The Shay

Photos of the incline at El Portal and the the YLCO

The museum’s Shay was part of the Yosemite Lumber Company and was used to transport logs from where they were cut to this incline near El Portal where the logs were transported down the incline to a landing where they were loaded on trains belonging to the Yosemite Valley Railroad. From there they were transported to a mill at Merced Falls where there was electricity...


How The Shay Survived

The survival of Yosemite Lumber Co. Shay No. 4 was a matter of unusual luck. In 1943, in the middle of WWII, the Yosemite Sugar Pine Lumber Company, the successor to Yosemite Lumber Co., was bankrupt. They sold No.4 to Levin Scrap, a scrap dealer in Stockton, California. The locomotive was almost 25 years old, although that’s fairly young for a steam engine, and in...