Dale Brooks: Our Late Great Friend


Since your editor put this story together a few months ago, our Dale has passed away. However, his memory will last as long as our museum does. I’ve chosen to leave the comments as they were, rather than make it a story of his death. You can read about his boyhood and his family in the story about White Pines, plus there are numerous stories that he told me throughout the web site. Editor

Editor:  This is my friend, everybody’s friend, docent, director, equipment repairer, source of much of the information on this web site, teller of great true stories, Dale Brooks.

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  1. I first met Dale in the summer of 2005 as I was working on the History of Lake Mont Pines. I felt honored to sit with him and hear his stories. What a great man. Condolences to the family.

  2. I grew up in White Pines and knew Dale my whole life. I became his next door neighbor around 98, I loved to visit with Dale, he would tell stories about his experiences some of which included my grandpa. I was always greatful for his taking time to sit and “jaw” with me. I will always remember him fondly. Alot of knowledge died with him, so let that be a lesson to all of us who know an aging person..listen and learn …and remember !

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