2013 Logging Jamboree

18th Annual Event

Event Detail

The 18th Annual Jamboree was a huge success, partly due to the devastating Rim Fire having made so much smoke that rival events were canceled. We think the attendance was the highest since the beginnings of the Jamborees, the competition was excellent and many new-to-the-event participants took part. A lot of great food was eaten, the beer and wine were in great demand, the raffles and silent auction made us a lot money, which of course is what allows us to pay our bills.

We can’t say enough, and give enough thanks to our many sponsors and prize providers. They came through for us again and in a big way.

Where are the photos, you say? Well, so far I haven’t found any. We’d really love to have some so if you can provide some, we’d much appreciate that. AND WE DO!

Enthusiastic museum and logging jamboree supporter, Ciindy Micheli sent us these great photos. Although she donated these photos to us, Cindy sells her work and you can contact her at Cindy Micheli<micheliphotography@gmail.com>

Thanks so very much, Cindy.