Winton Lumber Company

Winton Lumber Company

 Winton Log pond & mill larger

This is the Winton Mill at Martell

Log pond, deck, teepee burner, and mill

Photo courtesy of Richard Hess, Forester for Winton Lumber Company, American Forest Products, Bendix Corporation

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1 Winton Log Truck

Winton Lumber Co. truck driven by Erie Harmon.  Next to truck is Truck Boss Pete Kosich & Logging Boss John Rukivina

This Pine tree was reported to have been on  Spur 8 in Calaveras County above West Point. It was over 6 feet on the stump, had 4 logs in it, it was 4 feet across at 4th cut and contained 25 thousand board feet. The load was too heavy for the road, it was for picture purpose – top log removed for highway transport. It was fell & bucked by Claude Tremmeling who lives in Jackson, California.

Winton Log Truck with full crew

Note: The editor had some trouble finally realizing that this was all one tree. What a tree!

         People in the picture are

                  Top row { left to right} – Pappy Burnet, Coleman Rader, Benny  Davis, Ray Terry, Charlie Matts, Jerry Dunlap, Whitey Haydon, Alvin Cooper, unknown, Mr. Crow.

                  Bottom Row:  Mr. Aiken, Alex Laughton, Clade Tremmeling { the tree faller} Clovis Ledett, Ernie Harmon { truck driver – Winton #7}

 To the outside observer such as this editor, this seemed like a really going operation, but when Sierra Pacific Industries acquired the mill, they shut it down completely. You can read more about this in the section of this website entitled, Ruggles Tract to Sierra Pacific .

The only remaining operation here is the plywood factory, seen off behind the shopping center which now occupies the land where the mill stood. There was a large log deck that SPI hauled off to other mills when they shut this mill down.

Richard gave us a lot of slides of the Winton logging operation and we’ll get those up as soon as we can.

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