FLM Board Meeting Minutes September 22, 2015


Minutes of the 9/22/15 Board Meeting

In the absence of Ginny Kafka, VP Bob Ash called the meeting to order at 1:04 p.m.

Present: John Hofstetter, Pat Bradley, Donna Hanan, Jaci Payton, Carol Aquilina, John White, Richard Small, Helen Tardif, Bill Nelson, Bill Kafka, Bob Ash, Sharon Ash

Correspondence: None

Approval of Minutes: It was moved by John Hofstetter, seconded by John White to approve the minutes of the 8/25/15 meeting as presented. The motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report: The Treasurer’s report was presented by John White and included income and expense figures related to the Logging Jamboree. John W. will make necessary corrections to his report and John H. will include the corrected report when he emails the minutes to board members. The report will be presented again at the October meeting for acceptance.

White Pines Liaison Report: None

New Exhibit Report: The photo mural for the new exhibit is still to be completed.

U.S.F.S. Report: None


Scrap Metal Removal: The removal of scrap metal from the saw mill and Shay has been completed.

Window Washing: The museum windows look great after being washed both inside and out by Aaron Window Cleaning. We may want to contract them in the Spring to power wash the deck.

Power Outage: John H. is still working on getting the telephone system working. He stated that he purchased a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) so everything should be protected.

Snag Fallers’ Ball: Pat Bradley reported that the rent has been paid and the music will be provided by a DJ from Sound Extreme Productions. After discussion regarding food it was agreed that rotisserie cooked chicken, lasagna, green salad, rolls, and dessert will be served. Pat will order 15 chickens, the salad ingredients, and rolls. The lasagna and assorted desserts will be provided by some of the FLM board members. Pat will contact Annette Linebaugh and Marge Bowman regarding the decorations. John White will have $150 in the cash box at the entrance. Admission will be $15 for individuals and $25 for couples. Drink tickets will be sold at the admission table. It is anticipated that there may be around 90 people in attendance, although that number may increase due to extra publicity this year.

Outside Display Signs: Next week Bill and Steve Kafka will finish the outside display signs for the gas generator and winch.

Sixty Feet of Gravel: The addition of 60 feet of gravel along the north side of the cabin is on hold.


Jamboree Review: John H. shared some great pictures from the Jamboree taken by photographer Cindy Micheli. He reported that it was a huge success and may have been the largest so far with approximately 1,000 in attendance. Income/expense details of the Jamboree are included in John White’s treasurer’s report.

Website Changes: John H. reported that he makes changes to the web site almost daily and has recently added pictures of the Jamboree. Also, he has a section about the Blagen Mill carriage, the sawyer, and the setter that uses a photo we already owned, but none of us were aware of. The photo includes the setter using the set dial that we have on display. The beautiful brass dial presently on the floor.


John H. reported that he recently purchased a laminating machine for use at the museum.

The Chapel in the Pines will hold a worship service at 10:30 a.m. in the amphitheater on Sunday, 9/27. Bob and Sharon Ash will be in attendance.

Committee Reports: None

Discussion Items:

John White reported that 10 members of Central Fire from Mountain Ranch lost their homes in the Butte Fire. It was moved by Richard Small, seconded by Pat Bradley to send a $100 donation to Central Fire. The motion carried.

It was suggested that more postcards depicting local sites be ordered from Judy Mayo, a local photographer.

We need to make sure that family members are notified when donations are made in memory of a loved one.

Agenda Items for Next Meeting: A date needs to be decided for the Thank-You lunch in November. Call Ginny with other agenda items for the next meeting.

Adjournment: Bob adjourned the meeting at 2:40 p.m.

Next Meeting: 10/27

Jaci Payton, Secretary

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