FLM Board Meeting Minutes September 2013

FLM Vice President, Bob Ash, called the meeting to order at 1:00p.m.  (Pres. Ginny Kafka was absent due to celebrating the birth of their first great grandchild!  Congratulations, Ginny & Bill!)  Those in attendance were John Hofstetter, Helen Tardif, Sue Harmuth, Donna Hanan, Sharon & Bob Ash & Pat Bradley.

CORRESPONDENCE:  Pat read a letter from the Forest Foundation, thanking her for volunteering at the CA Forest Center during the 2013 State Fair at Cal Expo this last July.  Pat expressed her genuine appreciation of what this organization does to support FLM as well as the timber industry and felt that the time spent was most worthwhile.  Also, a thoughtful membership renewal check of $100, from Amador County
FLM member, Floy Goulart was most appreciated.

The previous Secretary & Treasurer’s reports were approved as read.  FLM’s bookkeeper, Sid Marsh, put together a very detailed Treasurer’s report; John will speak with Ginny about how often the need for this detail will be in the future.

WHITE PINES PARK REPORT:  Unfortunately, recent theft of the storage unit adjacent to the bathrooms near the Moose building has occurred.  The Park Board passed the request by Bill Kafka to pave the White Pines Park roadway between the Park and the Ball Field.  Everett Cockshott has agreed to do this for $3,800.  Arnold proprietors will be approached to donate picnic tables;  it was suggested that this be advertised in the Calaveras Enterprise.  The closing date for the Park will be right around Nov. 1st.

EXHIBIT CHAIR REPORT:  John recommended that the newest exhibit (in the “bucking loggers” area) be turned on by a docent on Thursday and turned off by a docent on Sunday at 4:00p.m. until such time that this can happen automatically.

OLD BUSINESS:  Re the 18th FLM Logging Jamboree held on August 31, 2013, everyone agreed that it was the best and mot profitable Jamboree yet.  Much appreciation goes out to the “chair” people who were in charge of the Silent Auction, BBQ, Logging Competition, etc.  It was estimated that between 600 & 700 people attended; actual profit & expense reports are not yet available.  Everyone praised Bill Kafka for another great bit of help inside the Museum.  The USFS display case now has a brand new top made of plastic which replaced the old, cracked, dangerous glass top…..this was a lot of work….thanks so much, Bill!  Regarding the current lawsuit concerning the unfortunate accident which happened in June of 2011, to Douglas Kohl while the Shay was being worked on by volunteers, Atty. David A. Wallis of Sacramento, met with FLM Board members in the Museum on Thursday, September 12th.  Mr. Wallis gave a very interesting talk about the “case”; he is the defense attorney for the non-profit companies FLM’s insurance includes. Mr. Wallis emphasized that any and all information about this case should be kept very confidential and NOT shared with others who are not FLM Board members.  Re the retaining wall below the Shay, John moved, Sharon seconded, and the motion passed, to use cement blocks rather than railroad ties for the wall.

NEW BUSINESS:  Re website changes, John said that “the website just keeps getting bigger & bigger!”.  He shared the good fortune of a professional photographer, Cindy Micheli, who sent some fine photographs of the Jamboree which John has put on the website…..she said she’ll certainly be attending next year’s Jamboree.  Regarding the Snagfallers’ Ball coming on October 12, John displayed a beautiful poster he recently put together……so colorful and informative!  Full disclosure later revealed that he just changed relevant information on he poster he’s been making for the past 4 years.

Details and general planning will be decided at a Snagfallers’ Ball meeting at the Museum on Tuesday, October 1st, at 1:00p.m.  As for the 2013 Museum “closing date”, it will probably be right around Thanksgiving weekend.  Bob Ash brought up the need for electrical help to install additional track lighting around and above the new exhibit.  Bob had a bid from Pioneer Electric to do this work for $529.92.  John estimated that this bid probably doesn’t include more than about 2 ½ hours of labor.  Considering this fact and also the fact that Pioneer Electric so graciously puts FLM banners up and down across Hwy 4, when needed, John suggested that FLM go with this one bid vs. getting additional bids.  It was agreed by all that Pioneer Electric of Arnold would be hired to do this work.  Regarding docents keeping track of merchandise sales, it was decided that this would continue only during the 2013 season.  The record of sales has not been accurate because of inefficient record keeping by docents; for instance, during busy times with a lot of visitors some sales have not been noted, often tax has not been included, etc.  It was decided that the annual FLM Thank You Luncheon will be held on Tuesday, November 5th at 11:30.  This event is very important to honor and thank the many volunteers who give of their personal time energy which without, the Museum would crumble!

The meeting was adjourned at 2:26p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Pat Bradley, FLM Substitute Secretary

Important Dates:
Oct. 1st 1:00 Snagfallers Ball meeting
Oct. 12th  5:00 Snagfallers Ball
Oct. 22nd Board Meeting
Nov. 5th 11:30  Docent Luncheon

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