Building Status

The museum building and its exhibits formally opened on September 3rd, 2005 after a decade of organizing, planning, fund raising, and construction. Today, the 2400-square foot building is open Thursday through Sunday, 12:00 to 4:00 every week from Spring to the end of Fall, with free entry for the public.

As of early Spring 2008 we have completed our media center, thanks in part to  generous contributions  from the Arnold Lions Club and the Angels Murphys Lions. We are making slow progress on  having all our precious photos scanned and available via a database, so that visitors and volunteers alike can have quick and easy access to them. This work will continue, but progress is very slow.

We have been working on converting the basement to an archive storage room, and due in a large part to the efforts of Richard Small, that project is complete.

The museum, actually the owners and operators of the museum, the Friends of the Logging Museum, have completed e a long standing and worrisome project to get the driveway into the museum up to County specifications. Local resident and contractor, Danny Emerson, has with his mostly volunteer work and use of his and borrowed equipment has completed this project. Just harvesting the trees that were in the way, and getting the stumps out was a major piece of work, not to mention the excavation, preparation, and paving of the new driveway.

So, the facility is pretty much complete and our focus has turned to completing our interior exhibits and also we’ve been organizing and identifying our outdoor exhibits.


  1. Can you give me the true story on your open dates & times during the winter? This page says you’re open until the end of Fall but a friend said she read that you can in advance to have the heat turned on in the winter at this location:

  2. Linda,

    What the museum/location section says about Winter openings is the true story. There is a phone number there to call in order to make arrangements to have the museum opened up.

    Thanks for asking, and we hope to see you at the museum.

    Actually, the page where you made your post is also the true story, just not the whole story.


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