FLM Board Meeting Minutes August 2014

President Ginny Kafka called the meeting to order shortly after 1:00p.m.. Those persons in attendance were Mike Skenfield, Sid Marsh, Helen Tardif, Sharon & Bob Ash, John Hofstetter, Donna Hanan, Sandy Kraft, Ted Carpenter, Don & Renee (Moose Club) & Brianna & Pat Bradley.

CORRESPONDENCE: Correspondence included two letters from the Forest Foundation in Sacramento, one to Ginny and one to Pat, appreciating docent help at the Forestry booth at the State Fair in July and their continued praise and support toward FLM and thanks for FLM’s annual donation of $100.

Both the Secretary & Treasurer’s Reports were approved as read. An estimate of about $3,400 has been received for FLM membership renewals following the recent newsletter mailing.

WHITE PINES PARK: Ginny reported in the area near the ball park/frisbee golf area, there have been some very inappropriate behavior……young people building large fires inside rounds of rocks which is so dangerous with the current draught season. CalFire has been a tremendous help in cleaning grounds. Ginny was invited as a special guest at the TopCop Dinner in ElDorado County on August 23rd, as a result of giving back all of the hundreds of dollars donated by various organizations on behalf of the young Arnold man, Gavin, who lost his life in the war. Mike Skenfield congratulated Ginny for accomplishing so much in her many walks of life; mainly speaking here of the White Pines Park and FLM….both nonprofit organizations of which she’s President!

EXHIBIT CHAIR: Mike Skenfield sadly reported that his good helper, Craig Mattson, has been too ill to do the exhibit work with Mike as had been planned. Mike said he’d like to help educate the public whenever possible about “clearcutting”, which so often is completely misunderstood. He’d like to pass out information sheets at the Jamboree about this matter; Ginny offered to print the sheets. Re the new exhibit that is under construction, Mike said that it will offer information about modern logging. A new TV screen will be mounted near the exhibit which will be able to offer films ranging from Modern Marvel DVDs to the old historical DVDs.

U.S.F.S.: Kevin was not able to attend but he and also Patrick Karnahan will be part of the USFS booth at the Jamboree on Aug. 30th. It was mentioned that the horrific Rim Fire last year near Yosemite revealed historical locomotive parts which will probably be discussed at the USFS booth at the Jamboree.

ARNOLD MOOSE: Once again FLM is so fortunate to have the Arnold Moose give such a helping hand at Jamboree time re the BBQ. Don, Renee and Ted committed themselves to various pickups of meat/veggies……we know that the chicken sandwiches and hot dogs will as delicious as ever! Ginny has also done a ton of footwork re the food order at Big Trees Market for the Jamboree.

SANDY KRAFT: Sandy, who has worked so diligently in the past, printing FLM shirts, etc. has gone into the copier business. She made a very interesting presentation, raving about what Toshiba electronic equipment/copiers have to offer which could save FLM a lot of money. Having such a copier “in house” vs. ordering on the phone, picking up orders, etc., all copying could be done in the Museum, saving time and money. This subject will definitely be seriously considered.

John brought up the fact that FLM has been given artifacts from Pickering Lumber Co……a beautiful ashtray and coins that were part of the Pickering Lmbr. Co’s “company money” that were used so commonly among mill towns. John would love to see something appropriate to house these and other special, historical keepsakes including objects from when American Forest Products was owned by Bendix Corporation…..Mike Skenfield added that he was planning a historical forest products display which could possibly join with what John had described.

FLM Member Richard Small has a number of memorable things from the Avery Hotel involving Hazel Fischer mostly. Richard has had several beautiful desks retrieved from the Avery School which he has had a friend re-do and even re-build a part that was missing….Richard would love to have a section of the Museum dedicated to Hazel Fischer….she was such an important individual to our area. Richard is truly dedicated to not only the Logging Museum but CA history in general. For those not from this area, the display would emphasize the importance of the one-room schools regardless of where they were located.

Mike Skenfield also wanted to consider the history of the Avery School and some of the other one-room schoolhouses that served their communities so well many years ago…..Marlene & Bob Bach had done a great presentation in Rail Road Flat about the many one-room schoolhouses that were built and used in Calaveras Co. Pat will research this and see if information about those early yrs can be found. John at the time didn’t point out that there is a LOT of information about Miss Fischer on the web site, including recollections by Dale Brooks and a number of other of her students, plus a story about her by Mary Matzek, and another by Jean Kirkpatrick, both exceptionally good writers. Jean, like John, had known Miss Fischer for a number of years.

Ginny announced that Paul Robbins of Channel 40 will be at the Museum on Friday morning to offer PR for the wknd ‘s Jamboree. The meeting was adjourned at 3:10p.m.

P.S. Kyle Johnson, a very nice, handsome, friendly Sheriff’s deputy dropped in before the meeting was over saying he was so happy to be of help, seemed to be very concerned about the W.P. Park, especially, shaping up the behavior of some of the users of the White Pines Lake area.

Next FLM meeting, 9/23/14

Meeting adjourned just after 3:00p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Pat Bradley, Secretary

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