FLM Board Meeting Minutes August 2013

President Ginny Kafka called the meeting to order at 1:10pm.  Those in attendance were Ginny Kafka, Sue Harmuth, John Hofstetter, Helen Tardif, Richard Small, Donna Hanan, Bob & Sharon Ash & Pat Bradley.

John reported that he and President Ginny had  a meeting with Kate O’Keefe & Sid Marsh.  It seems that some things needed to be explained/clarified regarding duties & pay.  At the meeting it was decided that Sid’s monthly FLM fee of $400 for bookkeeping would be raised to $450, however there would be no future pay for doing membership compiled in the computer.  Accession recording will be paid $20/hour.  All of this was unanimously approved.

The previous month’s Secretary & Treasurer’s reports were approved as read.  Ginny asked Sid for a very detailed financial report which he very efficiently compiled ending July 31, 2013.  Ginny asked all directors to be sure and study it in detail.

WHITE PINES PARK COMMITTEE:  Our FLM President Ginny is also the President of the WPPC.  She and Bill are the main “spokes in the wheel”, cleaning bathrooms daily, dumping trash but several new volunteers have come out of he woodwork, thank Heavens!  Unfortunately, Ginny had some sad news that crimes are occurring often; Sheriff Gary Kuntz has called Ginny, personally, offering more support from his men.   Two guilty thieves have been jailed.  On September 4, there will be “Crime Watch” meeting at the Arnold Firehouse in hopes that everyone in the community and their neighbors will help the situation by being more on guard about what’s going on in their neighborhood and report anything suspicious.

EXHIBIT CHAIR REPORT (Mike Skenfield):  Mike was not in attendance but has reported that the new exhibit in the “bucking-faller” area will be ready to show at the Jamboree on Aug. 31.

U.S.F.S.:  Ginny has called the USFS in Hathaway Pines twice about the possibility of replacing Jim Behm, the former USFS/FLM Liaison; the only response she has received is, “Oh, that would be nice!”  Hopefully, the position will be filled; in the original agreement when the Museum project was conceived REQUIRED the Hathaway Pines USFS to be a “rock” always to FLM.

OLD BUSINESS:  The Shay has a new coat of black paint and looks great!  Re the “flat car” for the Shay expected for many months from the Portola Locomotive Museum, things in general are very uncertain.   Ginny plans to talk with Ron Glass in detail about this.  Space is one issue; also if a pole barn were erected for winter weather, it would take up a lot of space and also would not be that attractive.  Bill Nelson has found an artist, Bill Poulson, who will paint a logging scene on the FLM propane tank in front of the Museum.  Thanks to many hours of dedicated time and effort, Ginny reported that most every detail for the coming Jamboree is in order.  She was elated to announce that just hours earlier she’d received a call from her son, Steve, saying that he and Dave Finn will be able to secure and bring in the needed logs for the Jamboree Logging Competition which is one HUGE item.  SPI, for whom Steve works, has quite a number of caterpillars and other equipment over at the current RIM fire near Yosemite; Steve has been working many hours in the middle of the night helping curb the fire’s spreading.  FLM is truly indebt to the Kafka family for so many reasons…….for instance, Bill & his grandson, Clinton, splitting a whole cord of wood which will be a “prize” to win at the Jamboree.  Norm, FLM’s Shay mechanic, will spend time at the Jamboree answering the public’s questions, explaining whatever needs to be explained; Ginny said 18 sponsors, so far, have stepped up to help FLM financially with the Jamboree.  Sid brought into the Museum a very nice wooden container for Rim Trail Map donations ($1 suggested donation).  Ginny said Bill is picking up the chrome ax that’s always an annual prize for the winning logger competitor; also he will soon be getting plastic glass from EP Hardware to replace the broken exhibit glass in the Museum.

NEW BUSINESS:  FLM is currently being sued by Doug Cole, an unfortunate victim of a fall off of the Shay more than 2 years ago.  FLM’s insurance company is handling all of the details,  With a million dollars coverage for such an incident, it is assumed that things will work out for all parties concerned.  Re a retaining wall needed near the Shay, Ginny has suggested that any railroad ties left over from the arrival of the Shay many years ago, be used vs. cement blocks.  There is quite a difference in the cost of block vs. railroad ties….blocks would cost $1,350; additional railroad ties added to what FLM already has would be $350.  Bob Ash stated that he thought the block would be best to use as it would last longer and therefore be worth the cost.  This was put to a vote….the railroad ties “won”; Ginny said Bill is good at putting retaining walls together.  Our beloved Gaylord Blackburn is very ill; his daughter in-law has encouraged Gaylord & Barbara’s friends to offer any kind of help possible, for instance transportation.  It was unanimous that the old table across from the “sawmill” exhibit inside the Museum must be refurbished.  Ginny asked John if he would get word to “PineTree.Net” and let them know that the Jamboree IS on….(she has been asked this by many people who thought the current Rim Fire might be a cause for cancellation).

The meeting was adjourned at 2:20pm.  The next FLM Board meeting will be Sept. 24, 2013.

Respectfully submitted,

Pat Bradley, Substitute Secretary for FLM

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