FLM Board Meeting Minutes October 27, 2015


Minutes of the 10/27/15 Board Meeting
The meeting was called to order at 1:01 p.m. by President Ginny Kafka.

Present:   Ginny Kafka, Pat Bradley, John Hofstetter, Donna Hanan, Jaci Payton, Bob Ash, Carol Aquilina, John White, Helen Tardif

Correspondence: Ginny read letters from the Central Calaveras Fire Fighters Association and (Central Calaveras Fire & Rescue ???) thanking FLM for our $100 donation for the firefighters who lost their homes.

Helen Tardif read a letter from Claire Moran stating that she has pictures she would like to donate to FLM.  It was moved by John Hofstetter, seconded by John White to accept her donation of pictures.  The motion carried.  There was discussion as to how to best display the large number of pictures that the museum possesses.  Some will be stored on the website.  Claire Moran has also donated two books to the museum.

Helen read a letter from Lorna McCall who has a restored wagon wheel to donate to the museum.  Bob Ash will contact her and arrange to pick it up.

John H. read a letter from Jim Behm, USFS rep to FLM, updating us on his volunteer involvement in various organizations in Hawaii.

Approval of Minutes:  It was moved by John Hofstetter, seconded by John White to approve the minutes of the 9/22/15 board meeting as presented.  The motion carried.

Acceptance of Treasurer’s Report:  The Treasurer’s report was presented by John White.  It was moved by John H., seconded by Pat Bradley to accept the Treasurer’s report as presented.  The motion carried.

White Pines Park Liaison Report:  Ginny reported that 16 yr. old Gabe Gaszulak who was killed in an automobile accident in mid-October had a passion for skateboarding and was involved in a project at school to potentially build a skateboard area in White Pines Park.  Supervisor Mike Oliveira is looking into this project.

A memorial service for a teenager was held on Sunday, 10/25 at the park.

White Pines Park is now partially closed with no available garbage cans.  The bathrooms will remain open until there is snow.

The building of the stage is on hold for now because we have no lease from the county.  If no lease is signed, the Park won’t open next Spring, even though CCWD has signed off on everything.  The ball park is no longer insured through White Pines Park.   Because of a misunderstanding White Pines Park paid $5,000 over a five-year period toward insurance for the ball park.

Exhibit Report:  John H. reported that the new exhibit was completed in time for the Logging Jamboree.  However, the video loop is not yet working as it should.  He acknowledged all who had a part in the exhibit.  A bill has been turned in for $250 for exhibit expenses.

USFS Report:  None

Power Outage:  John H. reported that the phones have not yet been fully restored by AT&T from the power outage that occurred a few months ago.

Snag Fallers’ Ball:  The Snag Fallers’ Ball was a success with about 75 people in attendance.  Thanks to Marge Bowman, Annette Linebaugh, Sierra Hills Market, the Harmuths, Pat Bradley, and all who helped put this event together.

Outside Display Signs:  The bases for the outside display signs for the gas generator and winch are ready to go.

Placement of Gravel by Cabin:  A Bret Harte student may help with the placement of 60 feet of gravel on the path along the north side of the cabin.

Country Store:  Items needed for the Country Store include:  postcards from Chris Bernasconi and/or Judy Mayo, display samples of prints that we have for sale, canvas tote bags with phone number and website printed on them, cards with picture of museum done by Dave Gano, train whistles

Appointment of Board Member:  It was moved by John H., seconded by Helen Tardif to appoint Carol Aquilino to the Board of Directors of FLM.  The motion carried.

Website Changes:  John H. reported that he will soon be adding to the website a biography of Lawrence Wilsey, Sr.  His son Carl has just written a short biography of Lawrence, Sr.  It is well written and very informative; offering a glimpse into what made Mr. Wilsey such a special manager of mills and men.

White Pines Parade of Lights:  White Pines will hold their first annual Parade of Lights on Friday, November 27.  They will give out lights for participants.  The Harmuths have offered their yellow pick-up truck.

Docent Lunch:  The potluck Docent Lunch will be held on Tuesday, 11/17 at noon at the museum.

New Rain Gutter:  It was moved by John H., seconded by Helen Tardif to approve the installation of a rain gutter at the cost of $700.  The motion carried.

Closing Date:  It was decided that closing day for the museum will be Sunday, 11/29.

Mike Skenfield put together an erosion guide for those affected by the Butte Fire.  This guide was sent to the local newspapers and on 10/6 at the museum Mike Skenfield spoke to a group of 24 Columbia College students, 18 of which are forestry students.

Ginny reported on the huge 17-mile-long fire break that was built by local equipment owners and operators.

John H. reported that the current Pay Pal reader will not read credit cards with the new microchips.  It was moved by Helen, seconded by John White to purchase a new reader equipped to read chips at a cost of $150.  The motion carried.

John H. has produced 700 – 1,000 updated Exhibit Guides.  The old guides should be discarded.

Sue Harmuth has donated a large number of cups and other paper products to the museum.  There are more than we can use so we will donate half of them to the Moose Lodge.

Agenda Items for Next Meeting:  Call Ginny with agenda items for the next meeting on 11/24/15

Adjournment:  Ginny adjourned the meeting at 2:50 p.m.

Jaci Payton, Secretary

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