FLM Board Meeting Minutes May 2013

President Ginny Kafka called the meeting to order about 1:15p.m. at John & Wanda Hofstetter’s home in Murphys.    In attendance, were Richard Small, Bill Nelson, Helen Tardif, Donna Hanan, John Hofstetter, Mike Skenfield, Sid Marsh, Kate O’Keeffe, Ron Glass, Carol & Joe Aquilina & Pat Bradley.

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as read;  Regarding the Financial Report, Bookkeeper Sid reported that FLM has paid out more money in recent weeks than has been received.  There is approximately a balance of $7,000; John and others reiterated that soon more income will be realized with Company Store sales and membership renewal by the end of summer.  The Financial Report for FLM was approved.

Ron Glass reported that the flat car will be coming from the Portola Museum; FLM must pay for the transportation.  Ron will trade the Portola Museum large timbers in exchange for the flat car.  Ron also said that Norm, our Shay repairman, has worked on the locomotive this past week, has completed many miscellaneous things including installing 5 important “bolts”.  The smokestack will be installed soon followed by the painting of the boiler which Ron said that he and his crew could take care of.  For $1,500, Ron has offered to do the necessary stump grinding around the Shay…..this amount would cover costs, only……large concrete blocks will be used to shore up areas with tilting ground.  John moved that Ron be paid $1,500, for this work; Pat seconded the motion which carried.  Ron hopes to do this work within the next two weeks.  Everyone expressed sincere thanks to Ron and his boys for the many hours of challenging and time consuming work on the Shay.  Ron said his boys have enjoyed every minute they’ve spent working on the Shay; also Ron said that Norm has learned a lot during the many hours he’s spent on FLM’s beloved machine!  Their work, by the way, was completed two days before the deadline in February, in spite of the snow and very challenging weather.

MIKE SKENFIELD’S EXHIBIT REPORT:  Mike & John plan to break Lars Sanders’ “logging DVD” down in to parts.  Jason Smith of Murphys will do the film work.   Mike told Ginny to tell Bill how happy he is with the newly built cabinet for this exhibit.

WHITE PINES REPORT:  Ginny said that the Park has been very well attended……at least 100 cars in the parking lot last weekend.  John White, a former neighbor of the Kafkas in Stockton and now a nearby neighbor of their Avery home, is a very talented former school  teacher in art.  John has taken it upon himself to design and complete a very nice sign which is erected near the White Pines Lake beach which shows the historical layout of yesteryear.  On May 29, 2013, at 10:00a.m.,  another new sign will be hung next to the one he’s already done.  This sign has been designed and completed on a 4’x8’ sheet of plywood which Ginny & Bill purchased.    Pine Tree.net will photograph the signs at 10:30; also photographers from local newspapers should also be present.  Bill Nelson said he’ll notify the Mountain Chronicle editor.

2013 FLM NEWSLETTER:  John reported that Sid & Kate have  been a tremendous help putting the annual newsletter together.  The newsletter’s theme is Heroes of the Museum, featuring Annette Linebaugh, Marge Bowman, Bill Kafka, Ron Glass & sons……all of whom have done “over the top” accomplishments for FLM.  The newsletter should be ready for mail by mid-June.  It was decided that “single” or “senior” FLM membership cost should be raised from $15, to $20; cost of all other memberships will remain unchanged.

PROPANE TANK:  It’s been unanimous that a forest/logging scene be painted by some artist on the propane tank that sets in the Logging Museum’s front yard.  Pat knows Mike Darby in Angels Camp; she will contact him, asking if he’d be interested in doing the art work (Mike was the fine artist who did the large murals in the Museum before it opened in 2007).

18TH ANNUAL FLM JAMBOREE, 8/31, 13:  Ginny reported much  pre-Jamboree work she’s taken on recently, writing letters to many prospective sponsors.  She is supporting the idea of both a silent auction and live auction as well as a raffle.   The Moose will BBQ; the Arnold Fire Dept. will allow kids to hold hoses and squirt water.  Two portapotties are needed.  The Arnold company has moved to Sonora; Pat will call Hocking Toilets in Murphys re their rate.  Weed-eating is needed; Fred Kett, of Murphys, has offered his help.

ARNOLD INDEPENDENCE DAY PARADE, JULY, 2013:  Joe Aquilina had a fine suggestion of using a flatbed (possibly FLM can borrow one from Everett….Ginny will inquire), have two live men sawing on logs  (Maybe 2 of the Glass family?)….signage on the sides of the flatbed, advertising the dates of the Jamboree & also the Snagfallers’ Ball.  It was unanimous that brochures be handed out to the public by FLM members walking along side the float….the brochures would have “quarter” sheets inside with details on one side of the Jamboree; details of the SNGF Ball on the other side.  The first “parade” meeting will be Thursday, May 30, at 1:00pm. at the Museum.

NEW BUSINESS:  Thanks to Bill & Steve Kafka on May 26, 2013, all of the pine needle piles left by Cal Fire’s tremendous help in raking the Museum’s hillside several weeks ago were transported to the burn pile across from HF School….thanks, Guys, so much!   John reported that although a few months ago the original writer of local timber history (David Davis) who worked for the USFS in Hathaway Pines, was very unhappy with the wording used in FLM’s website, between David and John, a fine product of  re-written history has resulted and is a real plus for the website.  Thank you, John, for the great amount of patience you’ve shown in this regard.  The County Fair went exceptionally well this year, operated by volunteers.  FLM had an excellent “free” spot for the Fair booth (valued at $900).  Many visitors enjoyed exchanges of information; about $100 was donated to FLM during the 4 days.  SPI once again was so generous in donating hundreds of white fir seedlings, each costing $  .50.   Twenty-three “left-over” seedlings were planted at the Museum by Ginny & Bill!

Bill & Ginny plan to leave on vacation June 18th; Bob Ash will preside during Ginny’s absence.

The meeting was adjourned shortly before 3:00pm.
The next FLM meeting will be June 25th, 2013, at the Hofstetter home in Murphys.

Respectfully submitted, Pat Bradley, Substitute FLM Secretary

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