FLM Board Meeting Minutes June 2014

The meeting was called to order at 2:20p.m. by FLM Vice President, Bob Ash. Those in attendance were John Hofstetter, Carol & Joe Aqualina, Donna Hanan, Bill Nelson, Sid Marsh & Pat Bradley.

Both the previous meeting’s Minutes and Treasurer’s Report were approved.

Sid Marsh gave a report about his research of “branding irons” for the log rounds which will serve as free souvenirs at the coming August 30th Jamboree with a FLM logo. Sid shared two logos to be considered; everyone preferred the Museum Building/Tree logo that has been popular in the past on banners. Joe & Carol mentioned that Al Arieta of Meadowmont who’s been such a help to FLM in the past, would probably be happy to help with the sanding of the rounds (making the branding iron application better). They will contact Al about this. John moved and Pat seconded the motion that Sid be given the permission to purchase the chosen branding iron; motion carried. It is likely that Steve Kafka will be the big helper he’s always been to FLM, hopefully securing the logs from SPI. SPI has been solely responsible for furnishing logs for the Jamboree for many years, for which FLM is so grateful.

EXHIBIT CHAIRMAN, Mike Skenfield: Mike is “working away” on the Museum’s newest exhibit which will entail much logging detail. Mike mentioned that Ted Shannon is researching some of the old logging equipment so as to provide examples for the woodworkers; Dick Bradford of Murphys is available….Al Arieta was also recommended to Mike as a possible construction person for the exhibit; Mike asked if anyone knew if Elaine Saben Cahill is still in the County….Elaine painted the walls of the “logger’s cabin/family” in the Museum. Elaine is a friend of Kate Okeeffe….Kate will try to contact Elaine and get back to FLM.

OLD BUSINESS: Ron Glass and boys are unable to help construct an Arnold Parade this July 4th, so FLM will not have a 2014 entry. But Pat offered to sit with a table, chair and FLM information perhaps near Sid & Kate’s Ebbetts Pass Info. Center and have Museum information available to those interested during the Parade. John, his usual accomplished whiz-self said that the annual FLM newsletter is finished and will be delivered sometime very soon, which would be timely for Parade PR. The caboose and log cabin at Railtown in Jamestown could possibly be donated to FLM. These historical pieces are originally from Pickering Lumber Co. However CCWD is very particular about what and how much can be put on their property, per Don Stump. Happy news included the fact that Norm, our very capable and sincere locomotive mechanic has been hired full time at Railtown. Norm shared with many FLM members that his traveling all over the country created quite a hardship on his family life….while he was refurbishing FLM’s #4, he often mentioned how he’d love to be hired full time at Railtown.

NEW BUSINESS: Sandra Kraft, FLM’s Country Store shirt provider, has gone back to a job she held a number of years ago, selling copiers and printers. She may have an electronic piece of equipment (copier) that can even print FLM’s own newsletter. Sandi will give a presentation at the next FLM meeting on July 22nd. Bob expressed his vote for some colorful t-shirts to be for sale at the Jamboree. It was unanimous that the Jamboree Logo be on the shirts but not the year. Also, the forest green polo shirts have also been re-ordered. Jackson Rancheria donation request form from FLM has been submitted. The newsletter about to come out will require an assembly group to put it together. Carol Acquilina brought up the subject of the lack of Logging Museum signs, which she and Joe have been approached about by Museum visitors. How visitors quite often find the Museum “by accident”, etc. The website, however, is what seems to be the most efficient source of the Museum’s location. Joe suggested that all FLM Board members put on their thinking caps in the coming months as to choosing a very special FLM float for the July 4th Parade; Bob suggested that all 3 of FLM’s annual events (July 4th Parade, Jamboree, Snagfallers’ Ball) be given detailed though several months ahead of time to ease last minute pressures and possibly have best results. Special gratitude was paid to Board member, Bill Nelson, who has gone way beyond the call of duty when it comes to not only docenting many hours each weekend at the Museum (AND cleaning) but also helping so much at White Pines Park during the Kafka’s absence. Donna suggested that FLM acquire mirrors in the Museum so docents can be more aware of goings on from one end of the Museum to the other…..this idea has been suggested before.   It was also a very unanimous decision that brainstorming is badly needed with regard to recruiting more docent trainees. Articles in the local papers where “volunteers are needed” was suggested; also getting in touch with Ed Lark at Channel 7 in San Andreas.   Joe offered to make “docent needed “ signs for local post offices from Hathaway Pines to Camp Connell.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:15p.m. The next FLM Board meeting will be Tuesday, July 22, at 1:00p.m. at the Museum.

Respectfully submitted,

Pat Bradley, Acting Secretary for FLM

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