FLM Board Meeting Minutes April 28, 2015


Minutes of the 4/28/15 Board Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 1:07 p.m. by President Ginny Kafka.

Present: Ginny Kafka, Richard Small, Pat Bradley, John Hofstetter, Helen Tardif, Donna Hanan, Jaci Payton, Bob Ash, Joe Aquilina, Carol Aquilina, Sue Harmuth, John White

Correspondence: Pat Bradley read a letter from Patrick Karnahan bringing us up to date on his life and sending good wishes to FLM. Ginny also reported that the Arnold Angels gave a donation to FLM of $200. The Forest Foundation gave a large donation of pencils, bookmarks, and Twig coloring books.

Approval of Minutes: It was moved by John Hofstetter, seconded by Helen Tardif to approve the minutes of the 3/24/15 board meeting as presented. The motion carried.

Acceptance of Treasurer’s Report: It was moved by John Hofstetter, seconded by Pat Bradley to appoint John White as Treasurer of FLM and to make him a member of the Board. The motion carried. It was moved by John Hofstetter, seconded by Sue Harmuth to approve the Treasurer’s report as presented by John White. The motion carried.

White Pines Park Liaison Report: Ginny Kafka reported that she was asked to speak at the Sequoia Woods Men’s’ Golf Club. White Pines Park and the Norm Freeberg Foundation will share some of the proceeds from the recent golf tournament. There will be a cleanup work day at the Park on Saturday, May 2 at 9:00 a.m. CalFire has done a remarkable job of raking, burning piles of pine needles, and general clean-up of White Pines Park as well as Linebaugh Park. Ginny will send them a thank you and also put an article in the local paper. Pat Bradley stated that Ginny has been nominated for “Volunteer of the Year”.

Exhibit Report: John Hofstetter reported that the new TV has been installed and does a continuous loop. It was moved by John Hofstetter, seconded by Helen Tardif to allow Ginny to use the old TV and VCR on a long term loan basis.. The motion carried. We will try to sell the cabinet at the Logging Jamboree.

USFS Report: None


            Status of the Shay: No report

Scrap Metal Removal: The removal of the remains of the old sawmill is progressing.

Lawsuit:  The pending lawsuit is ongoing with John Hofstetter, Ginny Kafka, and Patrick Karnahan having done depositions. Other depositions are forthcoming.

New Exhibit: Mike Skenfield’s written report stated that progress is being made on the new exhibit with his help and the help of muralist Patty Payne, Craig Mattson, and Dick Bradford. The narrative boards will be ready for approval soon. It is hoped that the exhibit will be completed by mid-June. Mike’s report also stated that on 4/16 a group of 44 Mark Twain Elementary kindergarten and 1st grade students enjoyed a tour of the museum.

Logging Jamboree: Ginny will compare prices at Big Trees Market and Sierra Hills Market for the purchase of supplies for the food booth. It was decided to charge $5.00 for a combination of a sandwich and chips, and a $1.00 for drinks. It was decided to serve grilled chicken again this year along with hamburgers and hot dogs. The entry fee will remain at $5.00. There will be a “Bearly Used” booth at the Jamboree so members are asked to be saving their better unwanted items to donate to this booth. The auction items will be larger items this year because smaller items are sometimes not picked up requiring a lot of follow-up phone calls.

Sealing of Bleachers: Ginny Kafka and Bob Ash have volunteered to seal the bleachers.

Gravel Path: The addition of 60 feet of gravel path is still on hold.

            Copier: The purchase of a new copy machine remains on hold.

Credit Card: It was moved by John White, seconded by Bob Ash to set up an IPad for credit card charges in the Country Store. This will be done on a trial basis. John Hofstetter will set it up on an IPad donated by John White.

Grounds Clean-Up: Chris Younger, Clinton Kafka, Bob Ash, and Richard Smith have volunteered to do grounds clean-up just prior to the Jamboree.


Snag Fallers’ Ball: The date of the Snag Fallers’ Ball will be 10/10/15. The cost to rent Independence Hall is $300 and the DJ (Sound Extreme Productions) is $400.

Country Store Items: Helen Tardif and Bob Ash will see about getting some T-Shirts with the Museum logo on them.

County Fair Booth: Ginny Kafka and Bob Ash will set up the FLM booth at the county fair and Sue Harmuth will be on hand to man it. There will be two boxes of trees available to give away and artifacts on display.

Do You Know Arnold?: FLM will have a booth at the 6/26/15 “Do You Know Arnold?” event with basically the same items that will be in the fair booth. Sue Harmuth, Bob Ash, and Pat Bradley will man the booth.

Jack Stands for Arch: It was moved by Bob Ash, seconded by John Hofstetter to approve the purchase (approximately $150) of jack stands for the arch.   The motion carried.

Display Signs for Gas Generator, Winch: Permanent locations for the acetylene generator and the winch need to be found and display signs made for them.

Website Changes: John Hofstetter reported that the changes made to the Sierra Nevada Logging Museum website by Nhu Bergstrom have been made and it’s up and running at sierraloggingmuseum.org/com. A link to the old version can be found on the new-format page.

Agenda Items for Next Meeting: Review of Bylaws. Call Ginny with any other agenda items.

Adjournment: Ginny adjourned the meeting at 2:33 p.m.

Next Meeting: 5/26/15

Jaci Payton, Secretary


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