Mariposa County

El Portal Incline and Shay #4

Our Shay Locomotive and its history appear several times in our website depending on what aspect of the history we are attempting to tell. The same is true of the two inclines, El Portal/southside, and Incline/northside, so if you want more, do a search of the web site. Our Shay worked its whole real-work life at the top of the two inclines at El Portal...


Mariposa County’s Early Mills

In this history of lumber mills in the Sierra National Forest, there is a chapter devoted to Mariposa County mills. It begins with the earliest that the researcher could identify, and since he was doing it in the very early 1940’s and was able to talk with many of the loggers and mill workers who had worked in the 1880’s up through the 1930’s, he...