Plumas County Logging

Old film from the Graeagle Lumber Company

The Graeagle Lumber Company We have a long film about the operation of the Graeagle company and we are in the process of experimenting on making short film clips on different aspects presented in that film. This first one shows a tree topper preparing a tree to be the spar pole for a logging operation in this area. Remember that we are experimenting. The Tree Topper 

Photo of the White Pine Lumber Company in Plumas County

Plumas County WP Lmb Co

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From the Ed G. White Collection, courtesy of Tame Blue





  1. miragesnlm Says: December 13, 2007 at 2:12 am

    Hey, John. Great first experiment! The picture looked okay on my Mac. The volume might be a little high. One great big thumb up! Mark

  2. Thanks Mark,

    The volume is controllable at You Tube. As far as reducing the volume as I put it in, when I make the next Quick Time movie, I can look at lowering the input level of the sound. However, as it stands, it’s well within the control range of the volume adjustment on You Tube. Try it.


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