2005 Logging Jamboree

10th Annual Event

Grand opening of the new Sierra Nevada Logging Museum building

Event Detail

On September 3 & 4, 2005, the 10th Annual Logging Jamboree was held in White Pines, one mile from Arnold, CA on State Highway 4 (which has just been acclaimed as the 7th Scenic Byway of California).

Aside from a wide range of vendors and their wares, logging competition, wonderful food, five great groups of live music, chili cook-off, petting zoo, kids and toddlers’ games it was also the Grand Opening of the new Sierra Nevada Logging Museum building.

This Museum is like no other. The setting alone, above White Pines Lake, is to die for. The Museum comes alive as you enter this unique gem with colorful models,authentic loggers and old time equipment, historical photos, and a hand-laid black oak floor so beautiful, you wish you could take it home with you! And below this great Museum sits the 1920 Shay locomotive that used to log in Yosemite for the Sugar Pine Railroad, plus many other artifacts—steam donkey, arches, caterpillars, generators, etc. Hundreds of visitors enjoyed the 2-day Jamboree. Since then the Museum has been open to the public from Noon till 4pm, Thursdays through Sundays until around mid-December when it will close for the winter. We hope you can visit the Museum soon; there is no admission charge at this time.