The West Point Mills

In the 30’s and even more so in the 1940’s, there was an ever growing demand for shipping boxes. The Blagen Mill in White Pines had an outlet for its timber at a rail head at Toyon, halfway between San Andreas and Valley Springs. Toyon had a veneer plant and one of the major products at Toyon was KB board which was used to make boxes.

American Box Company which had acquired the Blagen Mill had a subsidiary, Stockton Box Company which built a mill in West Point in the early 1940’s. At about the same time Associated Lumber and Box Co. built a mill at Sandy Gulch, near to West Point, and the community of logger families there was known as Wilseyville, in recognition of Lawrence Wilsey, General Manager of the Calaveras County mills after 1940. Mr. Wilsey had been manager of the Associated Lumber and Box mills at Nuebieber and Dorris, California. He was a popular and respected man who got great results from those who worked for him. He replaced a Charles Gray who was a corporate entity and not well liked.


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