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A stop at the Company Store is a great conclusion to your museum visit. Our Logging Museum T-shirts and polo shirts wear especially well and make excellent gifts. You can support the Shay’s restoration by buying and proudly wearing a Yosemite Lumber Company T-shirt with its full-color painting of Shay No. 4 in the woods. Our shelves are full of books about logging and logging railroads, and handcrafted wooden toys will entertain the youngest in your family. Best of all, we have a broad selection of lithographed prints by Patrick Karnahan whose paintings emphasize the forests, from logging railroads to the brave souls battling forest fires. You’ll always find something new in the Logging Museum’s Company Store.

Great news! Patrick’s Prints now on Special Sale Reduced by 1/3!

Long time museum supporter and prime mover in getting our Shay Locomotive to the museum, Patrick Karnahan is now having his train paintings seen on a daily basis by perhaps a half million calendar readers. Orchard Supply Hardware, OSH, selected Patrick’s paintings for each month of their 2008 calendar.

The museum has a quantity of very high quality prints of Patrick’s train paintings. They are available now on special sale for $40 and we are ready to mail them to buyers. All proceeds go toward the restoration of our Shay Locomotive.

This is a sample of one of his paintings: Patrick’s Winter Portrait of YLCo Shay No.4 bringing in the last load of the season.

Patrick also has a Summer Portrait of the Shay at work. In addition to these two Shay prints, we have a number of other prints of his that sell normally for $40. They include a magnificent print of a Borate Bomber making a drop on a fire. That print is this editor’s favorite. We are splitting the proceeds from these prints with Patrick.

Email us or call the museum (leave a call back number if no answer) to buy this print, or buy it online along with other great prints by Patrick.