FLM Board Meeting Minutes July 26, 2016

President Ginny Kafka called the meeting to order at 1:12pm. Those in attendance were Sue Harmuth, Bob & Sharon Ash, Helen Tardif, Pat Bradley, Richard Small, Mike Skenfield, Bill Nelson & Carol Aquilina.

VISITORS: A resident of Camp Connell donated 2 saws which belonged to his family.

CORRESPONDENCE: Ginny reported hearing from a “Nancy Villa” in Sonora who’s father had been an excellent logging truck driver for 39 years; she wanted his name placed on the “Fallen Loggers” monument; Ginny explained that only those lumbermen who lost their lives on the job were eligible. This led to other possible ways to show respect for hard working lumbermen we’ve lost…i.e. a “memorial bench”, “placques”. Bill Nelson moved that this be done; Sue seconded; the motion carried. Ginny has a long list of men who fall within this category which will be included in their commemoration.

MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING: Helen moved that these minutes be approved; Bill Nelson seconded; motion carried

TREASURER’S REPORT: John White reported that the past month had involved more funds going out than coming in. But this should not be a problem as the annual FLM Newsletter will be mailed very soon; membership money from new members and member renewals are anticipated to be received very soon.

WHITE PINES PARK: Ginny reported that WPP membership dues have been received amounting to several thousand dollars; maintenance is going well.

EXHIBIT CHAIR REPORT: Mike Skenfield said he’s concerned if 2 signs which include the “set dial” (inside a sawmill) will be finished before the Jamboree on September 3rd.

OLD BUSINESS: On August 27th, Big Trees Family Day, Sue & Pat will once again run the “log-sawing” booth at Calaveras Big Trees State Park. The Park is so helpful in furnishing the log, chairs and table. This booth attracts all ages from infants to the elderly; photos are always so popular!

Ginny reported that Clinton Kafka put in 18 hours of work hauling pine needles away from the Museum site that were left several months ago by CalFire. Bill Nelson moved that FLM pay Clinton $495, for this work; Sue seconded the motion, which carried. Ginny reported that she and husband, Bill, brought a new picnic table from Ace Hardware to the Museum deck on July 24th, which is a very nice size and design.

Regarding the Jamboree coming up on Sept. 3rd, detailed plans are still being worked on, such as where and how the food will be purchased and handled.

NEW BUSINESS: Thanks to our very fine Exec. Officer, John Hofstetter, the FLM Newsletter, 2016 is excellent. Copies of the newsletter will be sent to paid members immediately; membership renewals are always so welcome! SNAC of Arnold, once again gave special support to FLM by donating a $600 kayak for the Jamboree Silent Auction; there will be a Jamboree meeting on Wednesday, Aug. 10th at 1pm. Ginny happily reported that a reporter from the Union Democrat had just been to the Museum; took many photos….the forthcoming article will feature the need for new docents. Ginny said that Ted Shannon would like to set up a table and information out on the Museum entrance area, featuring information about docents’ duties, training, etc. Everyone thought this to be an excellent idea. Sue Harmuth was praised and congratulated for winning 2nd Prize in the Independence Day Parade in Arnold on July 2, 2016. Sue was a lone entry, all by herself, received very favorable reactions from the public as she marched along Highway 4, from start to finish. (Sue, we’re SO proud of you!) It’s very possible that FLM may soon be the recipient of a very generous donation from Sequoia Wds Golfing Club, according to Ginny. Also, Sue would like to move the 2 Japanese Maple trees (donated in Dale Brooks’ memory) now growing in an inappropriate area for this species. This idea was approved by all.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:30pm; the next FLM Board Meeting will be
August 23rd, 2016.

Respectfully submitted, Pat Bradley, Substitute FLM Secretary

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