Sandy Gulch Mill (more photos)

These photos came to the Editor’s attention when a gentleman from the West Point area, Pat McGreevy, broughrt them to the museum on a CD. As it turns out, museum stalwart and daughter of Howard Blagen, Pat Blagen Bradley, had had a collection of photos that may have been in her dad’s stuff scanned professionally 10 years or so ago, and had gotten them to the Wilseyville people, and then forgotten about them. Our very great thanks to Pat M. for getting them back to us as they certainly should be on this site.

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Construcion at the mill

Construction at the Sandy Gulch Mill Not sure what part of the mill is being built

Aerial view with sites numbered

Aerial view with sites numbered Unfortunately, we don’t have the key to tell us what the numbers refer to.

Veriical aerial of mill and yard

Vertical aerial view of Sandy Gulch operation

Howard Blagen at desk

Howard Blagen at desk

Lawrence Wilsey and Howard Blagen?

Lawrence Wilsey and Howard Blagen

Office Manager?

Probably the office manager or bookkeeper, don’t know her name but would be glad to find out.

Howard Blagen and ?

Howard Blagen and ??

The LaTeers ?2

Paul LaTeer in the middle. Names of the women are in the American Eagle but I haven’t had the time to look up their names.

The LaTeers?

Howard Blagen

Howard Blagen (same picture I think, little better quality

Howard Blagen and ?

Howard Blagen with ????

Preparing the Sandy Gulch site

Preparing the Sandy Gulch site

Building road into mill

Drag line building road

Dragline building road. The mill is already up and running, you can see the drying stacks in the background

another aerial photo of mill

view of mill from top of hill 2

The mill from the hill

view of mill and green chain from pond

The mill from the pond

Mill pond at Sandy Gulch

Mill Pond at Sandy Gulch

View of Mll from pond

Log ready to go down Brow Log to Pond

Dumping off the brow log

Dumping off the Brow Log

Spitting log with saw

Splitting a log too big for the mill. Usually this was done with black powder or dynamite because it was so much quicker

D8 with arch

D8 with Hyster arch. Howard Blagen enjoying the feel of the new equipment. Editor would guess that Howard would like to be running it.

Cat and arch

Company pride in new equipment


Heel boom loader


See how the loader operator uses the “heel” to anchor one end of the log while the cables lift it without having to be in the center of the log.


We’ve been told more than a few times that Stockton Box did all the “bringing the logs to the mill” job. This photo shows that isn’t true, or at least not totally true. Did Stockton Box do all the logging, but Associated did their own hauling?

Mill managers H Blagen no hat

These are pretty much the guys who got things done. Names appear on the same photo below.


Fellow in back row, farthest left must be J.D. Conger, not Donger. There is a wonderful story elsewhere on this web site about J.D. and his beloved wife.

AFP bogwigs Bill Kuphalt 4th from right back

AFP bigwigs Bill Kuphalt 4th from right back row.

AFP bigwigs. Bill Kuphalt 4th from l front Johnson at head

AFP bigwigs. Bill Kuphalt 4th from left front row. Mr. Johnson at head

1972 big wigs in Washington DC

1972 big wigs in Washington DC

Aerial view of Sandy Gulch mill        another aerial photo of mill

aerial view no numbers

Aerial view with Highway 26 at bottom

Aerial view of Sandy Gulch mill

AFP bigwigs may be at Toyon

2 AFP managers

Don’t know who the men are, but I like the photo

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