2008 Logging Jamboree

13th Annual Event

Event Detail

On Saturday, August 30th, and Sunday, August 31st, the 2008 Jamboree was held on the Logging Museum Grounds. There was axe throwing competition, log sawing competition, games for the kids, tours of the museum, food, drink, and on Saturday night there was a wonderful concert by Country/Western star, Joni Morris. The whole event was a wonderful success, and the Friends of the Logging Museum thank those who did all the work, and those who came to enjoy all the results of the work.

The competition photos that follow are the work of John Darren Hofstetter, age 20, and grandson of the webmaster.

These photos were put in with a rather large format, but clicking on the photo will give you a bigger and clearer image.

Editor’s Note: I have a number of other pictures of Joni, but because of the low light they are soft focus. When she came to the webmaster, took his hand and stroked the back of his old gray head, and sang, “Worry, why should I let myself worry?”, his focus might have gotten a little soft too.