FLM Board Meeting Minutes November 2013

President Ginny Kafka called the meeting to order at Round Table Pizza in the Meadowmont Shopping Center at 12:50p.m..  Those in attendance were John & Wanda Hofstetter, Ginny & Bill Kafka, Richard Small, Sue Harmuth, Helen Tardif, Bill Nelson, Sid  Marsh, Kate O’Keeffe, Sharon and Bob Ash, Ron Glass & Pat Bradley.

Visitors introduced were “Karen & John”, WA State guests of Wanda & John.

The Secretary’s  & Treasurer’s reports approved as read.

White Pines Park:  Ginny reported that the Park has been closed for the season since the early part of November.  A huge tree fell; Bill K. & John White (our great sign maker) took care of the fallen tree.

GABA:  Ginny reported that GABA had an auction in November; the proceeds will be going to the Arnold Library, White Pines Park & the Logging Museum which could amount to as much as $500 for each organization.

MUSEUM EXHIBITS CHAIR:  Mike Skenfield was unable to attend the meeting.  He sent a message through Pat that perhaps FLM would like to pay a tribute to our recent major loss in docents, Betty Fitzgerald who passed away suddenly in mid-November.  John mentioned that he felt that another prize docent FLM lost over a year ago, Norm Friborg, should also be included in any type of memorial.  It was suggested that a plaque include their names, possibly news put on the FLM Website and/or in the next FLM newsletter.

Regarding FLM docents, a very special Marge Bowman, recently fell and broke a leg.  She is recovering nicely, however, at the Mark Twain Convalescent Hospital in San Andreas.

Ron Glass reported that the Shay is well prepared for the coming winter weather; he is so pleased with the efficiency of his fellow Shay restorer, Norm.  John also praised the work that Ron & his sons accomplished in just four days!  Ron said that more fund raising will be necessary before future work on the Shay can happen.  The Shay Account has a total of only a little over $700.

OLD BUSINESS:  Re the painting of the propane tank which sets just in front of the Museum, it was unanimous that Bill K. & Ron G. make the decision during the coming winter about how to cover it:  possibly a lattice type fence, a mountain scene painted on it, etc.

Regarding the lawsuit brought about by a volunteer becoming injured while helping to restore the Shay (June, 2012), Ginny reported that she’s received a large packet of paperwork which includes a lot of questions FLM must answer.  John, Bob, & Ginny will work on this.

Closing date of the Museum will be Sunday, December 1, 2013.  Bill will drain the water pipes; Ginny & Bill offered to follow through with the necessary “closing” chores.

Cookbooks:  Since there are no FLM cookbooks left to sell in the Company Store, it was unanimously agreed that 300 new copies be ordered through the original publishing company approximately 12 years ago.  This will amount to a little more than $2,200.  Pat announced that John has done a great job of fine-tuning a 3-page “docent training” document which took a lot of time.  Pat is of the opinion that this newly written, detailed and very informative document should be given to all docents when the Museum opens next spring; also it should be accompanied by Mike Skenfield ‘s more technical explanation and very informative writing that involves many years of timber management history, etc..

Profit from the October Snagfallers’ Ball amounted to about $150.

Ginny said this winter she’d be ordering more pencils from the Forest Foundation which are given away free to visitors.

Pat brought up the need for new, attractive name tags for docents.  She showed the one which was developed for the Murphys Senior Center by a lady named, “Phyllis”, on Northwood Drive across from Forest Meadows.  It was decided that we should place an order with Phyllis with each of the current docents’ names plus some that would be “blank” for future docent trainees.  These name tags run between $4 & $5 each.  They would include the FLM logo printed on each name tag.

NEW BUSINESS:  The annual Election of Officers resulted in a unanimous agreement that Ginny Kafka remain President and all other FLM officers, Executive Office and Board of Directors remain the same.

Richard Small announced that the owners of the Avery Hotel, Lane & Sherry, are moving to Stockton.  A large box of historical papers, photos, etc. re Hazel Fischer has been donated to FLM.  Among the “teachers’ materials” for students is a 2-page writing dated 1907, emphasizing the main areas to concentrate on with students are “uprightness, thoroughness, & reverence”.  Knowing that Hazel Fischer taught at the Avery School for 48 years without missing a day, one can easily assume that she followed through with these basic “musts” for teaching throughout her career.  Ginny suggested that John & Richard go through these historical articles, photos, etc. and if there is anything that is appropriate to donate to the Hazel Fischer School historical display, the School would certainly appreciate it.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:50p.m.; the next FLM Board meeting will be March 25, 2014.

Respectfully submitted,

Pat Bradley, FLM Substitute Secretary

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