FLM Board Meeting Minutes April 2014

President Ginny Kafka called the meeting to order at 1:10p.m., at the Logging Museum. Those in attendance were Keven Zeman, Sid Marsh, Donna Hanan, Bob & Sharon Ash, Mike Skenfield, Bill Nelson, John Hofstetter & Pat Bradley.

Secretary’s Minutes and Treasurer’s Reports were approved as read.

WHITE PINES PARK COMMITTEE: Ginny, who is also President of WP Park, reported that the re-planting of the dogwood tree in honor of the life of Veteran Gavin Drummond resulted in a large turnout of people at White Pines Park on Saturday, April 19th. An amount of approximately $1,700 reward money has been donated by individuals even in Amador County for the capture of the person who is responsible for pulling up the original tree and throwing it on top of the restroom building. On a much happier note, Ginny also said that unnamed donors have come forth with the offers to buy surveillance cameras for both the Logging Museum & White Pines Park and also to monitor them for us. More good news included community-minded Paul Bertini’s coordination of the future gazebo to be built at White Pines Park where the horseshoe pits were formerly located. SPI will furnish the lumber; Paul estimates the construction to take only two weekends….the design will be very practical, not ornate. Residents of White Pines, on the whole, have applauded the idea of fund-raisers being held in the park. There is still a dire need for at least 8 more picnic tables. There will be fund-raiser for the gazebo project at the Arnold Fire Station on May 7th. (WPPC has amount of $10,000 which could be available)

EXHIBIT CHAIR REPORT: Mike Skenfield displayed an excellent Outdoor Exhibit Guide, covering the Museum’s 22 outdoor exhibits, for which we now have excellent, individual signage. This Guide will be left at the front desk. Mike also showed the Board his concept of the new exhibit on “logging” to be constructed (by Bill Kafka) and placed near the “loggers’” exhibit. Mike would like to have his wood crafter (Dick Bradford) carve some miniature models of 1930’s era (logging equipment) to be included in his new exhibit. Mike’s request for $2,500 for the new exhibit was approved (moved by John, seconded by Bill N.) It seems unanimous that the antique 2-man saw (and its case)still remain in the loggers’ exhibit.

U.S.F.S. REPORT: Kevin reported that FLM’s request for a portable toilet to be furnished by the USFS and placed at the Rim Trail Trailhead near the Museum parking lot can not be granted. Past experience has shown the USFS that maintenance of a portable toilet isn’t possible…..possibly in the future, maybe some “outhouse” structure could be built by the USFS and maintained like their other outhouse facilities are maintained. Re the bridge which FLM has wanted constructed across San Antonio Creek (near the Dam) for many years, Kevin said that the USFS has a “Cornerstone” fund that amounts to $150,000, but will no longer be available in 6 or 7 years. He would very much like to see this money be put toward the bridge construction. The NEPA (planning process) cost should be around $70,000. Possibly the Arnold Rim Trail budget might also be a help, financially. Kevin said that due to so much activity at the Yosemite Rim Fire, the status of the steam engine there is still uncertain. Ginny also mentioned to Kevin the need for picnic tables at White Pines Park if the USFS could possibly help in that regard. Kevin said that the USFS will have a booth at the Jamboree on Aug. 30th.

OLD BUSINESS: Ginny said that her husband, Bill, constructed the very nice lattice work “fence” around the FLM propane tank…thanks so much, Bill! The benches at the amphitheater will be sealed again after they dry out. Bill K. wants to build another 60′ of graveled trail to make it more practical for visitors…this cost would be about $120. Re the Jamboree, Ginny had those present to look over the Jamboree sheet that was passed out earlier. All FLM Board members should take on some duty on this list so as to make the Jamboree effort a “group” effort, vs. one or two people doing all of the work. Ginny would like any new ideas for the Jamboree, one of which could stem from the USFS providing small tree rounds which could be “branded” for visitors’ souvenirs, which was done once in the past. Sid said that for $150, any type of branding iron (small) could be bought on line. It was agreed by all that Sid go ahead with this purchase. Ron Glass and his sons did FLM a big favor by removing remnants from the old Smith Sawmill. Unfortunately, due to vandalism, too many important mill parts could not be replaced; hence the reason for the clean-up…..thanks so much, Ron, Sean and Travis. Bill and Clinton Kafka have done some great pine needle raking….thanks, Guys! Clean-up day of all parks from White Pines to Angels Camp will take place on Saturday, May 26th thanks to Danny Emerson. Danny will also be removing the huge “burn pile” near the basketball court in White Pines Park to a new SPI burn pile.

NEW BUSINESS: John reported that Nhu Bergstrom (wife of Steve Bergstrom who originally helped create the FLM website) seems to be doing a great job kind of dolling up the FLM website. Steve pointed out that for a website of its kind, ours gets a lot of traffic. John, of course knew that, but he likes hearing it from someone else whose opinion he respects. FLM appreciates Nhu’s efforts in our behalf. The content, of which there is so much, will remain as it is, but getting there should be more glamorous. Hmm, glamorous for a logging history website? Bet you never thought you’d hear that. Re this year’s FLM newsletter, past docents we’ve suddenly lost in recent months will be featured. It was unanimous that high quality printing should continue. Re the re-ordering of the FLM brochure, John has placed an order for 2000 plus 16 logo posters. The brochures seem to go like hotcakes! Re the plaque of our beloved late members, Rex Payton & Betty Fitzgerald will be added in the near future. Bob Ash suggested that a variety of speakers, speak on a designated date about any forest-related subject: the Yosemite Rim Fire, USFS news, Cal-Fire news, etc.. The public would be invited to attend….this idea could certainly enhance the importance of the Logging Museum’s existence, broadening its goals and achievements. Pat reported that there are 3 docent trainees “on deck: Laura Beach, Kathy Courtright & Jaci Payton. Jaci, of the 3, has been seriously training twice; it’s anticipated that Laura & Kathy will be doing likewise soon.


The meeting was adjourned at 2:35p.m.   The next FLM meeting will be May 27, 2014.

Respectfully submitted, Pat Bradley, Secretary

Those who have read this carefully will know John butted in when asked by Pat to review it.

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