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Logging History

Amador County Mills
+++Tiger Creek Lumber Mill and a few other photos
++++++More Tiger Creek Lumber Company plus photos from other mills
+++Winton Lumber Company
Calaveras County Mills
+++An Overview of Calaveras County Logging History
+++Cilenti Mill
+++Jones Mill at Brice Station
+++Logging Trucks are Rolling
+++Lawrence Wilsey Biogarphy by his son, Carl
+++Lumber boom in post-war years
+++McKays’ Clipper Mill
+++Raggio Mill on San Domingo and then Cowell Creek
++++++Mill Operations
++++++Portrait of an Old Time Teamster
+++Rasmussen Mill
+++The Blagen Mill
++++++Blagen Mill from Beginning to End
++++++50‘s photos from the Blagen Mill
++++++Blagen Mill Photos B&W (nice)
++++++Blagen Mill’s Only Fatality
++++++Carriage, Sawyer, and Setter at Blagen Mill
++++++Ed Adams, highly regarded Blagen Mill Superintendent
++++++Frank Blagen Sr.’s Sea Dreams
++++++Linebaugh Logging, Photos and History
+++++++++Old Bill, the logging horse
+++++++++The Big Trees Hotel
+++Ruggles Tract to Sierra Pacific, a history of Cal. Co. timber holdings
+++The Manuel Mill
+++The West Point Mills
++++++The Sandy Gulch Mill
+++++++++John Parmeter, Tramp Logger by Mary Matzek
++++++Sandy Gulch Mill (more photos)
++++++Sandy Gulch Mill CCWD Report
++++++The Amazing J.D. Conger story
++++++Stockton Box Mill at West Point
+++Thornburg Mill at Wallace
+++Toyon Mill
Eldorado County Logging
+++Cable from Pino Grande to Camino Mill
++++++The Bell with a Connection
+++Caldor Logging Operation
+++Blair Mill at Pacific House
Fresno County
+++Fresno County’s Early Mills
+++Mathews Mill in Jose Basin, Auberry, CA
Lassen Lumber and Box Co.
+++First Log by Truck to Valley
Madera County’s Early Mills
Mariposa County’s Early Mills
+++El Portal Incline & Shay No.4
Plumas County Logging
Shasta County
Sierra National Forest Early Mills
Tuolumne County Logging
+++Big Creek Lumber Company
+++Early 1900’s Logging Photos (Mostly Tuolumne County)
+++Pickering Lumber, Standard Lumber Co.(also Calaveras Big Trees)
+++West Side Lumber Company
+++Whitt Manufacturing Plant, Sonora