FLM Board Meeting Minutes July 2014

President Ginny Kafka called the meeting to order at the Museum at 1:06pm. Those in attendance were Donna Hanan , Ginny Kafka, Bill Nelson, Sid Marsh, Helen Tardif, Bob Ash, Sharon Ash, Carol Aquilina, John Hofstetter and guest USFS forester, Dave Hattis

Introduction of Visitors: Dave Hattis, Acting USFS District Ranger in our district for 120 days. Kevin was unable to come to the meeting and Dave came to see what we were about. He probably left wondering if we knew what we are about. We appreciated his listening to us and showing interest in our needs and accomplishments.

Both the April Secretary and Treasurer’s reports were approved as submitted.

White Pines Park: Ginny reported that visitors this season seem to show respect and concern for the grounds, beaches, etc. She acknowledged the hard work of Bill Nelson, John White, and Dave Gallagher in keeping the park picked up and looking good.

Exhibit Chair Report: Mike has been very busy with some paid employment and the new exhibit is mostly on hold until he gets more time.

Branding Iron: Sid showed the Board the new branding iron and some sample of how its brands look. It’s a pretty substantial piece of copper, and probably will attract copper thieves if we’re not vigilant. (trying to make a joke based on our past sad experience with copper thieves)

Jamboree: There was discussion about the Jamboree and a meeting will be held on Thursday, the 24th to do more planning. (Yes, I know that you are reading this after the meeting is over) There was talk about what we can send to Fox40 for Paul Robbins to use to help get the word out about the Jamboree. The lady, Gail, who we hope is going to help us with publicity didn’t make the meeting.

Old Business:

Scrap Removal: Ginny reported that Ron G. has removed much of the scrap metal down around the storage shed.

Bleacher Sealing: Postponed for fear they won’t dry in time for Jamboree

New Printer/Copier: Sandy Kraft had an emergency and will make her presentation next meeting.

New Business:

Porch Display: Bill K has put up a rack on the front porch for free stuff.

Website: When asked what’s new on the website, John reported on the large new section with the story and some wonderful photos of the 45 foot ketch that Frank Blagen Sr. had had built for him in Calpine during the 1930’s. The boat, The Minerva, is still in use. The present owner is living on the boat in the Sea of Cortez.

Newsletter: The newsletter seems to be generating a lot of membership renewals. John has to edit the mailing list so will initially enter membership information, but Kate will continue to add new info after that. Actually, entering the membership data is easy, nothing like the Accessions that Kate and Sid did such a terrific job on.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:15 pm.

Next Board Meeting, August 25, 2014

Submitted by Acting for the Acting Secretary John Hofstetter

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