FLM Board Meeting Minutes November 25, 2014

President Ginny Kafka called the meeting to order at 1:08p.m. Those in attendance were Ginny John Hofstetter, Donna Hanan, Helen Tardif & Bill Nelson.

CORRESPONDENCE: John said that he had written 8 year old Avery Harrison (G forget) to thank him for his gift of the made-in-Maine wooden logging truck and invited him to seek us out again when he is here. His Grandmother says that he is one of our most enthusiastic visitors when he visits us from Prince Fredrick, Maryland.

MINUTES: were approved after a motion by Helen and a second by Bill

TREASURER’S REPORT: Approved after a motion by John and a second by Helen

WHITE PINES PARK: Ginny reported that the park is closed and there seems to be some unresolved issues around who is paying the lease, the County or the Park group. No big deal, CCWD certainly doesn’t want the Park back.

EXHIBIT CHAIR REPORT: Exhibit Chairman Mike Skenfield was not able to attend. Mike’s newest exhibit will be redesigned and moved. Mike and Craig Matson will work on this during the winter.

U.S.F.S.: Kevin Zeman, the Park Ranger at Hathaway Pines, was unable to attend.

OLD BUSINESS: John reported that hStar has 4 cameras working and monitored by the computer in the Media Center. hStar has had difficulty in getting the 5thcamera installed and giving us remote access. They’ve had trouble getting this done, so I end up asking Brandon, their chief technician, the same question every month: When? and getting the same answer: Soon. hStar is donating the installation and so far it has been a much greater job than they expected. They probably wish they could have the opportunity back to say no, NO! Of course, we are grateful for their help.

NEW BUSINESS: The closing date of the Museum will be Sunday, Nov. 30.

John gave a report on his efforts toward preserving copies of our photographs and news articles. 4 or 5 years ago, Mike Figone scanned every photo and news article he and I could find. Those digital records were on CD’s. The Museum bought a fire-proof and water –proof computer hard drive and John has been copying over everything he can find, including all of Mike’s scans to the hard drive. A bigger job than copying is providing names for the photos so that a search will bring the correct photograph up. So, on the CD a photo might be listed as C1298746X and I have to rename it to something relevant to the photo such as “Raggio brothers bringing logs to mill”. So, (gee I love writing So for some reason) when I go to the hard drive via my computer, if I search for Raggio, the computer might bring up 50 files. If I ask for Raggio Brothers the computer might bring up a dozen. If I do a search for Raggio Brothers Mill, I might get 5 files. If I ask for Raggio brothers bringing logs to mill I’ll get only the one photo. This will give us the same easy access to find photos that Past Perfect gives us in finding accessions.

John forgot to mention that Nhu has indicated that her revised format for our web site is ready to go, and what we need now is some gumption on John’s part to abandon the old and familiar. Haven’t done that yet.

The Board spent a lot of time discussing our broken legged Pat, and how invaluable she is, not only to the museum, but to all of us personally. The conclusion, I guess is that we’re darn glad she didn’t break her neck. Get well soon Pat, we love and need you.

How can he dare put personal notes in the minutes, has he no sense of propriety? No wonder we’re all hoping that Jaci Payton will take over the job of secretary. For shame John! Well, at least I let you guys talk in my minutes.

Respectfully submitted,

John Hofstetter, Secretary at the Moment

Friends of the Logging Museum

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