FLM Board Meeting Minutes May 24, 2016


Minutes of the 5/24/16 Board Meeting The meeting was called to order at 1:07 p.m. by President Ginny Kafka.

Present: Ginny Kafka, Bob Ash, Sharon Ash, Donna Hanan, Richard Small, Helen Tardif, John Hofstetter, John White, Pat Bradley, Jaci Payton, Carol Aquilina, Mike Skenfield, Bill Nelson

Correspondence:  Claire Moran has extended an invitation to John Hofstetter to visit her ranch in Milton to discuss the Moran’s history.

Information/Discussion Items: Jean Oliver and ladies from her club visited the museum recently and made a

$340 donation. Also, Hazel Fischer School students made a $20 donation on their recent visit.

In order to attract more docents it was suggested that we change the word “docent” to “volunteer as the word “docent” might tend to make people feel that more is expected of them. Twelve to twenty new volunteers are needed. It was suggested that we put an ad/article in the Lode Star stating our need for volunteers. Also suggested was printing off flyers similar to those from the Angels Camp Museum and adding “Learning Center” to the flyer.

Minutes: It was moved by John Hofstetter, seconded by John White, to approve the minutes of the 4/26/16 meeting as presented. The motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report: The Treasurer’s report was presented by John White. It was moved by John Hofstetter, seconded by Carol Aquilina, to accept the report as presented. The motion carried. John reported that Doug Tribble prepared the taxes which were sent in and the forms have been received.

White Pines Liaison Report: Ginny reported that through donations from the Sequoia Woods Men’s Club a lawn mower has been purchased. SPI has donated tables, the Lions Club has donated sand for the beach, and

$500 has also been donated. When Logging Museum/Learning Center flyers are printed we could put some at the park. White Pines Park will be sending out letters regarding a $1,000 raffle. The FLM bookmarks will be included in that letter.

Exhibit Report: Mike presented an idea for a new display. There was discussion regarding the relocation of the wood products, chain saw, and set-dial displays in order to accommodate a new display while maintaining continuity with existing ones. Nothing definite was decided at this time.


Power Outage: John White reported that we are saving $90 a month with the new phone system.

Outside Display Signs for Gas Generator and LeRoi Winch: The pipes have been set in the ground for these display signs but the signs still need to be made. Mike reported that a water tank that goes with the Steam Donkey has been dropped off and will become a part of that display.

Additional Gravel Path: The work for the additional 60 feet of gravel path is currently being completed by Bill Kafka.

Big Trees Family Day: Big Trees Family Day will be held on 8/27. Bob and Sharon Ash, Richard Small, and Pat Bradley will represent the museum. There will be someone depicting a logger at the Family Day celebration. There was discussion regarding inviting this “logger” to participate in the Jamboree. It was agreed that we need to know more about his “talk” before we commit.

PayPal: The card and chip reader is working well and there are clear instructions available as to their use.

Grounds Cleanup: CalFire has raked all boundaries and have burn piles ready.


Web Site Changes: John H. has added articles to the website regarding Hazel Fischer, Brice Station, and the Winton Lumber Co.

Refrigerator: As the refrigerator is no longer working it was moved by Bob Ash, seconded by Sharon Ash to approve up to $150 for the purchase of a new refrigerator. The motion carried. Bob and Sharon will do the purchasing.

State of Jefferson Booth: There was discussion regarding allowing the supporters of the State of Jefferson to have a booth at the Jamboree. The consensus was to not allow anything of a political nature to be represented there.

Weed Eating: Weed eating of the grounds will be completed prior to the Jamboree.

Fair Report: Many people stopped by the FLM booth at the fair and received a free tree. Three people signed up to volunteer at the museum.

Discussion Items:

July 4th Parade: Rick Brathauer has offered his truck for the parade. It will be decorated to represent a logging truck. It was suggested that volunteers walk beside the truck and hand out FLM pens.

Jamboree: Ginny feels that her son Steve will again organize the Jamboree this year. Bob Ash has already begun some of the necessary ground work for the Jamboree. Ginny will contact Bill Ladd about having the Shay working for this year’s Jamboree.

Bookmarks: John White has the new bookmarks ready to go to the printer except for the dates of the Jamboree and the Snagfaller’s Ball. There was discussion as to whether or not to hold the Snagfaller’s Ball this year. Pat stated that she felt we should. It was decided not to put a specific date on the bookmarks for these two events, but rather put “the Saturday of Labor Day Weekend” for the Jamboree and to contact Independence Hall to see if we can reserve the same Saturday of October for several consecutive years. This would prevent us from having to print new bookmarks each year.

Rim Trail Maps: A $1.00 donation should be collected for Rim Trail maps. Rick Lautterbaugh picks up the donations periodically.

Store Inventory: Many items need to be ordered for the FLM Store.

Newsletter: It was agreed that Claire Moran will be featured in this year’s newsletter.

Adjournment: Ginny adjourned the meeting at 3:11 p.m. Jaci Payton, Secretary

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