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The Day I Rolled Big Red

Editor’s note: Ted wrote this story a number of years ago, and I liked it. Recently he gave me a rewrite, but I liked this one better, so left it in place, putting the new version after this one. The new version has more explanation of logging terms, but still …….. The Day I Rolled Big Red By Ted Shannon I put “Big Red” in...


Sawmill Life from a Woman’s Point of View

Editor’s note: Although I never worked in the lumber industry, I was teaching the children of many of them, and had relatives who were working in the timber industry. Ralph and Stan Loomis were among the men I most often heard spoken about with great respect.  By Velma Loomis Arriving in Calpine (Sierra County) in 1926, my husband, Ralph, and I began sawmill life with...


The Day I Snapped Fred’s Cable

By Ted Shannon FLM former President   From mid-1955 until the end of 1959, I was a logger for Union Lumber Company in Fort Bragg, California. The old-timers who worked there said that Union Lumber was school for the young and a home for the old. I started out as “second loader” on the landing. A second loader spotted “saddles” for the loading machine operator....


One Fine Day

By Robert Bach   As a young lad growing up in San Andreas, I often dreamed about some day driving a logging truck. There were several lumber mills operating in our county at that time, so big trucks would roll through our town on a regular basis. I can remember lying in bed at night and hearing the growling of the trucks as they shifted...


Bears of Pickering Lumber

The Black Bears of Pickering Lumber By Lars Sanders By the middle of April in 1951 the Pickering Lumber Company had opened its logging camp at Skull Creek for the summer. Some people called it the Standard Lumber Company, but that was only because their mill and office were at the town of Standard in Tuolumne County. My partner Lea and I were on the...


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