FLM Board Meeting Minutes June 2013

FLM Vice-President Bob  Ash called the meeting to order at 1:00pm at Wanda & John Hofstetter’s home.  Those in attendance were Mike Skenfield, Sue Harmuth, Sid Marsh, Kate O’Keeffe, Helen Tardif, Richard Small, John Hofstetter, Marge Bowman, Annette Linebaugh, Carol & Joe Aquilina, Bill Nelson, Sharon & Bob Ash & Pat Bradley.

CORRESPONDENCE: Several attendees had received happy word from Ginny & Bill Kafka who are finally on their annual vacation at their gold claim in Sierra County.  FLM has received donations from 5 local donors who responded to Ginny’s request for Logging Jamboree sponsorships and wine from Chatom Vineyards.


WHITE PINES PARK:  Pat reported that the last WPPC meeting held on June 17th, was very well attended.  New members were present.  It appears that there will be enough volunteer help to maintain the Park without hiring anyone.  Once again there is a tremendous number of people who are using the Park, the beach and the lake.  Very complete coverage by local newspapers have included the outstanding signage recently created and erected at the Lake’s edge by John White of Avery, at no charge.

EXHIBIT CHAIR REPORT: Mike Skenfield reported that he’s been working on the new addition to the “Loggers” Exhibit which will be a video consisting of footage from FLM’s treasured video produced by Ted Shannon, which involves our special logger and FLM member of the past, Lars Sanders.  (Lars was one of the few real loggers living at the onset of the Logging Museum project).  Also, Mike will be adding educational information in the film about unique logging tools, etc.  The video is to last about 5 minutes with no sound; this very worthwhile addition to the Museum’s exhibits should be up and running by Jamboree time, August 31, 2013.  Bill Nelson suggested that firm instructions should be more accessible at the Sawmill Exhibit…..the little red button should only be pushed once; when the sawmill stops running and needs to be re-booted, more easy to understand instructions being available for docents would be most helpful.  Mike said he’d be happy to comply.   Sue asked how she might find out if a donated item by her aunt is on display, etc. for the Museum visitors to view.   Mike said that donated items are rotated on display; he assured Sue that her aunt’s donated tool would take its turn on display.  John moved that a short description of the history of a donated item be posted near the item; Helen seconded the motion which was carried.  Mike said he would follow this up.

OLD BUSINESS:  The Shay is being worked on by Ron Glass and his sons.  Re the Company Store, Helen said that there are only two XL shirts left to sell; she recommended that a dozen more be ordered and received by the Jamboree.  The small flashlights have not proven to be a very worthwhile product…..a small piece of paper inside the flashlights, when removed, can allow the battery to run down if the switch is left on, or the flashlight is defective.  More Exhibit Guides need to be printed.  John has the Exhibit Guides “original” on his computer….he will send it to Mike should there be a need for update; Mike will subsequently order a new supply through Foothill Printing.  It was decided that pens are more preferred than pencils; Bill moved that we order more pens; Helen seconded the motion which carried.  Helen said there’s a shortage of the large FLM wall hangings (this shows the FLM logo).  To save expense, Sid & Kate recommended paper posters (of good quality) which are 11”x17” and are available through Foothill Printing.  Re the Jamboree, it was decided to have the next meeting on Tuesday, July 2, 2013, 1p.m. at the Museum.  Joe Aquilina gave a fine description of the FLM float which will be in the July 6th, Independence Day Parade in Arnold.  A good friend, Al Ariata, is a very talented woodworker; he has constructed a very nice “cabin” front that will be on the float which will have live loggers, a wife scrubbing clothes and a “woodsy” décor.  Joe also read some fine wording put together by John which will be read by the Parade announcers as the FLM float goes by.  All help possible is needed by 5:00p.m. on Friday, July 5th, to construct the float.  The next “parade” meeting is Thursday, 1:00p.m. at the Museum.  Sid offered to pick up this year’s newsletter order at Foothill Printing; anyone available to help get the newsletter mailing complete please plan to be at the Museum at 1:00p.m. on Wednesday, June 26,  2013.  Re the painting of a forest scene on the FLM propane tank in front of the museum, Mike Darby of Angels Camp is interested in doing the painting.  Kate said that Elaine Saben Cahill is also interested.  Pat has talked with Mike and will re-contact him about this.

NEW BUSINESS:  Murphys Homecoming Committee has called FLM inquiring about FLM setting up a booth adjacent to other “museum” booths at the annual Homecoming Day on July 20.  It was agreed that FLM should participate in this event.  It was suggested by Helen that we offer/sell cold drinks to Museum visitors.  At various times, Helen said she’s had visitors ask if cold drinks/coffee are available.  Kate stated that a license must be acquired before this can happen.  Pat stated that Larry Muetterties of Arnold has a vending machine business; she’ll contact him and get Larry’s opinion of how wise  a vending machine might be for the Museum.

Thanks to the very hospitable Hofstetters offering their home as a meeting spot, refreshments were enjoyed; the meeting was adjourned at 2:55pm; the next FLM meeting will be July 23, 2013.

Respectfully submitted,

Pat Bradley, Substitute FLM Secretary

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