FLM Board Meeting Minutes March 2013

President Ginny Kafka called the first meeting of 2013, to order at 1:15pm.  Those in attendance were Joe & Carol Aquilina, Donna Hanan, Sue Harmuth, Helen Tardif, Richard Small, Bob & Sharon Ash, John Hofstetter, Mike Skenfield, Kate O’Keeffe, Sid Marsh & Pat Bradley.  The last meeting’s minutes stood approved as read; Sid, FLM Bookkeeper, reported the bank balance to be $1,118.20; the balance of the Shay account is $8,520.03.  Bob moved that the report stand approved as read; Helen seconded the motion; motion carried.  Sid said that at the next FLM meeting (April) he plans to show where FLM monies tend to be spent; discuss desired financial spending in more detail.

WHITE PINES PARK:  Ginny reported that the Park’s first meeting of the year went well.  Many visitors are already arriving at the Park.  Therefore the bathrooms will be “open” very soon.  Cal Fire will again be on hand to burn pine needles during the annual cleanup day which is always early in the spring.

EXHIBIT CHAIRMAN, Mike Skenfield:  Mike reported that just before the meeting started, Arnold resident Craig Matson was a tremendous help, resurrecting the outdoor exhibit signs which had been put away during winter.  Craig has offered to “chair” this job (fall & spring) for which Mike is very grateful.  Mike also announced that he has detailed plans to add to the “historical surveying” exhibit and the logger-faller exhibit.  Bill Kafka will be building a cabinet for one of the exhibits and Mike’s plans include implementing sections of logging video footage.  There has been $2,500 budgeted for this exhibit expansion.  Mike stated that he’s also eager and available to chair the badly needed docent training which will be taking place very soon.  Many in attendance commented how helpful it would be even for those who have “docented” for many years.

USFS:  Jim Behm, our FLM liaison, is no longer with the USFS.  The USFS in Hathaway Pines plans to choose a new liaison for FLM in the near future.  It was declared that Jim very thoughtfully donated all of the items in the display case which originally were on loan.

OLD BUSINESS:  The Shay Locomotive has been approved by Cal Trans.  It will be up to Ron Glass and his sons to decide what will be put back on the Shay since it’s been refurbished.  Stumps around the Shay must be ground up; also a fence/platform made of wood will eventually be built on the Museum’s side of the Shay.  Regarding inventory, Sid & Kate have catalogued literally everything that has been donated to the Museum which was such a monumental task and SO important.  Regarding  FLM’s annual newsletter, John is unsure at this time whether he can do the job this year which is sent out to members in June for membership renewal.   Regarding the Annual 4th of July Parade in Arnold, much interest was shown.  New member and docents, Carol & Joe Aquilina, Sue Harmuth, plus others showed willingness to put a float together.  The first thing needed is the “theme” of the Parade that GABA comes up with.  Bob Ash has the Jamboree banner spot reserved; the date of Oct. 5, will be the Snagfallers’ Ball, if Independence Hall  is available.

NEW BUSINESS:  The Museum will open for the 2013 season on Thursday, April 4.  Mark Oswald of the Arnold Fire Department, will check to be sure FLM’s fire protection is operating correctly.   Bill Kafka has offered to build a lattice-work fence around the Museum’s propane tank.  Ginny reported the sad news of FLM’s first theft.  Several weeks ago, $6,400, worth of equipment belonging to Ron Glass was stolen.  He had no insurance on his equipment, but he does now, plus John reported that FLM now has insurance on “Museum contents” valued at $60,000.  However John feels this amount should be increased to $100,000.  Thanks to Gaylord’s help, the Museum’s parking lot lights go on now at dusk and go off at dawn which should help deter future theft.  Regarding Irish Days in Murphys on March 16, 2013, Ginny reported how well received the FLM booth was……no snow this year; thanks to Steve Kafka, there were 400 cedar seedlings to hand out individually to the public which were so appreciated; cash donations amounted to $114.   Also on that same date, the Annual TuCare Fundraiser dinner was held in Tuolumne; attended by Ginny & Pat…..a record  number of 420 people attended.   Pat mentioned how impressed she’s been with (non-profit) TuCare since it began about 22 years ago and how worthwhile the September “Summit” event is……very educational.  She encouraged everyone to attend the last day of that event.  Also, Sid & Kate announced the annual Ebbetts Pass celebration which will be on Sept. 14, 2013, at Hermit Valley….several live bands playing music, art exhibits, products sold.  In May, Sid & Kate will be receiving visitors to see the hard work they’ve put forth in the building where they live (next to the Arnold Giant Burger) which is the official Ebbetts Pass Visitors’ Center, which even has it’s own specified parking places.  The month of May will be a “grand opening” of the EPVC.  Earlier today (March 26th) at the weekly County Bd/Supvrs’ Meeting in San Andreas, slide photos and movies were shown of our Shay locomotive.  John did an excellent job of narrating while the film was being viewed.  How exciting it was to see our historic 1920 engine in motion!    It was unanimous by all that special homage be paid to three very hard working FLM members:  Annette Linebaugh, Marge Bowman and Bill Kafka.  All members of FLM work hard which is evinced by the progress the Logging Museum has made; the larger attendance each year, but these 3 people have gone way beyond the call of duty…..FLM is so very fortunate.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:40pm.  The next monthly Board meeting will be April 23, 2013, at 1:00pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Pat Bradley, Substitute Secretary, FLM

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