FLM Board Minutes Oct. 21, 2014

President Ginny Kafka called the meeting to order at approximately 1:10p.m. Those in attendance aside from Ginny were Richard Small, Bob & Sharon Ash, John Hofstetter, Sid Marsh, Donna Hanan, Helen Tardif & Pat Bradley.

CORRESPONDENCE: John got an e-mail from Golden Valley High School in Manteca inquiring about a tour of the Museum for an elective class on the history of the Sierra Nevada. We agreed, but Big Trees told him they couldn’t do it on short notice. John reported that he’d received word from PG&E that possibly the Museum’s usage of power will be about $30 a year less expensive if we move from Time of Day Usage to a Peak Use Plan where we will pay extra on days when PG&E has an extremely high demand.

SECRETARY’S & TREASURER’S REPORTS were approved as read.

WHITE PINES PARK: Ginny reported that the season is slow now; the Park will close following the first freeze which is soon expected.

MUSEUM TOUR: On October 18th, Carol Hart’s 3rd Grade students from Hazel Fischer toured the Museum. As usual, the group was split in half, one half being toured outside with Ginny & Craig Mattson; the other half was toured inside with Pat., then the order reversed. About 10 days after the tour, Carol Hart brought a very nice piece of butcher-paper artwork put together by her 3rd Grade students; the art work included animals and trees, some even with captions. The three parents who served as chaperones during the tour were thoughtful enough to donate $30 to FLM.

EXHIBIT CHAIR REPORT: Exhibit Chairman Mike Skenfield was not able to attend. Mike’s newest exhibit which is a work in progress (he is being assisted by Craig Mattson) was discussed; it was unanimous that the new exhibit not infringe on the Loggers’ Exhibit which has been so revered and appreciated since the Museum opened in 2005. John will discuss this with Mike.

Richard Small shared his experience up in Dorrington recently at the Girl Scout Camp where the 3rd largest sugar pine tree had been fallen due to the health of the tree; the top third of the tree was dead. Dave Finn, our special local logger, fell the tree.

U.S.F.S.: Kevin Zeman, the Park Ranger at Hathaway Pines, was unable to attend.

OLD BUSINESS: John reported that hStar reported that the newly installed surveillance camera will be working soon. Regarding the Company Store including tax in the selling price will be decided at the start of the 2015 season. Pat reported that the Snagfallers’ Ball held on October 6th, was a success food and music-wise. Sue Harmuth, Carolyn & Bill Nelson were true angels helping so much while other Board members were not able to attend. Don Haldeman has restored the Geocache container in the Caterpillar donated by Garry Petts….it had been stolen but is now back in order. The Geo. Roberts’ fountain is in need of repair.

NEW BUSINESS: The closing date of the Museum will be right around the end of November. The Museum will be open on Thanksgiving Day; Pat will be docent. Helen reported that her daughter, Jeanie of El Dorado County, has mentioned the Sacramento Community Foundation and that it makes donations to non-profits. John offered to check this out on Facebook. John found out that the Foundation doesn’t reach Calaveras County. Placer County, Eldorado County, Yolo County, but not us. The 9th annual Thank-You Luncheon was reported to be right on schedule….the day after the meeting, on Nov. 29th. Pat was so very grateful for the help from Bob, Sharon & Helen, preparing for abut 35 expected attendees.

The next and last 2014 FLM Board meeting will be held on Tuesday, November 25th. The meeting was adjourned at approximately 2:20p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Pat Bradley, Secretary

Friends of the Logging Museum

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