FLM Board Meeting Minutes April 26, 2016


Minutes of the 4/26/16 Board Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 1:06 p.m. by President Ginny Kafka.

 Present:  Ginny Kafka, Bob Ash, Donna Hanan, Richard Small, Helen Tardif, John Hofstetter, John White, Pat Bradley, Kevin Zeman, Jaci Payton, Carol Aquilina, Rick Bratthauer (introduced by Ginny as a new docent).

Visitors: Kevin introduced Carl Graves, USFS, who will fill in for him when Kevin is unable to attend meetings.

Correspondence:  None

John shared a CHISPA newsletter which contains an article regarding the integration  of black students in Sonora Schools.

Minutes:  It was moved by John White, seconded by Donna Hanan, to approve the minutes of the 3/22/16 meeting as presented.  The motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report:  The Treasurer’s report was presented by John White.  It was moved by Pat Bradley, seconded by Carol Aquilina, to accept the report as presented.  The motion carried.  John stated that the taxes have been turned in and are ready to be picked up and that the cash box has been replenished.

White Pines Liaison Report:  Ginny reported that the lake is open, the bathrooms have been painted inside, garbage cans are out, and the beach has been raked.  A new lawnmower has been purchased from a contribution from Sequoia Woods and new picnic tables have been purchased.  Reservations are coming in.  There will be a work day on Saturday, 4/30 from 9:00 a.m. till 1:00 p.m.

 Exhibit Report:  John H. reported that plans are still being made for the Hazel Fischer exhibit, which will incorporate an accordion type display.  Mike Skenfield has requested that the side table holding an existing exhibit be moved in order to place the new wood products exhibit in that location.  After discussion, it was moved by Donna Hanan, seconded by Pat to leave the existing display table where it is and pursue other options for the location of the wood products display.  The motion carried, with one abstention.  It was suggested that the wood products display be placed outside, either on a rolling base that can be brought in after hours or permanently fixed to the front outside wall.

Note from John H.  I talked with Mike this morning (Wed.) and he will be at the next board meeting to discuss the matter further.

USFS:  Kevin Zeman reported that field work is starting up and seasonal employees are arriving.  Firewood from the Butte Fire is open for cutting.  Permits may be obtained from the USFS.  The White Pines Lake bridge is up for discussion by the USFS in 2017.  In the meantime, Kevin encouraged the museum to pursue a grant.  Grant information can be found through State and Federal watershed websites.  Kevin will send any information he might have, including any previous work done on this subject by Jim Behm.  Kevin also reported that hazard trees are being taken care of in high traffic areas.


Power Outage:  John reported that the phones are all set up now and voice mail goes through Sonora.

Outside Display Signs for Gas Generator and LeRoi winch:  The pipes have been set in the ground for these display signs. Mike Skenfield is getting the signs made and the brackets that hold them manufactured.

Additional Gravel Path:  The work for the additional 60 feet of gravel path will be completed next week by Bill Kafka.

Big Trees Family Day:  Big Trees Family Day will be held on 8/27.  Bob and Sharon Ash, Richard Small, and Bat Bradley will represent the museum.

PayPal:  John H. reported that the credit card reader crashed, but with technical assistance from Apple it’s back up and running.  Clear and helpful instructions for the credit card reader and PayPal were written and are available for docents.  The reader is also a chip reader.

Outside Display Signs:  The outside display signs have been installed by Richard Small.

Grounds Cleanup:  Grounds cleanup will be done before the Jamboree in the fall.


Web Site Changes:  John H. reported that a couple of new articles will be added to the website. One of these articles is about Hazel Fischer while the other is about Brice Station. John should have mentioned that our website helper, Nhu,  is now hosting the web site she developed for us and we will no longer be paying GoDaddy for hosting us. Saves us some money.

Marin County Museum:  John H. shared that the Marin County Museum has received donations of $50,000 each from a private individual and the county of Marin, so they are up and running again. His interest in this museum was that the Board was selling off their exhibits to raise money to keep the museum open. This in probably the wealthiest County in California.

Past and Present Logging Exhibit:  John W. will be adding a photo mural on the back wall of the Past and Present Logging Exhibit.

Fair Volunteers:  Ginny stated that volunteers are needed for all four days of the Fair, May 19 – 22.  Bob Ash volunteered to set up the exhibit with Sharon on Thursday.  Rick and John W. will be there on Friday; Jaci will cover Saturday, and the Kakfa’s will cover Sunday.  Richard Small will be there Sunday for the tear down.

Discussion Items:  Prices of store items need to be reviewed (i.e. cards, Quyles mugs, etc.)  and a file containing invoices for store items needs to be placed in a drawer by the front desk.  Carol and John W. will work on this issue on Saturday, 4/30.

Purchase of Picnic Table for Deck: It was moved by Bob, seconded by Jaci to approve the purchase of a new, more appropriate picnic table for the museum deck.  The motion carried.  Bob will handle the purchase.

Mirror for Children’s Play Area:  Bob will also purchase a mirror for the children’s play area so docents can better monitor that area.

July 4th Parade:  Sue Harmuth has expressed interest in the museum’s participation in the Arnold 4th of July parade.

Adjournment:  Ginny adjourned the meeting at 3:18 p.m.

Jaci Payton, Secretary

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