Misc. Stuff of General Interest

Erosion Control

From the beginnings of the museum we have benefitted  from the advice and guidance of Mike Skenfield, our exhibit desingner and professional forester.  Here we are passing along to you his advice on how to control the erosion that is inevitable during this winter. Click on the link below for more details. EROSION CONTROL AFTER BURNS BY MICHAEL W

Women in the Logging Camps

Women in Logging                   Condensed from Nuggets, the Siskiyou County Historical Society newsletter, March 2006. The author completed her research paper for the U.S. Forest Service in November 1982.   Logging was the industry of Siskiyou County for many years after the Gold Rush. Women started working in the Pacific Northwest during the World War 1 years, 1917-1918. These women were very capable and lived...


Mercury Disston Chainsaw (Pretty Unique)

Your Webmaster has become quite fascinated with a particular chainsaw, one of which we have in our collection of large chainsaws in the outdoor exhibit named for Ron Bradley. First of all, let me show you this chainsaw at work: Harry Bosse and Russel Leach using a Mercury Disston Chainsawto fell a tree for Linebaugh Logging. Circa 1955 Harry Bosse was a legendary logger and...


Louie Smith, Logger

Louie Smith, a much admired and loved logger in both Tuolumne and Calaveras Counties died on March 12, 2011 at the age of 99. So many donations came into the Logging Museum in his name that we knew he must have been someone special.We received a copy of his grand-daughter’s eulogy and are reproducing it here. Remember that these are notes for her speech, so...


Grass Faller

Falling Tall Grass Kind of a logger’s lament and followup to Timber Falling also by David Turnboo II It has been six years now since I wrote the story, “Timber Faller” (for the Sierra Nevada Logging Museum) back when there were still timber falling jobs. Due to a number of reasons these jobs are now scarce. I called this story “Falling Tall Grass” for a...


Miscellaneous Stuff of General Interest

The Cannonball safe from Sierraville with a Blagen connection Read this history of this amazing safe as told by its former owner. Calaveras County Museum is now the owner. Resurrection of the Cannonball Safe The Shay Runs Again! Take a look. This link should take you directly there.  A link found there will take you to a U-tube video of our Shay running at the museum....


Logger Talk

Buck To saw a felled tree into short lengths. Bull buck Supervisor of a felling and bucking crew. Caulks Pronounced corks. Short spikes in the heel and toe of boots designed to give secure footing while walking on logs. Choker Chain or wire rope (cable) looped around one or more logs while moving them. Choker setter Person who places chokers on logs. Usually considered the...


A True Friend

By Lars Sanders Before there were power saws, Ole and Thorval were partners in the woods, falling timber. But one day they decided that there must be an easier way to make a living. So they pooled their money and bought a little ranch. Things were fine for a while, but there wasn’t always enough money. So one morning Ole took his six-gun, jumped on...


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