Rasmussen Mill

Rasmussen Mill on Poole Station Road in San Andreas | 1954 - 1958 Then moved to Chinese Camp

Crew at the Rasmussen Mill
1st row Tony Cilenti, Claude Hix, Ruth Rasmussen, Maury Rasmussen
2nd row Jack Williams, Jack Carley, Dale Ormsbee, John Cilenti
3rd row Louis Cilenti, unknown, Denny Rasmussen, Clarence Terig (spelling uncertain)
4th row Nick Cilenti 3rd from the left

These photos were given to us by Mike Cilenti who wasn’t able to identify the other workers.

Letter to the Loggers about Timber Prices

Rassmussen Letter


  1. The picture at the top right looks like an old church building is it? Brad @ http://www.abiblecommentary.com/audiosermon

    • Are you talking about in our header, or one of the photos? If you’re talking about the right hand photo in our header, that is the inside of our museum. It’s built like the saw mills were built with a well lit saw filers room at the top.

  2. The top right. Understood and thanks!

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