We now know who all these loggers were!

The Logging Museum owns this photo of a piece of Doc Linebaugh’s equipment.  Six of his loggers are shown on the equipment and we now know the identity of all of them. Furthest left is Ernie Grunder, next Paul Eck, then Clifford West, next to last is Julio Montagner, and last in the bottom row is Roy Armstrong. On top of the tractor is Aga-Pete Rojo. Our thanks to the Bowmans who were finally able to provide us the names. They had to deal with a photo that may not have been too sharp in the first place, was enlarged, has suffered from light exposure, but they got past these obstacles and gave us some names. Click on photo to enlarge.


  1. Love the blog. I run a chainsaw blog and I wish I could write like you! Great post!

  2. Dickey Weinkle Says: May 7, 2010 at 6:29 pm

    That would be ROY Armstrong.

  3. Thanks. Correction made.


  4. Wow..this is FANTASTIC…being a Wilseyville girl myself!!! I will be passing this link on…

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