FLM Board Meeting Minutes Sept. 2014

President Ginny Kafka called the meeting to order shortly after 2:00pm. Those in attendance were Ginny, Bill Nelson, John Hofstetter, Helen Tardif, Sid Marsh & Pat Bradley. Both the Secretary’s & Treasurer’s reports of the last meeting were approved as read. Treasurer Sid Marsh provided a very interesting report of individual “money makers” at the recent August 30th Logging Jamboree (No. 19) It appears as if we probably cleared about $3800 on the event, in addition to making a lot of new friends for the museum. There was a discussion about the money we have invested in Edward Jones, mostly money from Dale Brooks and Dave Roberts. There was concern expressed about a non-profit having too much money but it probably isn’t going to be a problem for us because it isn’t that much. We’ll try to remember to refer to it as our Contingency Fund, which kind of gives the money a purpose.

WHITE PINES PARK: Ginny reported that a very nice wedding was held on Sept. 20th…..for some reason the power wasn’t on but thanks to Sid “saving the day”, after many other “S.O.S. “ calls, was able to trip the right breaker; everything went beautifully! Ginny bragged about Cal Fire and the tremendous trimming and cleaning up that the men do; Bill Nelson chimed in saying the Park looks wonderful!

John made a very interesting announcement: it seems that a Mr. Leo H. Ghiorso wanted a copy of the Yosemite Incline film which John prepared for him. Mr. Ghiorso paid the cost of $20, plus gave $300 donation to FLM, which was so very generous.

EXHIBIT CHAIR: Mike Skenfield’s new exhibit in progress will display old means of logging as well as more modern logging equipment. It was agreed by all, however, that the exhibit be moved several inches out of the “loggers’” exhibit. This will require Bill Kafka’s knowledgeable ability which will mean possibly several weeks or months in the future as Bill’s hip surgery is coming up soon on Sept. 29th. John has ordered a new player for the new exhibit.

USFS: Kevin Zeman was not in attendance. It was reported that on Friday, Sept. 19th, Patrick Karnahan, who’s not working at the USFS in Hathaway Pines, brought several fellow workers to the Museum for a very thorough tour; Ted Shannon was also on hand for the tour.

OLD BUSINESS: The newly installed FLM camera is not working as efficiently as it could be. Gold Electric is needed to do some wiring so as to provide an source of power up on a power pole, so far a lot promised has not happened. Some would be thief tried to steal another FLM chainsaw; he disconnected the power head but couldn’t dislodge the saw…probably was interrupted! Regarding the Country Store providing a credit card service, that will wait until the 2015 season.

The Board recognized, in absentia, Richard Small for having handled the Dolley Celebration of Life here at the museum. The Dolleys are an old time logging family in this area and the website has quite a bit about them and their life here. Thanks Richard.

NEW BUSINESS: Regarding the 19th Logging Jamboree on August 30, the Moose who were once again so helpful in cooking the food, ran out of buns and condiments; there was leftover chicken, however, which will be BBQd at the Snagfallers’ Ball on October 11. There weren’t enough canopies to provide shade; it was agreed that the raffle should include just a few major items vs. so many small items; there are still several “winners” who have yet not claimed their prizes. Regarding “workmens’ comp”,because of the cost per year, the expense of one-day coverage will be investigated. Ginny said she will call FLM’s insurance company, Cutler-Segerstrom. Everyone praised Ginny for the excellent new-paint job she did on the “pencil” which is such a major part of the Museum’s entrance! John reported that he has added some really gorgeous photos given to the museum by Leroy Radanovich of Mariposa Heritage Press, to the “Incline” site on FLM’s website. Leroy is a professional photographer who makes his living by his photography, the historic photos that he preserves, and the books he authors, so his giving us these photos at no charge was a very significant gesture. Nhu Bergstrom is doing a beautiful job on the website format appearance, and John keeps telling her not to get too complicated or his old brain won’t be able to keep up.

Bill Nelson brought up moving the mill aerial photo back to the front of the museum, but it needs to be a distance away so as to not to appear out of focus. Small photo blown way up.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: We need more bottled water! Much to everyone’s dismay, our very special friend, Joe Senn, very recently suddenly died of a heart attack. Joe gave several years of his life as a well known contractor to FLM without collecting a penny. He was the head builder of the Logging Museum, 2003-2005, along with Gaylord Blackburn & Richard Szukalski. Pat moved that FLM send a donation of $50 to Joe’s favorite Mens Club; John seconded the motion which carried. Workers are needed for the Snagfallers’ Ball on October 11; coincidentally, several FLM Board members will have other commitments and not be able to attend. Wood shavings and a sort of “sawdust” have all of a sudden been noticed in 2 places in the Museum which indicate we may have a problem with carpenter ants & bats; a pest control company will be contacted immediately. John announced that FLM has been invited to join in the celebration “Gold Rush Days” in Angels Camp on October 18th.

The next FLM meeting will be Tuesday, October 28, 2014.

Respectfully submitted,

Pat Bradley, Secretary, FLM

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