FLM Board Meeting Minutes May 2014

President Ginny Kafka called the meeting to order at the Museum at 1:06pm. Those in attendance were John Hofstetter, Ginny Kafka, Bill Nelson, Sid Marsh, Floy Goulart, Helen Tardif & Pat Bradley.

Introduction of Visitors: Floy Goulart of Pine Grove (Amador County) is a long time FLM member and contributor going back to 1996. She hopes in the not too distant future to move to Murphys and is eager to be more active with FLM. Her late husband, Art, was the builder of the Museum’s kiosk which sets below the Museum and the Lake.

Both the April Secretary and Treasurer’s reports were approved as submitted.

White Pines Park: Ginny reported that the past weekend found WP Park to be “absolutely mobbed” with visitors, but visitors who showed respect and concern for the grounds, beaches, etc. The community’s fine volunteer, Danny Emerson, has donated so much to improve WP Park and Lake and yet is so modest….doesn’t want his name advertised, etc.

Exhibit Chair Report: Mike Skenfield, vacationing in New England, and while he is gone, Bill Kafka has done considerable construction on Mike’s newest Museum’s interior exhibit. This exhibit will define the details of logging. It was suggested that the unique, small pieces of logging equipment that were donated to FLM several years and that Mike plans on using in his new exhibit effort need to be protected from theft.

U.S.F.S.: Kevin was not in attendance

Branding Iron: Sid showed the Board several sizes of a branding iron with the museum logo on it. The Board decided to not go with the electrically heated one, but chose a larger iron that will need to be heated in a charcoal hibachi, or the like. Sid is going to check and see if the logo design he has adapted will be a good one for a branding iron. If it is he is authorized to buy it for the museum.

Ginny reported that Travis Glass has one of our surplus drag saws and will restore it to working order for demonstration at the Jamboree.

Jamboree: There was some discussion about the Jamboree and Ginny reminded people to sign up on the list for the job they will do at the event. Ginny also reported that Fox40 morning news anchor, Paul Robbins, has been frequenting White Pines Lake and Ginny accosted him and when threatened, he agreed to promote the Jamboree on his show. In fact he welcomed the chance to have some filler for his 5 hour show.

Website: John reported that he’s been removing extraneous comments from the web site. He gets a chance to trash them when WordPress sends him an e-mail asking what to do with the comment, but some spam comments have made it through anyway, and John is looking through 43 pages of comments to remove those that shouldn’t be there. WordPress, our web page provider doesn’t let profane or really obnoxious comments even get to us, but sometimes a comment promoting a business or such does slip by John, but he is taking care of that now. The comments, in general, add a great deal to the history of logging. For example, there are several pages of comments on Pino Grande, adding a great deal to what we already knew about the mill on the hill.

John also reported that the museum’s Facebook page sometimes comes up as the Wikipedia entry rather than the one that is interactive. If one asks in a search for the logging museum’s events, the correct page will come up. Except for Sid, the Board pretended that they didn’t know what John was talking about. Oh well.

College Docents: We’ve not had any contact with any of the students from the Columbia Fire Science class that were going to act as docents. Pat suggested that we contact the instructor, but others expressed doubts that we were going to get any help from them.

Announcements: John said that he and Helen had been going through the files and that he was so impressed by the incredible amount of work Ron Bradley did in putting together what needed to be done to create the Friends of the Logging Museum and the establishment of the museum itself.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:05 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Pat Bradley, acting secretary, and edited with additions by John Hofstetter

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