dogs, hasn’t realized that licking me isn’t necessarily sanitary.


The Minutes for

June 23, 2009

“Where More Happens Than Ever Really Happened”

The meeting was called to order by Vice-President Bob Ash at 1:05 PM

Those present were Helen, Pat B., Ron Glass, Richard, Jim, Ron B, Dale, John, Mike Skenfield, Luann Fulton, Bob Ash, and last but certainly not least Sharon Ash.

Correspondence: A package was received from Phil Berry containing a history of his grandfather’s attendance at the Biltmore School, his entry into the USFS, and his eventual becoming General Manager of the Michigan California Lumber Company in Amador County. The Pino Grande operation was a part of this company’s operations in Eldorado County. We have on display a section of the cable that lowered the cut lumber from the mill, high on the mountain, to the rail landing where trains would take the lumber to Camino. There is a story about that operation on the web site, and an explanation of the same on the wall behind the cable exhibit. In Mr. Berry’s materials there was a history of his grandfather’s work there, and your webmaster may end up putting part of that history on the website.

A letter of appreciation for the participation of the SNLM in the Calaveras County Fair, from Laurie Gianinni was read.

A letter in regard to our account with AT&T was given to John by Helen.

IN A FOLLOWUP PHONE CALL TO AT&T: an account manager told John that the previous offer of unlimited long distance for $10/mo. had to include both of our phone lines, so therefore would be $20/mo. John authorized a new plan that gives us 200 minutes/mo. for $10 which would include both lines.  That should work OK for us.

Minutes: The minutes of the last meeting were corrected to properly title Teresa McClung , Calaveras District Ranger, rather than Forest Supervisor. Helen moved, Sharon seconded, and approval was given to approve the minutes.

Treasurer’s Report: Helen reported that the mailing of the Spring Newsletter cost $88.99.  She also reported that enough money was in the bank to pay the $42,000 for the driveway and Dunbar Road.  John moved, Ron seconded, and approval of the report was given.

White Pines Park Report: The Park people are still waiting for the State Bond money which will buy playground equipment for the park.

Forest Service Report:  Jim Behm is going to ask Brian Kerman, a USFS landscape architect, to look at our outdoor exhibits, their location, and ask him to make suggestions for how to make the area more usable, including ADA access.

Exhibit Report: Mike Skenfield brought a list of proposed projects that needed funding and other support if they were to move forward. Moral support plus $2000 was authorized to allow Mike to proceed. The Board felt that changing the transportation exhibit to a diorama of logging in the late 1800’s was counter to our theme of logging in the 1930’s 40”s, and 50’s. Your secretary has taken the liberty of expanding our coverage years because so much of our museum, our docenting, and our collection of materials cover the era of the Blagen Mill.  I think saying that we cover these 3 decades pretty much describes what we emphasize. There was also discussion about changing the 4 photo display with Pat’s narration. John thought, and there seemed to be mostly agreement that the display served a valuable function as is, and that only the narration needed to be greatly shortened, so that people would listen all the way through. There was discussion about the need for a tree to scale, a tree to fall, and a way to display various wood samples. John will research a folding display much as the ones used to display posters.

John reported on his discussion via e-mail with Stu Heller in regard to the sawmill diorama not operating properly. Following the Board meeting, Richard covered the insides of the cabinet doors with two layers of heavy-duty aluminum foil.

Note: I worked the following Thursday, and the display never went all the way through without messing up. It seemed to always fail in pretty much the same spot, losing the sound but continuing the activation of the saws and such. I don’t know enough about the control mechanism to be allowed an opinion, but I have one anyway. I don’t think it’s the wireless network. I believe the wireless network interference would be more random.

Old Business:

Road Project: Danny Emerson worked 3 more days getting the driveway ready for the asphalt. As these minutes are being written, the asphalt layer is in our parking lot waiting to put the driveway in.

Cutting 4 Trees: We’re going to try and exchange our small logs for larger logs in order to put them on our logging trailer.

