FLM Board Meeting Minutes April 2013

President Ginny Kafka called the meeting to order at 1:03p.m.  Those in attendance were Carol & Joe Aquilina, Bill Nelson, Donna Hanan, Helen Tardif, Sid Marsh, Kate O’Keeffe, Richard Small & Pat Bradley.

CORRESPONDENCE:  Pat read a letter she’d received one day earlier from Carol & Jerry Borchers in KA.  The Borchers visited the Logging Museum many months ago in conjunction with a book written about Carol’s grandmother’s life:   “The Delightful Miss Carrie”, which the Museum bought several copies of and sold to the public.  Coincidentally FLM’s Ted Shannon and Jerry Borchers not only were both highway patrolmen but also they each wrote a book about their profession.  Pat had bought and read Jerry’s book, “Cops Don’t Just Eat Donuts”, and afterward sent it to the Shannon family for review; also she bought and read Ted’s book, “Cow County Chip”, and afterward sent it to the Borchers.  The letter she read from the Borchers was a thank you and also included a donation to FLM of $30.


WHITE PINES PARK:  Ginny reported that two new volunteers attended the last meeting who represent the Moose.  Also, on May 4, 2013, the annual park cleanup will take place from 9:00a.m. until 1: 00pm which will include a free hotdog lunch.  Mike Steineke and Josh Heller will provide and operate heavy equipment to help move the pine needle piles to the burn pile.  Ginny stressed the need for more volunteers to help daily from Monday to Sunday after the Memorial Day weekend.  The public attendance from then through the end of summer is so great that as many as 22 rolls of toilet paper have been used in one day.  Ginny & Bill will pretty much handle the work alone until Memorial Day weekend.

U.S.F.S.:  Jim Behm, although has retired from the USFS, will provide more information about the many items he so thoughtfully donated to FLM.  These items are displayed in a display cabinet with a glass top which has had a major crack in it for some time.  Our FLM hero, Bill Kafka, will find a way to replace this glass top which appears to be quite a challenge.  Thanks so much, Bill.

OLD BUSINESS:  Richard said that while working with Ron Glass,  he will be able to grind up the stumps that are around the Shay locomotive.  Ron Glass will come to FLM’s aid, repairing the road and grade for the trail around the Shay.  Sid will be meeting with John H. this coming Thursday, April 25th, re the FLM Budget.  John is also working on this year’s newsletter which will highlight 3 very appreciated FLM members:  Bill Kafka, Annette Linebaugh and Marge Bowman.  A fence (perhaps more like a deck) will be erected around the Shay so as to keep youngsters from climbing on the locomotive.  Bill has been planning to enclose the FLM propane tank with some lattice work but Bill Nelson suggested a “painting” be bestowed upon the tank.  (Bill knew of a similar tank that “really looked pretty” with a particular Mother Nature scene).  There was a vote taken which resulted in a tie.  So Ginny will have Bill put his “lattice” enclosure idea on “hold” for a while.   2013 Logging Jamboree meetings will be scheduled soon.  FLM is waiting to hear of GABA’s theme for this year’s 4th of July Parade before designing a float for the parade.  At a GABA meeting Kate plans to suggest Annette & Marge for 2013 Grand Marshalls; it would be so awesome if these two special, dedicated, hard-working “natives” could be considered.  Pat has made a reservation to rent Ind. Hall for this year’s Snagfallers’ Ball to be held on Saturday, October 5th.

NEW BUSINESS:   Many thanks go to Cal Fire (Vallecito) for their all day workout last Sunday, April 21, for cleaning the whole hillside of the Museum and exhibits….such a great, helpful effort!  Bill has completed the cabinet for the new saw display exhibit needed by Mike Skenfield and John.  Ginny suggested for a fundraiser at the 2013 Jamboree that we have a silent auction vs. a raffle.  Also, John put together a “sponsor” letter which will be sent to dozens of local businesses, which might result in greater profit.  An example of the Arnold Angels hosting a “no bake” sale resulting in a tremendous profit shows that most people would rather donate a check instead of dealing with the time consuming baking.  Sid has ordered 500 copies of FLM’s traditional brochure.  He also announced that he has a 25 minute DVD of the Co. Bd/Spvrs’ meeting in which John helped with a most worthwhile presentation of FLM’s Shay reburbishing and in actual operation.  The DVD will remain for a time at the Museum for those who would care to view it.  On Thursday, April 25, all available docents will be able to attend a 3-hour training review with Mike Skenfield, Helen & Ted Shannon, which is sorely needed.  Ginny asked Sid if he would order a much needed mirror which would be installed in the Museum so that all activities could be under surveillance while visitors are in the Museum.  On May 2, 2013, a Cal Fire member will service FLM’s fire extinguisher.  During the first weekend of May, the Ebbetts Pass Byway will have Open House (where Kate & Sid reside).  A new “frizbee golf” course has been put together near the ball field at the end of White Pines Lake; this is a product of a BHHS senior “senior’s project”.  The County Road Dept. is re-doing the road from the Moose building to the ball park; this is to be a training project for County Road Dept. employees.  Ginny was so happy to report that FLM’s been given permission to represent the Logging Museum at the Frog Jump.  Dennis Hood will set up his sawmill near the entrance of the Fairgrounds and FLM will have a booth nearby.  Last year FLM benefitted so much by being given all of the lumber free that was sawed which was used by Bill to build Angie’s Trail.  Bill would like to “inherit” another such supply of lumber to put a similar trail around the Shay.  It was agreed that FLM members’ birthdays would be celebrated every 3 months (quarterly).

The meeting was adjourned at 2:10p.m.

The next scheduled meeting will be May 28, 2013.

Respectfully submitted, Pat Bradley, Substitute FLM Secretary

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