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Lawrence Wilsey Biography by his son, Carl

October 21, 2015 When visitors to the Logging Museum first enter the building they are welcomed by a large picture of two men standing side by side and smiling at the visitor. The taller man is someone well-known to most everyone in the region – Doc Linebaugh – who was in charge of the logging operation that fed timber to the Blagen Lumber Company’s mill...


Carriage, Sawyer, and Setter at Blagen Mill

Carriage at Blagen Mill (Clicking on the photo will enlarge it a number of times) The photo shows Sawyer, Wilbert Duguay, on the left, who signals the setter, who has his hand on the set dial, what he wants the next cut to be. Enlargement of the photo will show Wilbert holding up his little finger and his pointer finger. With his left hand the...


Sandy Gulch Mill (more photos)

These photos came to the Editor’s attention when a gentleman from the West Point area, Pat McGreevy, broughrt them to the museum on a CD. As it turns out, museum stalwart and daughter of Howard Blagen, Pat Blagen Bradley, had had a collection of photos that may have been in her dad’s stuff scanned professionally 10 years or so ago, and had gotten them to the...


Blagen Mill and Area Report for CCWD

We have a lot of history of the Blagen Mill and the surrounding area already on theweb site, but this history done by archeology/history people has some very interesting information in it. Click on the link to read. Blagen Mill area report done for CCWD  

Sandy Gulch Mill report for CCWD

This report done by Shelley Davis-King and Judith Marvin, independent historians and archaeologists, for Calaveras County Water District has a lot of historical information in it about the Sandy Gulch Mill, Wilseyville, and other items, and some of the people in that area. We have a fairly substantial amount of Sandy Gulch history on the site, but there is much here that we didn’t have....


Blagen Mill from Beginning to End as told in the Stockton Record

Editors Note: Richard Hess, retired Forester who worked in Amador and Calaveras Counties sent the museum a packet of historical photos, maps, newspaper articles, etc. What follows is the story of the beginning of the Blagen Mill and the end of the Blagen Mill as told by Stockton Record reporters.  November 28th, 1939   Reporter not named Blagen Lumber Company Lays Out New Town: Long...


Rasmussen Mill

Crew at the Rasmussen Mill 1st row Tony Cilenti, Claude Hix, Ruth Rasmussen, Maury Rasmussen 2nd row Jack Williams, Jack Carley, Dale Ormsbee, John Cilenti 3rd row Louis Cilenti, unknown, Denny Rasmussen, Clarence Terig (spelling uncertain) 4th row Nick Cilenti 3rd from the left These photos were given to us by Mike Cilenti who wasn’t able to identify the other workers. Letter to the Loggers...


Cilenti Mill

We have only three photos of the Cilenti Mill, but they offer another picture of how these small mills using circular saws operated. These photos were taken in 1937. The mill was at Railroad Flat Road and Jesus Maria Road. Our thanks to Mike Cilenti for these photos.  This is the Michele Cilenti Sawmill On the far right is John Cilenti, in the middle Dan Cilenti,...


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