Calaveras County

50‘s photos from the Blagen Mill

These photos are from a box of slides taken in late 1958 and early 1959 This is the Blagen Mill in White Pines which was located at about the far end of today’s White Pines Lake. Clicking on  these thumbnails will give you a larger image Although I originally thought that this might be the largest log ever brought into the mill, it wasn’t. According...


Blagen Mill’s Only Fatality

The Only Fatal Injury in the Blagen Mill as told by Bill Wakefield to John Hofstetter In talking to Dale Brooks and Bill Wakefield, as they remember it, there was only one fatal accident in the entire history of the Blagen Lumber Mill. We’re talking here about in the mill itself. Strangely enough, the man killed was the Mill Superintendent, Ray Hollingsworth. Ray had come...


The Blagen Mill

[This story of the Blagen Mill was, in part,  excerpted and gently edited from writings by historian David Davis, Calaveras Ranger District, Stanislaus National Forest. ]  Since we originally put it on the web site, we’ve been able to add details. The Blagen Mill (1938-1962) was the largest mill to operate in the immediate vicinity of White Pines, California. Altogether, including employees at the drying...


Raggio Mill on San Domingo and then Cowell Creek

Much of what follows comes from the work of historian, David Davis, done while he was an employee of the Stanislaus National Forest. We use this material with the consent of the USFS. Recently (2013) David has completed a very comprehensive history of the Raggio Mill, which is available, we believe, through the County Archives.  An abundance of documentation exists on the Raggio family and...


Calaveras County Mills

Calaveras County was home to a variety of lumber mills from the mid-1800s to the mid-1900s. Most were small and transportable, moving as the trees were cut in an area, and, unfortunately for us today, few records exist of their activities. The stories of four historic Calaveras County mills, the Raggio, Blagen, McKay and Manuel mills, are known fairly well. Manuel came first, followed by...


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