FLM Board Meeting Minutes December 10, 2015


Board Minutes, December 10, 2015

President Ginny Kafka called the meeting to order at 12:35pm at the most gracious home of Wanda & John Hofstetter. Ginny and Bill provided the delicious pizza and wine that was served as lunch.  Since the Logging Museum closed earlier, this last Board meeting of the year was held in Murphys. Those in attendance were Mike Skenfield, Bob & Sharon Ash, Helen Tardif, Bill & Ginny Kafka, John White, John Hofstetter & Pat Bradley.

Minutes of the November, 2015, Bd. Meeting were approved…..Pat made the motion, Bob seconded the motion which carried.

Treasurer’s Report was given by Treasurer John White and was approved….Bob made the motion, Ginny seconded the motion which carried.

WHITE PINES PARK UPDATE:  Ginny Kafka, FLM President, is also the White Pines Park President.  She reported that the holiday parade held on the 29th of November in White Pines was very successful; an estimate of 2000 attendees helped make a very joyous, holiday parade.  Much of the credit goes to Lisa & Tim Muetterties of Arnold;  they managed to acquire $8,000/Sponsorship for  the Park.  The Park closed on Dec. 16th for the season.  There has been a lot of inefficient management of legal matters like a lease that WP Park entered into with the County.  This lease has apparently been lost in the bureaucratic vacuum. Pressure has been put on CCWD & the County; if a resolution doesn’t happen by spring, the White Pines Park Committee will not open the park.

EXHIBIT CHAIRMAN UPDATE:  Mike Skenfield, FLM Exhibit Chairman, reported that his most recent exhibit (slide show) is not running perfectly but we’ll try to get it to run for approximately 4 hours which will suffice during docent shifts between Noon & 4pm.  Mike is hoping this will continue correctly so as to not have to buy new equipment.  Craig Mattson helped Mike take down the 22 signs during winter that describe the Museum’s outdoor exhibits.  Mike is anxious to create an exhibit of beautiful wood products…this hopefully being displayed across from the “sawmill” seems very appropriate.  Dick Bradford, of Murphys has a marvelous shop; Mike is sure that Dick could help with this “wood product” display immensely.

USFS UPDATE:  Pres. Ginny said once again she tried to reach Park Ranger Kevin Zeman re the Board meeting to no avail.  She plans to wait until we convene again; if Kenin cannot be reached by that time, she will ask the powers that be to replace Kevin.

OLD BUSINESS:  John Hofstetter reported that the results of the power outage continues to be a problem.  Mother Lode Internet is involved in the solution process.  Hopefully by April when the Museum opens for the 2016 season, this problem will be history.

Annual Docent Lunch: This successful event was held in Nov., 2015.  Pat chaired the event; she feels this is the most important event of the year for FLM.  Where would the Museum be today without the docents and other outstanding members and community helpers?

MUSEUM CLOSING DATE:  November 29, 2015.  Much thanks go to Ginny & Bill for closing the Museum for the season…..thanks so much, Guys!

NEW BUSINESS:  John reported that, as usual, there are website changes constantly.  He stated that in regard to a DVD/TV that had failed, Amazon was very helpful. There is a need for winter cleanup.  Also, everyone agreed that during the time that the Museum is closed, time should DEFINITELY be arranged for those Bd. Members who would care to spend time in the Museum during Feb. & March, sorting through so much stuff that has piled up in the Archive Room and in the Media Room.  Decisions must be made as to what FLM should keep in the Archives and what can be done away with.

Special thanks were sent to Dave Gano, a wonderful artist and retired teacher, who once again donated a nice supply of his White Pines Park greeting cards which includes the history of the area going back to the days of the Blagen Mill in the late 1930s.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:45pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Pat Bradley, Substitute Sect., FLM

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