Gin Pole: Still waiting for the Tanners to move for us.

Jamboree: We have many, many fliers announcing the Jamboree. Bob Ash is chairman.

Vacant or overworked Board positions: The Treasurer is working on more jobs and spending too many hours , and needs help, preferably, according to her, someone to take the position. Your long-suffering acting-secretary also would welcome being relieved of his duties.

Parade:  There will be a committee meeting of people willing to work on the float for the 4th of July parade.

Bleachers: Ron Glass is working on expanding the seating that we have. Barry Shires brought in a large quantity of dirt to make access to the new seats easier and safer. The steel is at the Herd welding shop in San Andreas.

Our new-to-us 1945 International Logging Truck is now here. Numerous photos of the truck are up on our web site. Take a look!

Website: It keeps growing and growing and gets kudos from across the country, which of course, is fuel to the webmaster’s obsessive pursuit of more and better stuff. Your webmaster/docent/acting secretary notes that many visitors to the museum find us as a result of finding our web site. Usually tooting my own horn is this way precedes my asking for money, but right now I don’t need any. Sorry, so sorry, such a waste.

The Avery School/Hazel Fischer section of our website now has copies of two mid-eighties stories about Miss Fischer. Interesting and includes some comments from our own Dale Brooks. My thanks to Richard for getting the stories from his friend, Nancy.

New Business:

From the last meeting: , Among other pressing requests, Helen said that we need someone to take over “Thank Yous”, a more automated process for the “Thank Yous”, and someone to do the purchasing. Only the automation of the Thank Yous seemed solvable without the addition of more and younger volunteers. End of quote.  John has composed a thank you letter for memberships, and a thank you letter for donations. When Richard enters a membership or donation, he can ask the computer to print out a personalized letter of thank you. Then that letter can be mailed using a label from the labels that John will make for all the people on our museum data base. Should be infinitely easier.  Boy, does this secretary take liberties with minute categories. But you needed to know this, and it happened after the Board meeting.

Outdoor Displays:

There seemed to be a general feeling, expressed to Mike Skenfield, that some signs explaining the equipment that we have on display outside would be in order.

Symposium Report: Pat Bradley reported on a symposium that she attended that explained how we are wasting so much biofuel, and how our forests could be used to help solve some of our environmental problems, while at the same time, creating healthier forests. Among other points, Pat said, that about 70 trees should exist on an acre of healthy forest. It was noted by the acting-secretary that it must have been a powerful presentation, because it certainly lit Pat’s fire, without, however, creating a carbon emissions problem.

Ken Jones Video: The Board viewed part of Ken’s Calaveras Gold video, and even though the quality of the video was admired by all of us, it was decided to not purchase a web version for our web site, but to purchase a dozen CD’s for sale in the store.  John moved, Sharon seconded, and a motion to purchase the videos was approved.

Meeting adjourned at 3:00.

To the best of my knowledge and belief, that’s what happened, plus a bit more than what actually happened, and I respectfully submit these minutes for your approval.

For your knowledge and enlightenment, UCLA made a film about Bodie about 25 years ago. In the opening dialog, the announcer said the in the case of Bodie’s history, more happens than ever really happened. I loved that line and borrowed for the about a dozen slide shows I did over the years on Bodie.

John Hofstetter, Acting Secretary, whom at least some of us think should be fired.



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  2. Actually, it’s neither. To entertain myself, i put stuff into the minutes that no self-respecting secretary would include. Please look at the rest of our web site and comment as you choose.


  3. Karen Whereatt Says: April 15, 2012 at 12:36 am

    I have read that there is a Chain Saw exhibit from the memorial funds from my uncle Ronald Bradley, but I do not see any pictures of this.
    Karen Whereatt

    • Karen,

      Your aunt Pat told me that the memorial in Ron’s honor is now complete as of about two weeks ago. She says that it is beautiful and is a fitting honor for Ron. If I get time this Spring, I will photograph it and put the photo on the web site.

      snlm John

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