FLM Board Meeting Minutes March 22, 2016


Minutes of the 3/22/16 Board Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 1:06 p.m. by President Ginny Kafka at the home of John and Wanda Hofstetter.

Present:  Ginny Kafka, Bob Ash, Sharon Ash, Donna Hanan, Richard Small, Helen Tardif, John Hofstetter, John White, Pat Bradley, Kevin Zeman, Jaci Payton, Mike Skenfield

Correspondence:  None

Minutes:  It was moved by John Hofstetter, seconded by Helen Tardif, to approve the minutes of the 12/10/15 meeting as presented.  The motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report:  Treasurer John White reported that there has been no activity since the museum closed in November.  He stated that the taxes are in and there is money in the bank.

White Pines Liaison Report:  Ginny read an article that appeared in the Mountain Chronicle regarding White Pines Park and the Logging Museum.  The article expressed the need for volunteers for both organizations.  Ginny reported that there will be a “Volunteer Day” taking place soon.

Exhibit Report:  Mike Skenfield reported that he will be forming a Wood Products Exhibit Committee.  He would like to enlist John Hofstetter, Richard Small, John White, Joe Acquilina, Dick Bradford, Craig Mattson, and Kevin Zeman to serve on this committee.  Kevin will get some posters from the USFS and bring them to the next meeting.  Mike stated that he would like to rearrange some of the existing exhibits in order to make room for the Wood Products Exhibit.  Richard Small has items for a Hazel Fischer exhibit.  Ginny reported that FLM has received a beautiful stuffed great horned owl that could be worked into an existing exhibit.

USFS:  Kevin Zeman reported on timber sales, clear cuts with natural seeding, stewardship contracts, work with the Mule Deer Foundation, a $100,000 grant for habitat, Butte Fire, bug kill, contingency plan, small sales, and a field trip for bidders.  He plans to work on a grant for a bridge that would complete the trail around White Pines Lake.  Kevin stated that in the future if he is unable to attend the FLM meetings he will send a representative.


Power Outage:  John reported that the phones are still not completely restored at this point but a technician is supposed to be coming.  We are “ported” through AT&T and we are paying them for the land line but currently we have no long distance coverage.  We have internet through Mother Lode Internet.

Outside Display Signs for Gas Generator:  John Hofstetter and Mike Skenfield will meet to discuss the outside display signs for the gas generator.

Additional Gravel Path:  Bill Kafka will work on the additional 60 feet of gravel path when his health allows.

Rain Gutters:  Ginny and Bill Kafka have checked on the new rain gutters during the recent rains and Ginny reports that they are working very well.


Web Site Changes:  John H. reported that three new pictures of Hazel Fischer have been added to the web site.  One picture was taken when Miss Fischer was 18 years old and had just come to White Pines to teach in 1916.  Nhu Bergstrom has been very helpful to John in adding new items to the web site.  It was suggested that FLM give her a gift of appreciation for all her help.  John stated that he has accumulated a lot of information from interested people regarding Blair’s Mill east of Camino in just off Highway 50.

Winter Clean-Up:  Ginny will enlist the services of Cal Fire to do the  winter clean-up.

Docent Recruitment:  Opening day will be Saturday, April 2.  There was discussion regarding the recruitment of docents, which are badly needed.  Recruitment  posters were suggested as well as a spot on local TV and recruiting outside the county.  Pat Bradley volunteered to contact John Hamilton at The Pine Tree to do a promotion of the museum and docent recruitment piece.  Mike Skenfield volunteered to familiarize new docents with the museum and Pat Bradley volunteered to give them some history and training.

Workshops are offered to organizations that rely on docents.  The next one will be held in Groveland in October.

Docent Scheduling:  Pat Bradley stated that as long as she has the time she will continue to schedule docents.  When she can no longer do it, Ginny will take over.

Big Trees Family Day:  Big Trees State Park will again hold their Family Day.  It is scheduled for the weekend before the Logging Jamboree.  Pat, Richard, and Ginny will represent FLM.

Visit to Moran Ranch:  Pat Bradley reported that she and Ted Shannon and Ted’s wife made a trip to the Moran Ranch near Milton.  Mrs. Moran shared the history of the Moran logging operation which was located where Blue Lake Springs is now.  Mrs. Moran has donated several items to the museum in the past, and we just purchased 30 copies of her book, Ghost Towns of the Mother Lode, for $10 each to put on sale.

Brochure of Museums:  It was moved by John Hofstetter, seconded by Pat Bradley to approve the expenditure of $285 for FLM to be included in a quad-fold brochure featuring 18 museums.  The motion carried.

Archive Work Day:  An archive workday will take place on Monday, 3/28 from 10:00 a.m. till 3:00 p.m. with a lunch break at noon.  Pat, Richard, Bob, Sharon, Helen, Ginny, and John H. will participate.

Credit Card Reader:  Docents should be reminded to follow the written instructions for the credit card reader.  John H. will be purchasing a chip-reader .

Adjournment:  Ginny adjourned the meeting at 3:06 p.m.

Jaci Payton, Secretary

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