Christmas in White Pines

Christmas in White Pines

By Marge Bowman

In the early 1940s and early 1950s there was always a school Christmas party. The lumber company purchased a small gift for each student. The ladies of the community would do the shopping and gift wrap them for Santa to deliver the evening of the school program and party.

The lumber company and Doc Linebaugh furnished turkeys and all ingredients for a community holiday dinner. Ladies of White Pines prepared all food. Usually a dance followed dinner, after tables were cleared and removed from the Community Hall. As population out-grew the hall, the dinner was discontinued, but the annual Christmas Ball remained an important holiday party. The music was sometimes furnished by records but usually by local bands, and always all night. A midnight supper or snacks were usually served. It was not uncommon for group to finish the party with an early morning breakfast at one of the local homes.

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