Caldor Logging Operation

Emma Hardwick sent us these photos of the Caldor Logging Operation where her Great-Great-Grandfather and her Great-Grandfather both worked. She describes the location of the mill as, “The mill was located quite a ways off Grizzly Flat road just after you passed Cole’s Station”

That is Emma’s Great-Grandfather W.A. Williams squatting in the lower right.

The Caldor crew loading logs onto a rail car. See brake wheel in lower left

Bringing the logs to a landing by having them come down a chute. No water, no chamfering of the front of the log. It would be interesting to know how well that worked.

Oh, oh, lost part of the load.

Emma tells us that: “My Great- Great Grandfather, John Williams was a cook there. To see him, see coat on post, under that is a man with a mustache, in front of that man is an older man wearing a hat with suspenders. That man is John Williams, a cook, and father of William Albert Williams.”


  1. Emma Hardwick Says: September 29, 2011 at 12:04 pm

    In the first photo with William A. Williams, he was my Great Grandfather. I may have accidentally written Grandfather for him.
    Also my Grandfather, Fred Neff worked at Caldor in the 1930’s and at Omo Ranch in the 1940’s for Wetsel-Oviett.

  2. My step-dad Clyde Evans was a foreman at Omo Ranch in the 40’s. We actually lived there.
    Trying to find pictures in and around 1943.
    Ted Bair

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