FLM Board Meeting Minutes March 2014

President Ginny Kafka called the meeting at the Hofstetter home in Murphys to order shortly after 3:00p.m..  Those in attendance were Mike Skenfield, John & Wanda Hofstetter, Sharon & Bob Ash, Kevin Zeman, Helen Tardif, Donna Hanan, Sid Marsh & Pat Bradley.

INTRODUCTIONS:  President Ginny introduced Kevin Zeman, U.S.F.S. Liaizon between  FLM   & the U.S.F.S. in Hathaway Pines.  Kevin is replacing the position Jim Behm occupied and received a very warm welcome by all. Kevin and his family live in Arnold; he is a registered forester and expressed great enthusiasm and ambition re his new job.  Kevin was asked by President Ginny if it could be arranged for the U.S.F.S. to furnish a portable toilet near the Rim Trail Trailhead which adjoins the FLM parking lot and Kevin said that he would look into it.  Also, Kevin shared a photo of a steam donkey located within the Rim Fire burned area that could possibly be donated to FLM.  This “donkey” is obviously very different (more modern) than the one which is currently an exterior exhibit at the Museum.

Both the Secretary’s Report & the Treasurer’s Report of the last FLM meeting were approved as read.

WHITE PINES PARK (Ginny):  Ginny  happily reported that Danny Emerson is very excited and anxious to help WPPC. He has selected the date of April 26, for  the spring cleanup of all the local community parks, which would also include the Logging Museum grounds. Bill plans to open the Park on April 3.  There is also a strong possibility that a gazebo will be constructed at WP Park. Ginny would like it to sit where the horseshoe pits are (and move the horseshoe pits near the basketball/volleyball courts).  Thanks to our very community minded resident, Paul Bertini, he hopes to involve contractors to work on the construction of the gazebo which shouldn’t take more than 2 wknds; SPI would donate the lumber.  The residents of White Pines, however, will be visited door to door by Ginny and Merita, hopefully getting their blessings for the project.

EXHIBIT CHAIR (Mike Skenfield):  Mike handed out detailed plans of 2 new exhibits he’d like to add to the Museum’s interior: the “Logging Side” and the “Forest Products Exhibit”.  Mike will be presenting the FLM Board with a proposal which would include details of both exhibits and the cost.  Without a doubt both exhibits would offer excellent additional educational information to the Museum’s visitors.

OLD BUSINESS:  Ginny stated that Bill is working on a heavy duty type of lattice board, constructing a “fence” around the FLM propane tank in front of the Museum; cost will be less than $100.  Ginny thanked everyone profusely who gave their dedicated time and energy at Irish Day in Murphys on March 15th, at which FLM had a booth. Hundreds of Douglas Fir trees were given out to the public; the FLM “donation” jar was filled with bills amounting to $107!  It was reported that 16,000 attended Irish Day; the FLM booth was busy all day with stoppers-by. The group commended Connie for all the help she gave at the booth, working many hours. Thanks, Connie. Regarding the 2013 lawsuit, Ginny reported that there is nothing new, that the injured plaintiff keeps postponing things.

NEW BUSINESS:  The opening date of the Museum this season is April 3. John reported that when he first joined FLM, there was a young man, Steve Bergstrom, who helped   get the FLM website going and, as far as John knows, Steve did this without pay. Now some 8 years later, Steve and his wife live in Arnold.  Steve’s wife would like to help “dress up” the FLM website which John welcomes. There would be no charge for her service.  Clinton Kafka has been sealing the bleachers and blowing debris off the arftifacts….thanks, Clinton! Bill plans to add 60′ of gravel, making a zig zag path along the north side of the cabin as it is quite steep (cost:  $120). It was moved and seconded that this work was approved.   John reported that a FLM website “fan” in Italy is working on building a replica of the logging truck which sits on the Museum grounds.  This wonderful man’s name is “Matteo”….there’ll be no charge for his work and he hopes to deliver it to the Museum, personally. John stressed the importance of FLM’s multi-CD player be indexed to allow easy access to any CD. He moved that Kate be allowed to do the indexing; Helen seconded the motion which carried.  Re this year’s Jamboree on Aug. 30, Mr. Rapetti has offered to do some demo chainsaw carving during the day.  Ginny said all new ideas are so welcome for the event! Thanks to an article by Ginny, written in the Democrat which stressed FLM’s dire need for docent help, resulted in a woman teacher at Columbia College who would like to bring students in “Forestry” over to the Museum, have them train as docents and, as a result, receive a unit of college study.  Needless to say, everyone is very excited about the future possibilities involving the college students.  Mike Steineke will be bringing his men to the Museum a.s.a.p. to clean the grounds. CCWD will be replacing pipe along Blagen Road up to the Moose Lodge and then up the Moose Lodge driveway. John reported that Tony Bennett’s nephew is anxious to build a replacement for the stolen “Coloma water-powered” sawmill which was stolen last year.  The sawmill was such a “draw” for incoming visitors….it really dressed up the Museum’s entry area, but if the sawmill IS replaced, it’ll definitely be portable enough to bring inside when the Museum is closed. Regarding the subject of the Museum hiring a Curator, many opinions were heard.  It was agreed that the need is there but the time is not right.  This subject was brought about by Nancy Muleady-Meacham’s letter to Ginny in which she gave detailed suggestions about this idea.  Although the idea is too premature for FLM to take on at this time, Nancy did FLM a favor by getting Board members to think about future change which is always an important factor when progress is deemed important.

Ginny had attempted to ease Pat’s workload by assigning docents to work days, but Pat decided she wanted to continue as she has been doing for many years.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:30pm. The next FLM Bd. Meeting will be 4/22/14.

Respectfully submitted,

Pat Bradley, Secretary, FLM

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