FLM Board Meeting Minutes July 2013

President Ginny Kafka called the meeting to order at 1:05pm.  Those in attendance were:  Ginny, Bill Nelson, Sid Marsh, Sue Harmuth, Mike Skenfield, Bob & Sharon Ash, John Hofstetter, Helen Tardif, Donna Hanan, Richard Small & Pat Bradley.  President Ginny thanked Vice President Bob Ash for running the June Board meeting.

CORRESPONDENCE:  Kate received a letter from a man in San Rafael offering a large picture of a Shay to FLM for $200; Kate responded that FLM would not be interested.  FLM has received notice about the annual Lumberjack Day event in West Point which is always the first weekend in October.  (Unfortunately this event always coincides with the annual Murphys Grape Stomp!)  Helen reported that she’d looked into why so many of the recent (best) newsletters sent out were smeared with ink.  Post Office employee told Helen that the paper FLM uses for the newsletter is super prone to have this happen.  If a different type of paper were used it probably wouldn’t happen, but John said if FLM changed the type of paper, the photos would not be of good quality.


WHITE PINES LIASON REPORT: President Ginny said the last two WPPComittee meetings have been beautifully attended; she is so grateful for the new volunteers.  She held up a very effective looking poster which has been posted in an effort to recruit more volunteers. Ginny praised Sid & Kate for he fine job they did, being in charge of the WPPark maintenance during the Kafka’s time away on vacation.  Bill Nelson suggested that more “no glass allowed” signs should be erected in the park/beach area.  Basketball hoops have been donated to the Park by Independence Hall.

EXHIBIT CHAIR REPORT, MIKE SKENFIELD:   Mike reported that in June, he, Bob & Gaylord had examined the “light” improvement for the coming new exhibit in the “Logger/Bucker” area.  Unfortunately, Gaylord has been seriously ill with shingles and a hernia.  Bob will contact Gaylord, asking if it might be Gaylord’s choice to work with another electrician; Pioneer Electric in Arnold was suggested.  John mentioned the untold hours that Mike has spent on this new exhibit:  film footage has been altered, little by little, with Jason Smith of Murphys.  Mike is trying hard to have the exhibit complete by Jamboree time, August 31.  Everyone is excited;  FLM is so fortunate to have such a talented, hard-working Exhibit Chairman.

U.S.F.S.:  President Ginny said that she’s personally gone to the USFS in Hathaway Pines, asking if someone could possibly take the place of Jim Behm, who was the liason between FLM and the USFS for many years.  So far, a new appointment has not been made to fill this position.

OLD BUSINESS:    Shay Status:  There may or may not be a “log” carrier added to the Shay. Ron Glass was to mill lumber in exchange for this addition given to FLM by the locomotive museum in Portola, but Ron hasn’t had the time to mill the lumber plus this would involve more track to be installed.  New track will already be needed just to be able to move the Shay back and forth when it’s running.  The Shay could be running on “air compression” which would cost $400 for the day of the Jamboree.  All directors voted this to be affordable except one.  (Those in favor thought the PR that FLM would receive plus entertaining Jamboree visitors would make the expense worthwhile.)  Ron would like a pole barn to be purchased and erected to protect the Shay in the winter.  Regarding the painting of the FLM propane tank, both Elaine Cahill & Bill Poulson are artists who are looking for work.  John White of Avery,  is also a fine artist to be considered.  FLM learned that Steve Kafka “has always wanted” the piece of machinery donated to FLM this year by Bailey’s logging store in Mendocino County……this item, when attached to a chainsaw, can saw lumber.  Considering the many years of productive, important, exciting effort that Steve has personally given, it was unanimous that FLM give this item to Steve.  It was also unanimous that John be appointed to search out Bailey’s catalog; choose another item which FLM will buy and use for the Jamboree’s Silent Auction or Raffle.  (Have fun, John!)  Regarding sponsors for the Jamboree, Ginny reported that $750, has been donated so far; she expects much more to come.  Steve Kafka is writing letters to many prospective loggers re they’re participation in the Jamboree.  Ginny said she had recently talked to Angie Thompson.  It was unanimous that a letter should be written to Angie, asking if she’d still be interested in continuing her support of trail building and improvements.

NEW BUSINESS:  Bill & Clinton Kafka have been weed-eating daily…..sure is appreciated, Guys!  Regarding website changes, much has been added thanks to Sid & Kate.  John said that in the past 6 years, there have been 280,000 hits ……he also said that many visitors have found the webite to be their only source of the Museum’s location, etc.   To say we’re all so proud of your hard work and wise choices would be putting it mild!  More Arnold Rim Trail brochures will be available; it will be suggested in the future that a donation container be put near the brochures with a suggested donation of $1 per copy.  Sue reported on the Arnold July Parade on July 6……FLM is so grateful for the time, effort and expertise that 3 young adults: Anna Anderson of Murphys and Sean & Travis Glass put forth, riding on the float, sawing a log and washing clothes on a washboard!  Winning First Place was exciting!  Re FLM’s participation in Murphys Homecoming on July  20, was very worthwhile…..it agreed that FLM should participate again next year in this event.    It was agreed that a thank-you should be sent to Al Arieta of Meadowmont for his tremendous, talented effort in constructing part of the float, and that Joe and Carol Aquilina be thanked in the minutes for their planning and work on the float..  The FLM printer needs to be replaced with a laser-printer, so that less ink will be used; Ron Glass will cut more “tubes” from the Shay a.s.a.p.  These are sold @$20 to train buffs.  It was unanimously approved that $490 for material and $550/600 for Everett’s labor re the road base around the Shay and roadway….1/3 of the cost will be assumed by the Shay Account; 2/3 of the cost will be assumed by the Museum.  An Angels Camp Car Club will be touring the Museum on Aug. 15, at 10:00am.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:30pm.  The next FLM Board meeting will be Tuesday, August 27, 2013.

Respectfully submitted,

Pat Bradley, Substitute Secretary, Friends of the Logging Museum

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