Planned Giving

Planned Giving refers to the process of making a revocable or irrevocable charitable gift of estate assets (which include bequests) to a nonprofit organization such as Friends of the Logging Museum. Planned Giving addresses an individual’s dreams, what he or she wishes they could do for a charity that means something to them.

From January 12 – 16, 2004, as FLM Fund Raising Chair, I had the opportunity to attend a most worthwhile seminar on Planned Giving in St. Petersburg, Florida presented by R & R Newkirk. I had attended several half-day classes on this subject but never felt that they were adequate. The class in January had attendees from all over the United States and Canada.

Launching a Planned Giving program is not done quickly–it takes time, the average time being nine years, but it is truly a “win-win” way to go for everyone. Relationship-building is paramount. Nearly three quarters of all Planned Giving money comes from bequests people make in their estate plan. (However 70% of all people in the United States do not have wills). Planned Giving is an unusual way to help society and individuals while enhancing the support of the Museum for generations to come.

For five years, FLM operated on a $15,000-$20,000 budget, open one day a week from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m., paying Hazel Fischer School $100 rent per month for the portable classroom which served as FLM’s temporary home. Following the grand opening of the new Museum building in 2005, FLM’s budget increased because of the higher operational costs at its new facility. It is our belief that through Planned Giving, within 10 years the Sierra Nevada Logging Museum could be self-sustaining.

By contacting the Calaveras Community Foundation, your attorney, realtor, insurance agent, financial advisor or accountant about planned giving, you can learn of ways to help yourself financially, help the Logging Museum project and also know that you played a very important part in making the community a better place.

Thank you.

Pat Bradley, Chair
FLM Fund Raising

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