2009 Logging Jamboree

16th Annual Logging Jamboree

Event Detail

The 2009 Jamboree was a huge success with more money being taken in at the one day event than in the past Jamborees that were 2 day affairs. There are so many people to thank for this success that if I began to name them, I’d surely leave many out, so following what seems to be my editorial style, I’m just going to give a huge thank you to all who worked to make this a great event.


– Editor

All photos on this page were taken by Darren Hofstetter, Mike Figone, Sharon Ash,  or Ginny Kafka. If Darren’s Grandfather had only turned up the ISO on the camera, Darren would have had even more photos in good focus.

Clicking on any of these photos will give you an enlargement, sometimes showing a certain lack of critical focus, or too slow a shutter speed, but suit yourself.

One more word about thank yous

No pictures here of the chicken ladies, the face painters, the raffle people, all the competition helpers, the cookie caboose workers (Donna had her mouth full, so couldn’t use that photo) the major planners, Ginny and Bob, and SO many more. Thank you!